Aegis Schnee The Juggernaut Of Glyphs

One soul seeking other yet will they find each other in time or will they become bitter enemies? I Don't Own RWBY! Or any work mentioned in this fanfic! The picture is from there: https://cz.pinterest.com/pin/591238257315362510/

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Weeks flew by as the girl's seventeen birthdays were coming close, and Aegis once again found himself in a never-ending loop of paperwork.

"I thought that having A.I would free me of this torture..."

"Sorry big brother, but im not the King or Queen, so there are still matters that need your own signature, bureaucracy you know, after all, you humans invented that evilness."

"Im more sure this is big fuck you from gods or devils to punish humans... No matter, you said you need to by queen and I would be free of this? Hmm..."

"No, big brother, don't even think about it."


"I know it is hard, but you will not ditch that thing on me."

Album said to defeatedly looking Aegis as she smiled at his defeated expression, there weren't many things that could truly move with her brother in a negative way, but true undisputed bureaucracy? That made Aegis Schnee, a man who would willingly go against gods, tremble in fear...

That fact alone made it even more amusing for A.I that is capable of multitasking on such a level that such paperwork wouldn't take even a real-time minute of her time.

Aegis didn't speak about the fact that even the soul's that liked to watch his life through his eyes almost wished to go back to shadow realm's like even the insane and most evil ones had a drop of sympathy for Aegis as they watched how hard is to by King who doesn't delegate others in kingdom matters...

Still, Aegis smiled as he noticed the window beside him that showed a clear sight of his little sister's and his pregnant mother with Raven and Alexandra, well almost everyone was outside, just Iris was absent, and Aegis knew she too had the devilish paperwork of SDC on her hands...

/Knock, knock./

There was a knocking sound on Aegis office doors as he signaled for them to come in, and put neutral expression when Krul Tepes came in.

"Krul, what a surprise."

Aegis said as this was the first time Krul graced him with a visit, normally it was him who came to visit the vampires that took a liking to Schnee basement, which was interesting as even if they were vampires, Aegis knew they didn't really were nocturnal as stories made them, yes they preferred night, but Sun didn't really bother them...

At least this race of vampires, as Aegis knew there was more than one vampire clan, and their bodies and preferences with needs changed from clan to clan.

Aegis wanted to continue but stopped as he took a more thorough look on Tepes who seemed to by almost...


"When did you want to tell us."

"Tell you what?"

Aegis asked as he didn't know what the ancient vampire in the body of the little pink-haired girl with red eyes and hair in two pigtails.

"Until when you would hide the fact that you are close to immortality from us?"

"Ahhh... That was never secret..."

Aegis said as his mind finally understood the reason Krul Tepes seemed so...

Resigned as if it seemed she lost her last chance, no not seemed, Aegis could very clearly guess what the immortal vampire planned, just like any long-lived or immortal species, they planned to win by outliving the supposed short-lived humans...

"The immortality projects were never hidden, not from people who live in our home, that means even you and your daughter's, you just never looked, or it never occurred to you that such methods were possible."

Aegis said as he calmly walked to the couch as he showed for Krul to sit beside him as they looked into the fireplace and Aegis activated holo-screen on the table.

"Currently there are two ways to prolong the life, from standard hundred of years, to five hundred, thousand if the subject is fully compatible with the serum, already my, or rather a Solitas citizen are free to choose to be injected with a serum that prolongs their life to three hundred years, then there is my Sentinel's, Sentrie's, and Royal Guard that are ordered to go through the procedure that makes their standard lifespan to five hundred years, all of it is until now theoretical mind you as these methods are new, so we will not know sure age until the time came..."

Aegis said as he showed Krul all the data and videos or photos with both procedure and theory of how much it should prolong the life.

"But that isn't all, is it..."

Krul said as she knew the boy, no man before her, wouldn't give something so good to others without having something better for himself and the family he so loved.

"Yes, even if not completed, serum for agelessness is almost ready, mind you, it will not make us immortal like gods, but it would stop aging of our bodies."


Krul looked at the image Aegis showed her, still unsure how she should feel as she was prepared to strike the boy after he became old, now she saw her plan being completely insufficient.

"Why do you rebel so much?"

Aegis asked, he knew that Krul wasn't there in her own volition as she was more war prisoner or trophy, but he still thought that after some time, she would understand that he didn't mean harm to her or her daughter's as long as she stayed loyal to Schnee family and him.

Krul stayed silent as her mind raced through multiple scenarios, yet in any of them, she didn't see herself win, not if the man beside her didn't grow old and wither in time that was until now her biggest weapon and advantage...

Aegis looked at the silent vampire as he suddenly remembered something and felt an urge to almost facepalm...

Aegis wasn't sure if the Tepes, or rather this Krul's clan, had that ritual, but from what he knew of multiple vampires he saw in memories, more than half of them used the binding ritual, or rather blood proposition ritual, and he practically claimed the Krul Tepes as his woman, yet he forgot to ask her.



"Hmm? Oh... Yes, I forgot where im..."

Krul said as she woke up from the stupor she was in.

"Krul, do you wish to drink my blood?"

Aegis asked as the Krul's eyes widened little, it was almost nonexistent, but Aegis could notice that his question made the ancient vampire surprised.


"If you wish, you can drink as much as you can."

Aegis said he wasn't worried of blood loss, not with how much his body could generate, even if she was to drink his entire bodyweight of blood, he would regenerate it as much as needed in the same time it was needed.

"You are serious?"

Krul asked as the last topic flew from her mind as she looked at the man who seemed to show her his neck, his clear and free neck...

Aegis just nodded as he knew that if he wished to have a closer relationship with her, he needed to let her taste his blood or give her as much as she needed to make her accept him as equal.

Krul looked at him for a moment as she weighed her options, but seeing zero disadvantages, she nodded with her head as she came closer to Aegis and sat on his lap, with her chest against Aegis chest as her mouth came close to Aegis neck as she took his scent.


Krul seemed to lick Aegis neck as if confirming something and Aegis at the same time made that part of his body more vulnerable as he was sure that otherwise, Krul wouldn't be able to pierce his skin, Krul sensing Aegis relax, didn't wait and dipped into Aegis neck with her little fangs and tasted his blood.


Krul went into shock as her body trembled in delight as she tasted the blood that seemed to be so different than she ever had, it was rich, soo rich and lacked any impurity that was almost in any human or blood Krul ever tasted, it was pure as pureblood could ever get and even more, as Krul give up of her mind and just enjoyed the blood, normally she would stop as not to kill the human with such perfect blood, but her instincts made her continue until she was full, and so after an hour and with full belly her eyes opened wide in horror as she stopped and looked at Aegis, fearing she killed him and lost host with such blood.

"Done? You can have more."

Aegis said with a smile as he was perfectly normal, Krul wanted to speak, to ask how, but noticed that the place where her fangs pierced his skin was without any injury as if she never bit him...


Krul asked in disbelief as Aegis just continued to smile at the satisfied albeit dumbfounded vampire on his lap.


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