872 A Star High Above

Nathan's cry of pain resonated in the entire desert. Grey's lightning domain was not to be joked with. If his icy flame domain was cold to the extreme, then the lightning domain not only burns, but it also electrocutes his victims as well. 

Nathan was shaking vigorously in the domain and had fallen to the ground once again. 

Eva looked at Grey with disbelief in her eyes. She knew about Grey's fire domain, but this was the first time she was seeing him using another domain. Grey was still in the Sage Plane, but he had awakened two domains already. And each of them was very powerful. Some Multi Elementalists who had become Elemental Venerables still only awakened just one domain, yet Grey was already on his second one. 

'Just how powerful will he be when he becomes an Elemental Venerable?' The question flashed through Eva's mind. 


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