Aegon The Dragon King - GoT/ASOIAF SI

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What is Aegon The Dragon King - GoT/ASOIAF SI

Read Aegon The Dragon King - GoT/ASOIAF SI fanfiction written by the author TigerOfTheWest on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is TV fanfic stories, covering action, romance, r18, magic, dark. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


This story will be one of an MC fighting his inner demons and growing up physically, mentally and emotionally. It is not a Gary Stu story. The story is going to be long, 300k+ is my current estimate, so you can expect a lot of growing. He won't be at his peak immediately either, as that is boring to write. Important premise for the story: NO NTR against the MC. I cannot and I do not want to read or write it. Too painful and disgusting. For his physical stats: What is achievable will be based on peak human existences from our world. Children and adults alike. ________________________________________________________________ A young orphan is thrown into the chaotic world of Got/ASOIAF with three limited wishes. "Unlimite-" "No." "Sung Jin-" "No." "Super Saiy-" "No." "An army of Poke-" 'Sigh' "No." "One Poke-" "No. Well, a Zigzagoon, maybe." "No thanks, then. Marve-" "Are you retarded? No. Remember the damn parameters I set." "I am gonna die..." "You already did, stop being a pussy or I will regret ever giving you this chance."

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The SI is a pathetic hypocrite with divine idiocy and naivety as a basis for his being. All these fake 'care' and stupid wake up call is also annoying, it ruins it all.


Great beginning. Can't wait to read more. Language and grammar is good. Reading will not give you headache. Love the character design. Author keep up the good work


One of the major selling point of this fic is the above average grammar. Not perfect, but well beyond the standard of WN. Especially GoT/ASOIAF Fic. I can't say about the update consistency for now, but from what the author note, he set a 3-5 chapter a week, consist of 15k words. The plot is not rushed, and the MC is not a Gary Stu so far. Action have consequences, and there's always something you can't control in life. The MC have something to strive for, and he will do anything in his power to achieve it or die trying. Or, making someone else die in his stead. Author have to be careful to juggle the convoluted plot that even Martin struggle for. Only advice is don't put too much stuff on the table all at the same time.


Dragon go... ROARRRR! [img=recommend]


So far so good. [img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]


Only problem is it doesn't matter how much I let it stack before reading it always ends with me asking for more keep writing author as the only few mature authors on this platform love your book.


it is really good. one of the best one si got/asoiaf story I have read


So very very good keep going.


Did you drop?????????????????????? Please tell me you didn't.


I like this so far. looking forward to more. ...................................................................................................................................


Pretty average GOT fanfic. Makes the same mistakes every other GOT fanfic does. Has the same premise as every other GOT fanfi. (Make an MC Jon snow, spend 20+ chapters on his childhood, give him special beast companions) you know the drill. It’s in no way a bad novel, I just feel its not special either. I’m hoping that by the time the MC reaches adulthood, the author lets the novel take off, because hes hinted at some plot points through (pov changes) but we haven’t really seen much of anything.


This fic is much better and less emotional than the summary implies. The summary kind of put me off, but I decided to read a bit and couldn’t stop. Great book.


it's a great story you guys should read it


Another wonderful GOT fanfic the story has a lot of potential to grow to morethan 300 chapters without shortenjng the word counts every chapter..


It's going swiwmingly! I love how your paying attention to the emotions Aegon is feeling, the deep anger I experienced in the scene with Ned says enough about your capabilities as a writer. I hope you will see this fanfic to the end. Good luck!!! 🍀




It's a good story that uses a lot of resources from the universe itself of course with a little creativity, ranging from improvement rituals that honestly is the coolest part for me, using a little logic since it's obvious that the first men were practitioners of magic at some point, the few things I don't like one of them is the author always making up an excuse for Ned and Caitlin's mistakes, I'm not saying that being blunt all the time the story like that would be too boring, but we have to put the blame on each in its proper place, it is not always the fault of certain factors, although in this fanfic the author even managed to close well in some points about his actions, but an extremely irritating thing is that the author does not make the culprits nor work for their forgiveness, there's also this thing about not sacrificing people for your self-improvement that I find annoying it's not like there's a lack of rapists and murderers in the world, one thing I don't like is also this annoying lack and the MC, it makes him act like a Harry Potter of life which is like I said very annoying, other than that it's an excellent story having almost everything to be one of the best GOT stories, one last thing the chapter updates are kinda slow which ends up discouraging to follow the story.




How does it look with updates there hasn t been one in a long time


A compelling story that's very well written without the negative of sounding too factual and impersonal. MC also the ability to make mistakes so far and has, what seems like, the ability to learn from them. So far shaping up to be one of the fics that you anticipate an update.


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