66 Heading Back

Grey's next battle was against the student in the Eighth stage which he won. He currently had two people left to battle, one was Reynolds, and the other Alan.

Both fighters stood on the arena staring at each other, unlike Grey's previous battles, he was one hundred and one percent focused on this battle. He couldn't be careless since he knew how strong Alan was.


The instructor called for the battle to start.

Both fighters attacked at the same time, Alan used the fire element to launch his attack while Grey used his lightning element.


The attacks collided causing an explosion in the arena.

The students watching the fight from the stands all held their breaths and kept quiet watching the fight intensely, this was the most anticipated battle in the tournament. Although most of them felt Alan was stronger, they wanted to see how far he could push Grey.

The explosion soon died down and both fighters could see each other once again.

Grey squinted his eyes, and launched an attack at Alan.

He created three earth maces that he sent at Alan.

Alan didn't panic and used a wind technique to dodge all three maces Grey threw at him while also sending out a palm made of fire towards Grey.

An earth wall appeared before Grey, completely blocking the path of the palm.


The palm struck the wall, causing cracks to appear on the wall.


The cracks on the wall gradually grew bigger, while the flaming palm slowly started to shrink. But before the fire shrunk.


The wall instantly exploded as it couldn't withstand the force from the flaming hand anymore.

Grey quickly dodged to the side, avoiding the rubbles as well as what was left of the flaming palm.

The battle went on for four minutes, with Grey and Alan exchanging multiple moves. From their exchanges, it was clear to see that Alan had a slight advantage over Grey since he had been able to push him back on more than one occasion, only, he still hadn't been able to completely dominate him as there were times when Grey would come out with a flurry of attacks that overpowered him.

'Lightning Rain!'

'Fire Lotus!'

Grey and Alan decided to bring out their big moves after over four minutes of fighting.

Alan's three petaled fire lotus went straight at Grey, while Grey's lightning rain started falling down on him.

Being a Wind Elementalist, Alan managed to escape from some of the lightning, but not all.

While Grey on the other hand tried to block the fire lotus coming his way, he made two earth walls, but the first one was instantly destroyed, and the second one only lasted a second, before it was also destroyed.

Grey tried to escape from the impact of the blast, but was a little too late and was sent flying. He crashed into the ground of the arena, slightly injured.

He quickly stood up, and saw that Alan who had escaped the area of the lightning rain was already coming in his direction.

Alan sent a fireball towards the unsteady Grey who tried to block it with a lightning bolt.


The attacks collided and Grey who was too close to it was sent flying once again by the impact of the explosion.

Alan seeing that Grey was down once again charged at him with the intent to attack once again.

Grey was already feeling some aches all around his body, and just as he was trying to stand up, he saw Alan charging at him. He could only smile wryly, because he knew this was already a lost battle.

"I concede!" He gave up before Alan could get to him.

If he continued fighting, then from the current advantage Alan had over him, it would be difficult for him to turn the tide.

Alan stopped and looked at Grey, this wasn't an easy battle for him and the lightning rain Grey used in attacking him did some damages to him, and he was currently panting heavily. He knew clearly that his stage was what gave him the first advantage over Grey in the battle.

Grey accepted the defeat since he lost fair and square, there was no excuse for it. Alan was stronger than he was and that was a fact. He didn't sulk over it and went over for his array training. He still hasn't been able to strike with the symbol so far, so he had to focus on it.

That day went by quickly...

The next day...

Grey's only battle for today was against Reynolds which he wouldn't fight, of course. He only went over to the arena because the tournament would be ending today, and the instructors would tell them when they would be leaving since the competition would be starting soon.

After the battles ended, the rankings were set, with Alan being the only one who didn't lose a fight, Sheila was behind him as she lost only two. Grey was third since he lost three battles, well, technically, he forfeited two, but a loss was a loss.

Klaus and Reynolds, with another student, were tied at five victories.

"All participating student should prepare themselves, we will be heading to the Capital in three days"

After the announcement, the tournament finally came to an end. Grey went over to the valley for his training.


Grey suddenly called out after failing to once again unleash an attack from the symbol.

Chris raised his head to look at his cook, oh sorry! Student.


"I have a request," Grey said in a small voice.

Lately, he had been feeling down, Chris could feel something was bothering him. But it wasn't his obligation to ask if Grey feels like telling him, he's all ears, but if Grey doesn't want to say, it was none of his business.

"Oh!, what is it?" Chris asked with curiosity.

"The instructor announced we would be heading to the Capital in three days"

"I'm aware of that"

"Could you take me back to Red City? Since I came to the Academy, I haven't gone back because my mom told me she would send a letter. It's been over a year now and I haven't heard anything from her yet. I haven't seen my father since I was eight, and she said she was heading over to where he was. I know the chances of her still being in the City is small, but I still want to check"

The volume of Grey's voice decreased the more he spoke. He had missed his mother so much, she was his greatest support, and not hearing from her for over a year now, he was starting to get worried.

His father left in a hurry and he didn't hear from him again. His mother always told him he was fine, and he could feel she wasn't lying from how confident she was whenever she says it. Now, she said she was going over to meet him and refused to tell Grey the location.

He missed her care, voice, 'training', as weird as it sounds, he really did miss her training. And most of all, he missed her cooking.

Chris thought for a while before replying,

"Okay, we'll leave tomorrow. Also, inform Blake they can leave without you. I'll bring you to the Capital myself"

Grey was elated when he heard this, he wasn't too optimistic about Chris agreeing with his request. He bowed towards Chris and expressed his thanks before continuing with his training.

Chris narrowed his eyes, he remembered Martha.

'There's something about this family, from what I felt that day, Martha should at least be at the Seventh stage of the Overlord Plane, if not higher'

How could someone with that strength stay at that little place, Chris knew without a doubt, they were hiding something. He didn't even think Grey knew what Plane his mother was.

That attack Grey did, summed up his suspicion about the family. But he could tell Grey knew nothing about his mother's strength. If he knew, he wouldn't be worried since no one in the empire could harm her, unless she was sneaked attacked by a group of experts.

But the possibility of that happening is too small since the amount of Elementalist in the Late stages of the Overlord Plane are few.

The next day, after bidding farewell to his friends, Grey went over to meet up with Chris at the valley. He was a little hopeful about the journey, but he could deal with whatever the result was.

Blake was present in the valley when he arrived. He turned his attention to Grey on seeing him enter.

Grey bowed to Blake before walking over to where Brown was.

Blake smiled when he saw Grey. He had heard about Grey's performance in the tournament, and he was proud of his student. It wouldn't take long before Grey completely surpasses everyone in his group.

Chris soon came out and after speaking with Blake shortly, he walked over to where Grey and Brown were.

"There's still a little over five days before the competition starts, given the amount of time it took to bring you here, I wouldn't have accepted your request"

"But, since you're already in the Arcane Plane, you can cope with Brown's full speed. So unlike the last time, we should be able to reach before noon tomorrow"

Grey was slightly taken aback.

"That fast!"

When they came over from Red City, they only arrived here on the morning of the fourth day. But now, the journey was cut down by more than half.

Chris smiled.

"Oh! And we'll sleep in the forest during the night"

Grey was puzzled by Chris's words

"The last time we stayed at an Inn, why would we sleep in the forest this time?"

Chris laughed and then asked.

"You can't train in the Inn, right?"

When Grey heard this, he finally understood why Chris said this. He was currently trying to use the symbol to send out an attack, if he accidentally succeeds in the Inn, the owner can pretty much kiss his Inn goodbye since it would be destroyed by the attack.

Chris added after seeing Grey got the picture.

"And besides, you're a better cook compared to those morons who cooked at the Restaurants we ate at"

Grey didn't know if to cry or laugh. Chris had started getting used to his cooking lately that he even tells him to prepare his dinner most of the time before leaving the valley after training.

They immediately set off from the valley, their destination.

Red City...

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