251 Bad News

"Huh!" A confused expression appeared on the face of the mayor.

"No need to explain to you. If news of this gets out, then our months of hard work would be in vain. You didn't think I'll come here alone, did you?" The young man smiled lightly before using the wind element to forcefully push the mud around him.

He floated a few feet into the air before landing on dry land.

"The boy is ingenious, I haven't seen or heard of anything like this." One of the men who was an Earth Elementalist praised Grey before casually making an earth pillar rise from the ground where he was standing, taking him out of the mud.

He didn't only take himself out, he also did the same for the other eleven people.

"Have you notified them?" The young man looked at a man who was dressed in blue amongst his companions.

The man nodded before raising his hand, to show a small plaque-like item.

"What is that?" The mayor looked at the item curiously.


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