Aegon Snow

Hey if you don't stop here to read this story, I took some time to write it so that it would follow an original script. This story tells the story of the unstoppable rise of Aegon VI, Bastard of Winterfell and King of the Seven Kingdoms. As you may have guessed, but this is an SI Jon Snow, I want to clarify that even if the MC is reincarnated as Jon Snow, he is not and will not act like Jon Snow. The Protagonist is a person who has been lucky, he does not deserve it and will not be a holy or divine character, incapable of doing harm or a mistake, he is just a person like everyone else who has been lucky, if you are still here and you are curious about what happens next, I invite you to read this story. If you don't like this story, that's your right and I'm sorry about that, but I will ask you not to judge too quickly and to take the time to read a few chapters before you decide to give up.

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-Chapter 61-

-Chapter 61-

-POV Viserys-

The fact that he was apologizing to me allowed me to regain my composure, but just as I was about to tell him it wasn't necessary, a sensation of choking struck me.

I grabbed my throat, confused by the reason for my sudden inability to breathe, and then I looked up, which allowed me to see my nephew the King holding his hand in the air as if he was squeezing something.

I immediately understood what was happening to me and tried to plead for him to release me so I could breathe, but he was squeezing me so tightly that I couldn't even speak.

The only thing then possible for me was to express everything I was feeling through my eyes, but that was without counting on the icy disdain I encountered, I slowly felt my life slipping away.

The last thing I heard before falling stiff and the darkness engulfing me was the voice of my nephew saying, "I'm sorry if you believed you had any authority over me."


I sighed upon seeing that arrogant fool faint and shouted towards the door:


A few seconds later, the mercenary entered with a big smile, not in the least bit guilty, and I said, annoyed, "What was that? I was very clear about the task I entrusted you with, I told you I didn't want him to disturb me, that you were to train him and also protect him, why is his nose twisted, and he came to interrupt an important appointment?"

"He got into it with your brother," said Bronn as if it were a sufficient reason.

"Half-brother, but that doesn't explain his condition," I said, clarifying that Aegon wasn't my brother.

"Your brother...Half-brother came to tell him that you dined with your generals and he took it very badly," said Bronn, grabbing a peach from the table and biting into it.

"Is that all?" I said, surprised because honestly, I hadn't even thought about how he might feel.

"He also broke his nose because Prince Viserys tried to hit him with his sword," said Bronn.

"What a fool," I murmured, unable to understand how someone could be so stupid.

The fact that he nearly died at the hands of a Khal Dothraki wasn't enough; he also had to antagonize his King, namely me, over a remark from one of his most fervent detractors.

"Pick him up and confine him to his chambers," I said, annoyed.

"I can't confine him to his chambers," said Bronn.

I frowned and said, "And why not?"

"He has a damn dragon. If I try, it might bite me or maybe even burn me," he said indignantly.

"Tell him I will punish him if he leaves his room," I said.

"Like a child?" he said, surprised.

"Like a child," I said.

'Since he acts so childishly, I will treat him the same way.'

-POV Chataya-

Seeing Prince Viserys being carried out unconscious from the King's chambers truly shocked me, but I did my best to regain my composure once in the presence of the King.

He stood up and said, "I'm sorry for the little interruption, my uncle has had a lot of trouble in his life, and sometimes he forgets that we are family and that I am his king."

I nodded and said, "It's no trouble, Your Majesty."

"Then where were we...Ah yes, I was about to talk to you about the reason for your invitation," he said.

He took a handful of grapes from the immense fruit platter on his table, then said as he plucked one and popped it into his mouth:

"You are aware that the crown has seized all the establishments of the late Traitor Littlefinger, I have also acquired a number of brothels in the cities I have liberated for a song, but the crown cannot engage in the flesh trade in such a transparent manner."

"So, you need someone to act as the face for your business," I said, understanding the reason for my presence.

He nodded, busy gobbling his grapes one after another, and then said, "Exactly, but also as a manager, you have a completely different approach from the simple pimps who seek to profit off their employees, I know you will be able to make each establishment so unique that you could double, triple, or even increase our revenue tenfold within a year or two."

"How will the profits be distributed?" I asked.

"I take 9/10 of all our profits," he said.

"I will need funding to start," I said, sensing a good deal.

"And you shall have it, 100,000 gold dragons for 57 brothels across the kingdom," he said.

I nodded and then said, "That seems fair."

I smiled, and he did the same before extending his hand and saying, "So, do we have a deal?"

I looked at the extended hand before shaking it and saying, "We have a deal."

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