Aegis Schnee The Juggernaut Of Glyphs

One soul seeking other yet will they find each other in time or will they become bitter enemies? I Don't Own RWBY! Or any work mentioned in this fanfic! The picture is from there: https://cz.pinterest.com/pin/591238257315362510/

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A Schnee Madness

"You found her?"

"Yes, big brother, her current location is shielded by some magic shield that blocks the drone locators, but strangely the signals are being sent from there."

A trap?

"Good, and our forces? How would our Sentinels fare against the other world military?"

Aegis asked Album as his hands ran through holographic screens, showing multiple scenarios and data' about portal stability.

"From what drones send to us from their successful hacking im hundred percent sure we can take any non-magical nation as long as we block their doomsday weapons, now about magical communities, that is another thing."

"I think I can help you with that, my little fire."


Aegis said to Cinder who walked into his office with her standard coquettish way with swaying hips and playful smile she always wore when she was in Aegis vicinity.

"Even if you don't remember much from your past life, I did live there for hundreds of years, and if I did find something, it was that magical's of that world are strict traditionalist."

Cinder said as she sat on Aegis's desk and raising one of her legs into and then crossing her leg on her other leg as she smiled at Aegis.

"I already send all my magical knowledge to Album, about their groups, from Americans to Europeans, to Asians, in my years I traveled a lot, and I did learn more than magic, so my little Aeg, If I say that your little soldiers can steamroll through the magical communities then they can, you just must take care of some of the more nasty spells that do hurt soul's, or wards that are in some ancient sites, but otherwise you should be alright, especially after I read the data your little drones send from there."

Cinder said with a smile as she touched Aegis's face with one hand.

"Just be careful my little fire, even if im sure there aren't many things that could hurt you, there are still some very nasty ones, especially curses that are based on blood and soul."

Cinder said and Album nodded.

"Yes, I did get your message just now, and I must say, your knowledge of your previous world is astounding, I just thought of multiple projects I can propose to our scientist with the help of dust."

"Mnh, yes a dust, I wonder how these old geezers there react to the idea that even non-magical's can use crystallized magic, but well, I will see it, don't I? Just make sure your little soldiers record everything I loved to see the stupid faces of a wizard's when I, again and again, crushed their narrow and little world view."

Cinder said and took her hand from her little brother's face with a smile in her eyes, she loved the feeling of making sure her little brother was alive and this was not some dream, and every time she touched him just made it even more special.

"Now, I will not bother you I can see you have plans and work to do, just bring our little sister back yes? I do miss Harriet's mischievous nature in the house."

Cinder said and made her way outside, she still had a lot of work, after all she was the commander of Sentries, and as such it was her duty to make sure her little brother's kingdom is safe from inside.


"Alright! Give me statics! How many can we send without straining our defenses?"

Sienna commanded and ignored the officers who were practically running all around her as headless chickens from the moment the news of the world invasion came.

"Currently, we can send just one Sentinel base with all of the personnel and one full Sentinel regiment, with ten mixed mechanized regiments."

Sienna nodded with her head at Illia's report, that was about right, even if Solitas was the most prosperous kingdom, it was still one kingdom, and as such, couldn't have soo much military personnel without hurting the economy, but with their battle mechs that made their numbers much bigger, it was balanced, as Sentinel's were more of officer's for one Sentinel there were ten battle mechs.

"And air support?"

"That is worse, with the rising problem that is Flesh monsters that started emerging from all sides of Remnant, we need all Air fleets there for any quick response, but the Sentinel base already comes with three air frigates, so that should help."

"Well, not what I wanted, but it is a truth that these flesh bastards start to be more and more of annoyance."

Sienna said, it was becoming standard to have three or four raids on their settlements in Solitas by flesh monsters in a week, and that was just in Solitas, the other kingdoms were at it worse as they lacked the mechanized weapon systems that Solitas settlements were equipped with.

"Good then, I want the invasion fleet to be ready in a day, from then, we will just wait on my husband's word."


"I-I-I mean king's! Yes I said King's! Is that clear?!"


Ilia nodded with her head as she tried to nod look at Sienna who was now blushing and looking at her with a look that dared for her to say something else than yes.

"Good! Now come! I did not see Belladonnas for some time and they sent me an hour ago some strange message if I don't come to visit them at the most earliest time, so let's go visit them."

Sienna said and Illia nodded with her head with a smile at the idea of meeting with her friend Blake.


"So there are you hiding."

Weiss looked and saw how the other Weiss, the younger one walked to her with an indifferent face that made her even more confused, Weiss saw how this world Schnee family worked and looked, and she saw a loving family full of wonderful people...

Yes Weiss was ignoring the fact that there is Salem, Cinder, Neo, and Emerald...

And from what she saw, the relationship between the younger Weiss and her family was good, especially... With her big brother Aegis...

So how come that this Weiss, this younger her, was so, so cold?

"Ask then."


"Ask what you have on mind, I can see it, how it eats you, ask me."

Weiss looked at her younger replica, the younger and very cold replica.

"W-Why, are you so, so..."

"So cold? So indifferent? So emotionless? A bitch?"

The younger Weiss shot her smile that didn't reach her eyes.

"Maybe it's because im broken? Or that I lost all innocence you still hold upon? And don't say no, I can see it as if I looked into the mirror, you cling to your ideals like drowning man reaches for a straw, or maybe its because I wanted to share burden my big brother holds..."

Weiss said and looked at the horizon when the older Weiss looked at her in shock.

"Strange, isn't it? Our world has so many colors, yet when I looked at my big brother's eyes, all I could see was grey..."

Weiss said with a little emotion, and yet the older Weiss could hear some strange undertone in her voice.

"It wasn't easy to grow up in our family, of that im sure you understand, don't you? But then I had a different, with a big brother who was there for me, always by my side, as some unbroken shield, shielding me from the world, and ironic when you think that his own name is Aegis, isn't it?"

Weiss said and took a pendant from her neck and opened it for the older Weiss to see a picture of small Aegis holding a baby not even an hour old.

"Can you see it? These blue eyes? You don't know, but when we were little, at that time, my big brother's eyes were different, distant, empty, yet every time he looked at me, they were so full, so so mesmerizing..."

Weiss said and strengthened her grip on the pendant, making the older Weiss look at her worriedly.

"The only time these blue eyes had any other emotion than indifference and apathy was a time when he looked at ME! AND WINTER AND MOTHER WHO LEFT HIM! LEFT US TO FEND THAT MONSTER OF FATHER! AND YET HE STILL LOOKED AT THEM WITH LOVE!!!! LOVE THAT SHOULD BELONG JUST TO ME!!!"

Weiss looked shocked at the younger Weiss face that morphed into a deranged expression of wrath, she took a step back from the younger Weiss who stoped and as if like a switch was fliped worked her face to the previous indifferent one, making the older Weiss even more uncomfortable on how much the younger Weiss had a grip on her emotions.

"And so, and so I chose, every time big brother didn't think that I was looking his eyes again became empty, and so I chose to fill those blue eyes, I chose to fill them, to make them look with love forever, never empty never again, and took that burden on myself, If my big brother eyes looked with love just on people he loved, like me, like Winter and mother, I chose to find more women, more women to fill that void that is my big brother!s heart..."

Weiss said with a smile that made the older Weiss took another step back.

"But you know? It hurts, it hurts soo much..."

Weiss said as the frost mist that radiated from her made windows crack.


Weiss said and, in an instant, was by the older Weiss side, blocking her from running.

"But THEN, but then YOU came, and YOU made me THINK IF I HAD to FILL his HEART with OTHER women, THEN why NOT another ME."

Weiss said with a smile that made the older Weiss pale.

"YOU will HELP me, RIGHT? After all, there cant be a Weiss that doesn't LOVE her big BROTHER."

Weiss said with wide eyes as she looked at the older, her trembling form.


At that moment, it occurred to the older Weiss, it wasn't that the younger one was cold, no now she knew she wasn't cold, she was much worse...

She was a mad.

Weiss who saw the looked of realization in the older one, smiled again with a smile that sent every alarm in older Weiss head blare.

"Yes, yes im mad, im mad in love, in love that would either destroy me, or worse, but now I know there are other Weiss, arent there..."

"Y-you are crazy..."


Weiss said as she never stopped smiling.


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