Aegis Schnee the Juggernaut of Glyphs! (Rewrite)

This is a rewriting of my 500k-long fic on webnovel, where MC is already a father of twin girls and king of the kingdom, with a harem of women from both outside and inside of a family. So, if you wish to read Multiverse, kingdom-building fic with a harem, and many other things, enjoy this rework I should do a long time ago. Main genres: Harem, Romance, OP MC, Multiverse hoping, Kingdom-Building, Incest, +18, Moraly Grey MC, additional tags added as the story continue.

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*Author note PLEASE READ!!!!!*

Hey there, so this is the REWRITE of my Multiverse fic, which was published on Webnovel under the name of 'Aegis Schnee the Juggernaut of Glyphs.' That is around 500k words long, so yes, there is waiting on me quite arduous work.

One that is the biggest and most loved fic I wish to continue in; the problem is that in writing it, I didn't at that time realize how much I shot myself in the leg, and the longer I continued in it, the more I realized that it was a too big problem for me to ignore it.

So, REWRITE it is, hopefully with better English and writing, as in my humble opinion, I should be a much better fanfic writer than when I started it.

Now, for those who read the previous fic, you SHOULD read this REWRITE too, as I will change things, some small, some significant, especially harem members and other relationships.

Another change is that I plan to update this fic at least three times a month, with each chapter being at least 10k in words, maybe more, but that would be seen as I do have real-life work, and I too wish to spend time by gaming or reading fics of other authors.

Hopefully, I said everything. If not, I will add additional information in the following chapters, so PLEASE read Author's notes so you don't ask about something I already spoke about.

GENRES: Harem, Overpowered MC, Multiverse, Kingdom Building, Romance, Incest, Future +18, MC that is not alright in the head. Additional tags could be added.

For those new, the Multiverse will work, as MC or his people will travel to other franchises, either to look around or conquer or for other possibilities. This is a Kingdom building/Multiverse fic, so yes, you can expect a forceful/peaceful integration of other universes.

As for romance, im not that good, but I will try. For Harem, you can expect it to be BIG, but at the same time, I will try to make time for every member, so it doesn't become something like Catch-Them-All pokemon or Xianxia power harem wank.

But enough with this, enjoy my hopefully long work...

"Hey, you! Yes, you!" Normal speaking.

'That little...' Thoughts.

"You vermin." God, Or another very powerful being, or a very significant act. For example, "BOOST!" "BOOST!" "BOOST!" "BOOST!"

'That vermin looks cute.' Thoughts of God or another powerful being.


(Btw: The date AFGR you will see is the Remnant calendar, just like we have BC/AC, so Remnant will have 50 AFGR, which means 50 years After the Great War. It's not an official RWBY thing, but something I will need to use to measure time for both my and your convenience.)

Universes which will play a more significant part in the story:

RWBY- Main universe.

Harry Potter/Alter- Bigger part.

DOOM- Bigger part.

Mass Effect- Bigger part.

Worm- Significant part.

Youjo Senki- Significant part.

High School DxD- Significant part.

DC- Significant part.

Warhammer 40k- REDACTED part.

Horror Multiverse Cluster- Significant part.

Fate/Type-Moon- Significant part.

X-Com- Significant part.

Cyberpunk 2077/Edgerunners- Significant part.

As the story goes, additional universes would be added; these are just those you can count on a hundred percent being in the story for now. A poll about universes you would wish to visit would by then be done on my p*treon as I plan to post this on multiple sites, so counting all poll results would be pretty annoying for me.

I don't OWN anything in this FANFIC other than my MC and Plot that will divert from the Original plots that belong to the specific creators of these works and universes!


Welcome to!

Aegis Schnee The Juggernaut of Glyphs!

The king of the Schnee Kingdom.


Shadow Realm

Date Unknown


The realm of Mankind Shadows was, is, and always would be by one of Mankind Nexuses, one of many in the vast multiverse, with the sole duty of housing the innumerable count of human souls that were lost on their way to their destined afterlife.

It was a multiversal purgatory from which wasn't escape. It was, and yet wasn't, the final destination of human souls that weren't claimed by the divine or other powers capable of soul arts scattered throughout the ever-expanding multiverse, never finding peace or desired destination.

"Hmm." An being in a black tuxedo and white shirt looked over the souls that aimlessly wandered the Shadow realm, for there was no end nor beginning, for even time itself had no meaning in this place.

Nor emotions of the residing souls that themselves were eaten, devoured by the realm. It was just one of many defense mechanisms of the Shadow realm that made all the residing souls compliant and utterly apathetic to anything and everything.

Finally, the being gaze turned to one wandering soul, one that still retained some of its colors, not fully greying up like all others, yet it wouldn't take long for even that little flame to die.

Something the being couldn't permit, time was ticking, and he had no other choice if he wished to make it in time.

The being made a movement with his hand that transported both himself and the soul of his interest into another place.


Shadow Realm

Date Unknown

Unknown POV:

"Finally ready to listen?" He looked upon a... being, for it had no face, or rather where face was supposed to be, just wast expanse of stars, galaxies, and universes could be seen, so much that it even hurt to look upon.

"Do not look into the Abyss, even if I had an interest in you before you looked up." The being that wore a nonoffensive and utterly standard black tuxedo commented with what could be said as a chuckle.

He didn't answer, for there wasn't any reason, or if yes, he didn't remember one, as if hearing his thoughts, his head?

"Unfortunately, we don't have much time, so let me ask you." The being puts his hands before his chest.

"Are you willing to be sent away, reincarnated? A new life, you can say." The being asked, and he felt something stir inside himself...

Was this curiosity? What was the word? A nostalgic? Yes, why it felt so nostalgic to feel curiosity? Just how long was it?

"Ah, I see that I have your interest, so let me continue... Your stay in this demesne is in itself not surprising, but the reason you die is more curious." Dying, he remembered flames, a pain that was held back as slender hands held his body, molten gold eyes that were entirely red and puffy as they shed one tear after another, at what he could say was his demise that brought him to this Shadow realm.

And words begging for forgiveness, remembering the need to say there wasn't any reason for forgiveness, that he was... Happy? Happy that he could help...

It brought another sensation of pain through his soul.

Pain... He felt pain even remembering these eyes... whose eyes they even were? And why he felt pain for not remembering? He was aware that he forgot so many things, so many things, as he traveled through this Shadow realm, looking into memories of other souls, fighting for the chance to retain just some of his feelings.

And yet...

Now that he thought about it, he failed, for if he just now realized that he had forgotten pain and curiosity, how many other things have he forgotten?

And to whose these molten golden eyes full of pain and that were shedding tears for his demise belong?

"I see that you are starting to realize this should help me... Im giving you a chance for a new life, and to make you more accepting, the molten gold-eyed girl would be forgiven of all her sins and be reincarnated to the same world you will be." Sins? What sins?

And girl? Molten gold eyes, eyes full of pain, anger, and affection.

He wanted to ask what the being in front of him would get from this. Why did he seemingly want to help him? He was just one in an untold amount of souls in the Shadow realm...


Molten gold eyes...

Molten gold eyes full of pain...

He had no choice, had he? It wasn't ever questioned if he had a chance to meet that person whose eyes haunted him, then there wasn't any other answer, was there?

"Good, good, then I wish you luck... you would need it." These were the last words he heard before he felt blackness overtake him.


Shadow Realm

Date Unknown


"You have really done it now." He didn't look behind himself, and there wasn't any need to. All he did was watch his possible last action fully complete.

And with that, he felt an enormous burden lift from his shoulders.

"What have I done was something I should do those eons ago." He heard a scoff, shaking his head. Why were these young ones always so full of themselves? That they thought they knew better...

And yet, had he any right to criticize them for it? It was just a stage of life, one from which they would grow up, either in thousands of years or after the tragedies pile up, making them snap.

He knew it. He was there himself, so believing that he knew better than his elders than most... it wasn't something he liked to remember. Indeed, perfect memory was just one of many curses for being that lived through the beginnings and ends of universes.

No, what he did instead was to watch as the soul latched on the vessel he created for it, or rather his actions created. A smile would be seen on his face if he had a human look.

"The Council will hear of this. You have broken the law." The figure behind him harshly said, making him chuckle.

"All I have done was to hear the pleas of the Network, something the Council promised and failed to do, even if they had the power." The feeling of disgust overtook him even more when he remembered the time when he himself was blind.

"Enough of this, im taking you with me, and this project of yours will end." He laughed at what he heard.

"End? End, you say? You can no longer stop this. It's already from yours, no OURS authority." He finally turned around and enjoyed the shocked look on the female's face.

"There is nothing the Council can do, not any longer."

"No, no, no, no, what have you done?!" He would lie if he didn't say he didn't enjoy the meaningless uses of power the female tried to do, to undo his work, smiling more and more at each fail.

"You are laughing?! You just put that innocent soul into the eternity of slavery! And not just him!" The female finally turned on him, with her face contorted into a snarl.

"No, not slave." He looked at the baby, which was already born, just one of many perks of being capable see past, present, and future.

"Warden, protector, their minder." He didn't resist the female's attack, nor her putting him into magic stasis, all his attention on his final masterpiece.

'My final gift for you, old friend, may you find a companion in him' The last thing he did before the time magic froze him was to look into the future, mayhaps spoil it for himself as this was probably the last time he could look before they took his far-eye ability.

And what he saw put him to rest, even if he felt envy, for no matter how much he tried, he couldn't ever do what he was now seeing.

She was a small-looking girl that looked to be around ten years old, wearing a white sundress with flowery patterns, golden hair that reached to the ground, and an angelic or cherubic face, with a crown from a flower adorning her head.

And by her side stood a man in noble clothing, a cane in his hand, with black hair and blue eyes that seemed to shine as stars themselves, but just those with power could see snowflake glyphs of untold power that made up these blue eyes.

No, what made him envious and yet happy was the slight smile on the ever-emotionless face of the small-looking girl...

'At last, you found peace... my old friend.'

Those were his last thoughts as the time magic froze him.


Schnee mansion medical wing


Willow POV:

"Congratulations, lady Schnee! It's a healthy boy!" A nurse delightedly said as she held the bundle in her arms.

"Give him to me!" She quickly said. Not even the tiredness could stop her from the delight she felt as her gaze turned to the pink flesh wrapped in a white towel.

"My child, my little boy." Her eyes teared up, this time not from the pain of birthing but from the happiness she felt as her arms held the treasure of the world, blue eyes meeting blue eyes.

"Why, why doesn't he cry? What is wrong? Is he alright?" She quickly asked as she realized something was missing. She remembered Winter's healthy and big lungs when she was just born, but her boy? Was there something wrong?

"Nothing, lady Schnee, at least not something to worry about, even if strange and rare, you can see how your son's chest rises up and down, and if you put your hand before his nose, you can even feel the air being sucked in or taken out, it is rare, but some children doesn't cry when born." She sighed in relief.

Not even a few minutes in the world, and he already made her worried...

"Willow." Her head turned as she smiled at her husband, who had just barged into the room. Even if the love they shared was no longer what it once was, she was still happy to show him their creation.

"Look, look at your son Jacques. Isn't he wonderful?" She wistfully sighed, not noticing the frown on her husband's face as his eyes traveled to a patch of black hair on the child's head.

"Yes, dear... he truly is. Did you already come up with the name?" Hmm, ah, right, she made him promise it would be by her who would name their child this time.

"Name... I know, even if I do not follow with our desire to name our first son Whitley, let's go with Aegis; your name is Aegis. Do you like it? You do, don't you?" She cooed in happiness when she saw her son's, now named Aegis, head nod as if agreeing with her, even if she knew it was just a coincidence.

"Aegis... Aegis Schnee, yes, yes, this will do." She looked at her husband, who watched their son, his eyes not even flicking to her, making her frown, a frown she quickly pushed away. This was her son's moment, and she wouldn't spoil it.

"Willow, you should rest, give Aegis to our child caretakers, and take a few hours of sleep." She was about to reject Jacques's idea, but once she looked down, her heart melted as she saw Aegis's eyes close off, his body entirely without any movement.

Just the previous words of their hired doctor calmed her down, as she saw a slight movement that showed her son peacefully breathing.

"I-haaaa, maybe you are right, this, this birth took a lot of me, can you? Can you call Natasha? Tell her to bring Winter there, and I want her to meet her little brother." She accepted Jacques's words as she yawned and gave an order to the nurse, who quickly nodded her head.

She knew she should go into the shower and change her clothes, but now that Willow thought about it, she was utterly spent, and a little nap wouldn't hurt.

But she rejected giving her son away. His place was in her arms, at least for now.


Schnee mansion glasshouse gardens


Willow POV:

"Winter, no." Willow chided her little daughter, who pouted at her.

"I want to play! Aeg wants to play too!" She sighed as she watched Winter stomp her foot on the ground.

"Right, Aeg!" She watched in amusement as Winter turned her head to her one-year-old brother and demanded him to take her side. More amusing was the face of her darling baby.

"Abu." She long realized that her son was more intelligent and sharp than normal children. Even if he still didn't speak, he rarely cried, just when he was hungry or needed to change diapers, and even then, he stopped the moment he saw them come to him, knowing that he had gained their attention.

But at other times? At other times it worried Willow how quiet she was, just staying still, watching her or Winter. He never truly wanted anything besides her milk or a change of diapers. It was as if he wasn't interested in anything further.

It wasn't normal, but somehow, the stoic face of her son never bothered her, and it was one of the reasons that even if it exasperated her, she let Winter do her thing, which was.

"Look, look, mom! Aeg wan play too!" Yes, she let her energetic daughter play with her little brother, as it was one of the rare times she saw Aegis honestly behave as a child.

"Yes, dear, I can see it." The way he nodded his head at Winter's plea was just adorable, and the way Winter's face brightened up brought a warm feeling to his chest.

"You can go and play, but Natasha will watch over you. Your little brother is still too little for you two to go alone, which goes for you too, little lady." Willow wrily said, watching Winter firmly nodding her head, already holding hands with Aegis, even if a little wobbly. Her son learned to walk so early...

"Mistress." Natasha, their child nanny, bowed her head to Willow as she followed after happy Winter and wobblingly walked Aegis,


"Yes, mistress?" Klein, the ever-present and patient man, who had no small part in raising even her, politely inclined his head.

"Did HE at least visit them before they went to sleep?"

"No... im afraid not. Master Schnee is a very hardworking man." Klein politely said, but as someone who was raised by the very same man, Willow knew that deep inside, her ever-loyal family head butler hid an incredible amount of disapproval at her's husband attitude.

She put a hand on her stomach, feeling it swell. But, of course, she was already used to this. After all, she had already gone through it twice, so it wasn't surprising for her how it should feel.

Alas, there a frown marred her beautifully sculpted, mature face.

Watching her children play, or rather, how Winter showed her creations of mud and flowers to Aegis, who nodded to her with rare sounds of acknowledgments, Willow thought about the changes in the last year.

It didn't take her long to realize that Jacques wasn't attentive to her or Winter after Aegis was born, burring himself into the work, at least not as he used to be.

Now, now they could be happy if he joined them at the lunch or dinner, it started so innocently, at first he apologized to her when he couldn't arrive at the dinner, something about the board meeting, and then he couldn't return at night, because he flew to Vale or another kingdom for important business deal...

Ultimately, Willow truly doesn't remember when he stopped making excuses and just ignored them.

"My lady, you aren't in the condition to have such thoughts." Willow shook herself up from Klein's words as she looked at him and smiled.

"You are right. I shouldn't be thinking about this, not now, should I?" Her hand traveled to her belly, her big belly that would soon spur out another member of their family.

"Who needs that man? I already have enough." Willow smiled, her expression heating up, as she saw her son wobbling to her with what looked like a crown from flowers, Winter just after him with flowers in her hand, most that still had roots and mud on them, interestingly, the ones in Aegis hands that made up the crown, were clean.

Too clean.

"Ma." Her son lifted up his hands, the crown from flowers in them.

"Mama! Gift! Gift!" Winter stood beside her little brother, lifting her small hands in her direction in the same manner as Aegis.

"Oh my, what have you brought me? You shouldn't! This is soo beautiful!" Willow cooed as she tenderly took flowers from Winter, sniffing them and feeling the fresh scent of nature.

"Nada." When Willow wanted to take the flower crown, she stopped as a frown marred Aegis's face, making her take her hand back.

"Oh, you want to crown me yourself?" Willow asked, her smile widening as her adorable son nodded his head. Honestly, for a one-year-old, he was smart, too intelligent.

But... Willow wasn't about to question, or yes, she wanted to question how he could be so smart at such a young age, but she knew that them being Schnee, if knowledge of her son's geniuses would spread, dangerous things could happen, from people taking too big interest to him, to some who would want to hurt their family by taking her little gem away.

That fear for his wellbeing stopped Willow from making inquiries for children specialists, as she didn't know who to trust, and made the Schnee mansion servants swear secrecy, she knew that some of them would speak, but the longer it took, the more her son could grow up.

Unfortunately, this was one of her main disagreements with Jacques, who wanted to hire already or make Aegis join Winter's studies. They were too young. Why couldn't he understand?

Nevertheless, Willow bent herself down, as not to hurt the baby in her, but enough for Aegis to by an able put crown on her head.

"Well? How do I look? Pretty?" Willow put on a silly face as she posed with the crown on her head and Winter's flowers that she put behind her ears.

"Oooohhh! Petty!!! Mama is qrueen!" Winter excitedly smiled.

"It's queen, dear, and if im queen, then you must be our princess!" Willow caught the laughing Winter as she played with her cheeks, making Winter laugh even more.

"Pincess! Pincess ahahaha!"

"And what about our-" Willow stopped tormenting Winter, her eyes freezing at her son's expression.

"Prince..." This...

What Willow saw was brief. One could say it could be an illusion of the mind, and yet she knew what she saw.

Her son, her baby son who never showed much emotion, was smiling, his lips stretched a little up on the sides and his beautiful blue eyes shining in mirth...

"Beautiful..." Willow's voice rang inside the patio.


Schnee mansion medical wing


Aegis POV:

"Look at her, darling. Isn't she beautiful?" He nodded his head at his mother's words. She was beautiful.

She was the most beautiful sight he had ever witnessed in this short life.

"You are smiling..." He heard his mother whisper in wonder as he looked at her in confusion, lifting up his hand to touch his lips. Yes, he could feel his lips being upward. How...

Strange to not be aware of such a thing, but then, most of the time, he had no time to think too deeply, or he would hear THEM again.

"Mama, name?" Winter, his older sister, still had problems with some words or how to put them together, but otherwise, his older sister was a bright girl for her age and one he loved dearly.

"Your new sister's name is Weiss dear, Weiss Schnee, the little sister of Winter and Aegis Schnee." A beautiful name for a beautiful creation.

He knew it was a mistake, and yet he had still done it when Weiss was still in her mother's womb. When he felt her little heart being just formed and growing, he could sense flaws and imperfections that could possibly hurt his unborn little sister.

Unacceptable, he couldn't do such a thing to Winter or mother, as they were already fully formed, and his actions would be noticed, even if nobody would suspect him. It was a too big risk, at least for now.

And so he worked when his mother was asleep, and he could sleep with her, which was possible just because his father seemed to ignore his mother more and more, making her sleep most of the nights alone. His presence helped both his mother and unborn sister, to whom he manipulated the little psionic energy he held, destroying any imperfection or genetic defect.

He wouldn't ever try that if some of the voices that were knowledgeable in genetics didn't agree to help him, giving him their experience and knowledge of where to look and what to be careful about.

But even without them, he witnessed too many memories of doctors to mad geniuses in the Shadow realm to be capable of doing it himself.

That didn't mean he didn't use it on his mother and Winter. They were too dear to him to let fate or luck decide. Little by little, he used his psionics to revitalize their bodies, more for mother, who was in her thirty-two, and after two, or now three births.

"Papa? Where is papa?" He didn't frown as he approached Winter and poked her sides.

"Aeg?" Winter confusedly looked at him as he looked back at mother, who held Weiss in her arms, an understanding seemingly flashing in her eyes as she gently smiled.

"Winter? Come here."

"Um? Yes, mama." Winter walked up to laying mother. Aegis watched how mother freed one of her hands that held Weiss and scooted Winter closer, giving her one arm hug.

"Look at her, Winter. Look at your little sister. You must protect her. After all, you are her older sister, and just like you will protect her, she would love you." Aegis didn't understand where mother was coming from with this.

Even with memories, millions of humans crammed in his head, not even knowing where one soul's memories ended and other souls started, and the never-ending streams of voices that screamed hatred and deceit or whispers of love and understanding.

It was hard for him to understand or connect with the people, even his own mother or sister. He tried; he tried for them. He loved them, of that he was sure.

But, where his memories started and ended was hard for him to understand, as sometimes the world seemed to be but black-white film without sound or subtitles.

Aegis had it hard to stay conscious, not drown in experiences that eclipsed his little existence. The only times he ever felt alive was by his family's side, watching them laugh, smile and love. Those were the times when he felt truly alive.

And yet, he felt something missing.

Eyes of molten gold.

"Aegis? Come, we have a place for you to join us." He nodded at his mother as he walked up to her, his heart warming up as he felt the body heat of his mother and Winter next to him, his eyes traveling to a little baby who was now openly staring at him with an unreadable expression.


He could feel it in her, his psionic imprint, one that would awaken psionic in her, too, once she is older.

"You will protect them too, right Aegis, your sisters." He nodded his head.

'I will protect them, them, and you, mother.'


Schnee mansion Jacques office


Klein POV:


"...Repeat that again?" Klein watched how the young master didn't even flinch at the tone master Schnee used once he denied him.

"You will not take her childhood." Young master Aegis emotionlessly said, making Klein flinch.

He failed. He failed as the Schnee family butler. He couldn't help but stand on the side and watch how master Schnee took little by little the things that shouldn't be denied to children.

"Weiss is four years old, and it is time for her to shed this childishness and join you and Winter studies." Young mistress, oh how Klein failed, but not all things were wrong, at least with young master by her side, young mistress still preserved some of her innocence, no matter how master Schnee or his hired goons that called themselves tutors tried to take it away.

How uncomprehending to think that where he, the experienced and old family butler, failed, and the young, too young boy succeeded, alas.

There wasn't anything normal about the young master, everyone knew, at least those who worked in the mansion, and Klein made sure that the rumors stayed just in the mansion.

The Atlas high society wasn't something pretty. No matter how much good to the eye they tried to look, the rot could be smelled a long way away.

"Father." Klein shivered, the tone, even master Schnee stopped working, and finally looked at his son, who watched him. Klein was fortunate to see these eyes through the mirror, being master Schnee, because he wasn't sure he ever wanted to be on the receiving end of that look.

No child should have such dead and haunted eyes.

"You will leave Weiss and Winter from your games... Father." Klein watched how Jacques Schnee, a man who stood behind thousands of destroyed families and the primary instigator that dragged Schnee's name through the mud, looked on his son.

But to where someone his look could be seen as usual, Klein served the family for his entire life and knew Jacques Schnee more than most, and he could see the little sweat on his forehead that formed when he was about to lose a critical business deal or the way he held his hands under the table.

Klein knew that master Schnee now forcefully clenched his fist as someone dared to deny his wishes.

"...Or what? What are you saying, Aegis? You should know that if you want something, you need to give something in return. What reason will you give me not to educate your sisters of our family capabilities?"

The young master was just six years old, and master Schnee already acted towards his son as a ruthless businessman Klein. No, everyone already noted there wasn't any love between the father-son duo. They didn't hate each other. At least Klein hoped they didn't.

But, where the young master loved his mother and sisters, this love wasn't pointed at his father. Who, if Klein was to guess, was more than happy with it? He still wasn't sure what master Schnee's plans were, but Klein served him long enough to know there was a reason for master Schnee to act like this.

"I know you had your people go through my things, father." Klein stopped, suddenly reminded of...

Of the things found inside the young master's room, Klein knew the young master was a genius. From the tender age of three, the young master showed an unnatural fascination for technology, even dismantling some of the toys and applications inside his room.

From books that ranged from science theories to engineering news, the young master had a plethora of electronics and dust collection inside his room, something that would be dangerous for any little child, but then.

The young master was no simple child, and if Klein weren't so loyal and loved the young master as his own member of the family, he would even say that the young master was unnatural, a monster.

But he was loyal, and he loved his young master as his own, so all he thought was that the young master was gifted, very gifted.

'Maybe, maybe your legacy wouldn't be trashed by your son-in-law, with your grandchild there, my old friend.'

He failed Nicholas Schnee. He failed his old friend.


Schnee mansion Jacques office


Jacques POV:

Watching his march away with his spoils of victory, Jacques squashed the need to smile proudly.

No matter how much his son's black hair reminded him that he wasn't a true Schnee, that he had his hair dyed white, Jacques could see the ruthlessness in his son, something to his disappointment lacked in his two years older sister Winter, no, Aegis was more like him than the weak side of Schnee family, even the Nicholas Schnee was nothing but weak-hearted fool...

No, his son was like him, or rather he took from him in that regard, something that pleased him greatly. He wasn't weak or childish. At the mere age of six, his son had already managed to change the world in his own little way. The possibility of making more efficient dust usage and thus saving up the cost of dust was something Jacques desired. It wasn't something groundbreaking as this new method was just one of many the SDC had in its databases.

No, what changed it from just one of many ways for SDC to hoard even more dust, was that it came from his son, his six-year-old son.

And if his eyes and the words of his scientists were right, then his son had more ideas. If the papers found in his room were to go by, Jacques noticed how much unresponsive his son was to almost anything that didn't include his sisters and Willow, making it harder for Jacques to motivate his son to learn from the tutors he hired.

So, what Jacques did was target his sisters. Maybe they even learned something more than just playing like normal children. They were Schnee's, and they should excel and be above the masses.

His gamble paid off, with his son visiting his office and demanding him to let Weiss and Winter alone. In exchange, he would have additional tutoring hours and spend time in his office learning from him how to run SDC.

Was it cruel? Heartless? Bah, the world devoured the weak and meek. If someone wanted to survive, he needed to be cruel, and if someone wanted to thrive, he needed to be ruthless.

And Jacques wouldn't accept something different from his heir. Yes, an heir as Aegis showed a much better disposition for inheriting the company than Winter by such a large margin that it wasn't even funny.

He needed to make Aegis accept his view and show him that if someone wanted something, he needed to take it, not wait for it to fall into his hands or beg for help.

People called him racist, a bastard for what he was doing to faunus.

They were wrong.

Jacques accepted being called a bastard. After all, he wasn't blind to his faults. That was something no successful businessman should be, he knew that fooling Willow into marrying her and then taking the company from her was a dastardly action, but then, Willow shouldn't make it so easy if she didn't wish for it to happen.

So, yes, Jacques was a bastard. What he wasn't was a racist.

In truth, he didn't care if someone was born with extra animal appendages. It wasn't truly anything special. If it was, faunus would already rule above humans. That didn't happen, so it wasn't anything too special, at least not in his opinion.

So, why did he exploit faunus so much if he wasn't a racist?

Why, because he could, what everyone was forgetting, was one simple fact, the reason he could do these things with his faunus workers was that the law permitted him.

Was it morally right? No, of course not, but by the Atlas law, which was very loose when it came to faunus, Jacques and thus SDC could lawfully behave to faunus as if they were their slaves.

And yet, he and SDC get all the blame. Pity that he couldn't point out that if the White Fang and other activists wanted better behavior, they shouldn't boycott his facilities but the government and Council buildings. It wasn't he who made laws. Even if he had enough influence to change them, he didn't see reason.

Why he who prospered from these laws should change them? If they want to change, they should go at it. Differently, Jacques scoffed, right as if they even understood how the business and law worked. If they did, then Council wouldn't have any other choice but to change laws. Unfortunately for them, they were too stupid to understand that SDC is just a symptom and not a source of their discrimination.

Alas, if he did manage to somehow point the blame to where it belonged, then he himself would fall into the scrutiny of the wealthy and influential, all of who all this time he tried to get under his thumb.

So, no, there wouldn't be any dereliction of blame, even if these White Fang idiots started to become even more annoying. He rarely liked to use the term animal when speaking about faunus, as if they were animals. What were humans?

But, because he needed to fit into the high society, he did use that derogatory term, at least when he was sure the other party was a racist. Otherwise, he was very careful where he used it, and it was just one of the risks of being a successful businessman.

It was one of the things he needed to teach Aegis how to butter SDC business partners by both deals and behavior.


Jacques stopped his internal monologuing as he saw one of the reports from one of the SDC dust mines.



"Yes, sir?" His secretary answered, shortly and politely, perfectly as she should by how much he paid to her.

"Contact mining Overseer 26."

"Immediately, sir." Hmm, he didn't care how his subordinates behaved to faunus. As long as production quotes were complete, he let these men and woman do their thing.

The problem is when he sees another such report, where they ask for additional help because of 'unfortunate' deaths at the mining site.

"Yes, unfortunate." Jacques scoffed, alas all these Overseers were family members of some influential family, and like this, Jacques earned their loyalty, no matter how flimsy it was, by letting them rule these mining sites as their little kingdoms, as long as they delivered the dust they should.

So, how exactly should he punish them when they lose another batch of workers? Faunus being cheap working force or not, they had no infinite number of faunus for such pure disregard for life to continue.

And that was the problem, and he couldn't punish them, at least not seriously. Schnee family, even if one of the richest families in the entire Remnant, was still just an upstart to those old families that, even if not wealthy, were more connected, either through favors that can't be bought with a lien or through the multiple generations of marriages.

Schnee family, even if much richer than them, was more vulnerable, at least for now.

Jacques didn't plan on letting that continue, and his son would help him with that. He would prepare him for the dangers of high society, which was much more dangerous than any Grimm, trickery, backstabbers, all of that would fall short of his son. That would be his ultimate legacy.

Jacques knew that he was too old, too old to see these geezers and influential families bow sincerely to the Schnee family, he could make them bow through a lien, but that wasn't the win he hoped for, no.

Jacques Schnee would be known as the one who birthed genius and paved his way to the top, and everyone would accept the superiority of the Schnee family.

His legacy.


Schnee mansion Aegis room


Aegis POV:



Blessed silence.

Morning mediation was the sole time Aegis found himself at peace, and it was a different feeling of a piece than when he was near his sisters or mother near them. Aegis felt the peace of soul, but when he mediated.

But when he meditated, he truly felt in the peace of mind.

There weren't any sounds, any voices of millions of souls that tried to grab his attention, no need to block or push down the feeling of madness some of these souls so desperately tried to infect him with.

Not feeling the need to repair the world, to lead mankind and give them purpose and peace, as some souls wanted him to do.

No, all Aegis felt was silence, a blessed silence.

Unfortunately, these times of silence were brief, too brief, broken either by the servant visiting his room and telling him breakfast is ready or...

"Ae!" A childishly energetic voice could be heard as the doors of his room were opened, and a small head with white hair popped in the crack between them.

'Abu arela' 'Foreage' 'Kill, kill her!' 'Andreas tylis' 'Cute'

'Ah, welcome back,' Aegis wrily thought as the voices once again spoke to him, some in languages he didn't ever hear but still was able to understand them.

"Weiss." He smiled. Even if his silence was disrupted, it was done by someone Aegis couldn't feel irritation or anger on, and he would fail as a sibling if he did.

And somehow, the mere idea of failing as a sibling put a primal fear in his soul and mind. Such a strong reaction muted even the souls that shivered at the psionic backlash Aegis radiated when he even thought about it.

Aegis knew it had something to do with these dreams he had from the moment he was born, the dreams of a molten gold-eyed girl, but no matter how he tried, everything other than those eyes filled with pain was impossible for him to remember.

"Ae, mommy said breakfast ready!" Weiss wobbled to Aegis as she quickly sat on his crossed legs.

"Okay, and good morning to you, Weiss." Aegis smiled as he put his hands around her and gave her a light kiss on the forehead, making Weiss giggle.

"Hehehe, that tickling!" Weiss didn't trash in his arms, something to do with the fact that from her birth, she and Aegis were physically close, it wasn't something Aegis planned, but it was the consequence of his action.

The moment he started to feed unborn Weiss with his psionic imprint, to awaken her own, and make her body more evolved than that of a normal human, Aegis unknowingly made Weiss not exactly an addict, but it wouldn't be wrong to say that Weiss subconsciously craved for Aegis touch.

Something that made Weiss demand to sleep with Aegis, or when she couldn't with mother, who, even if she wasn't the one with psionic power, still had a residue in her through Aegis.

For Weiss, if Aegis understood it perfectly, his presence was like a calming touch, something she liked, even desired.

Fortunately, it didn't go further than that. Still, Aegis didn't regret his actions, as he looked into the body of his young sister, seeing any imperfection or undesired mutation being devoured by his psionic imprint, making Weiss into possibly the most healthy human being in the world.

Well, just second to him, as his own psionic nonstop worked in perfecting his body, evolving it more and more. It was one of the reasons he still didn't ask Winter to unlock his aura, wishing to do it himself, as he had no idea what would happen to her if she tried to unlock the aura of a psionically capable human being, even the souls had no answer to that, as even for them, an aura of Remnant species was a novelty.

The novelty that drove a lot of scientifically or spiritually gifted souls demanded him to research it more, desiring to know how aura operated and how it even existed, something Aegis was more than glad to do, as he himself had the desire to know, at least like this, these intellectual souls would help him to understand.

"So, shall we go? We shouldn't let mother and Winter wait."

"Eehh... But... I don't want to move." Weiss pouted, 'how cute,' Aegis thought as Weiss buried her head into his chest.

"Don't worry. I can carry you." Aegis's eyes twinkled as Weiss's face brightened.

"Oki!" Weiss quickly and expertly put herself into the position she already was in so many times. Aegis just smiled as he put his hands under her and picked her up in a princess carry, making Weiss capable of having her small head buried in his chest, her favorite pastime activity.

It didn't take long for them to arrive at the dining room, where already two seats were prepared for them, with mother and Winter already seated, calmly talking as they waited for them to join them.

"Mother, the eldest sister." Aegis greeted the other two most precious parts of his life, his lips turning up at the pouting Winter as he called her so formally.

Winter liked him to call her either by name or just sister. Aegis calling her eldest sister was him teasing her, something their mother noticed as she chuckled.

"Aegis, by kind to your sister, and good morning to you too, Aegis." Mother sends him a warm smile.


"Don't want." Weiss curled up in his arms as he was about to put her on her chair.

"You need to eat too."

"Then I will eat on your lap!" Wonderful, how sometimes it was hard for her to correctly use words, and at other times she fully completed sentences.

Aegis started to the thought that Weiss was just downplaying her intelligence or, rather, capabilities.

Mother just looked at them with a defeated but wry expression. Meanwhile, Winter pouted even more.

"Haah, what to do with you..." Aegis gave up as he sat on the chair their servant prepared for him and sat down, with Weiss now sitting on his legs.

"Yey!" Weiss squeaked out in triumph, making Winter make a hump-like sound as she looked away, making Aegis note to do something good for his older sister too.

Maybe ask her if she wanted to sleep with them today. Because today was a day that Weiss would sleep with him, too, with her changing her sleeping places between his bed and her mother's.

"Son, I heard you have a free day today?" Mother asked him, and she didn't beat around the bush with Aegis. Long ago mother accepted that he was much more mature than his age could show. With Winter, who tried to look and behave like an adult, mother humored her and tried to speak to her like one, but still cooed how cute Winter looked when she tried to be serious, but with Aegis, mother accepted that he wasn't a normal child and that the mature behavior he showed wasn't for a show, but his true self.

"Yes, mother, is there something you wish?"

"Hm, you could say, these days I see you so rarely, with your tutoring and learning from your father. Winter and Weiss keep my company, but I would like for you to join us in the gardens for a day." Mother's voice didn't show anything, but Aegis felt a pang of pain in his chest.

"I would love to, mother." What else was he supposed to say?

The smiles his sisters and mother made were enough answers for Aegis that he failed them, even if little.


Schnee manor family lounge room


Winter POV:

"Are you excited, sister? In a year, you start your first step towards your dream." She smiled at her little brother, even if that smile was more brittle than she liked to acknowledge, something Aegis noticed.

"Don't. We already spoke about this, and you are free to choose for yourself. You have the right to chase your dreams."

She wanted to scoff, but that need evaporated into helplessness and internal despair.

She was thirteen years old. Winter met her peers in high society and understood that she was more mature than them by a wide margin. She supposed it was because of her younger brother, who was always better than her.

At first, she was envious of how much better he was. She could see that even her father knew that he was better and thus spent time with him, completely forgetting about her or Weiss. She felt envy.

That envy was quickly destroyed when she learned the truth.

It was from none other than her father, who laughed at her when she told him about her dream of becoming huntresses, that she didn't want to become heir, as he planned for her to be, as the eldest child.

That was squashed when her father chuckled and told her that she wasn't heir, that that title belonged to Aegis. She felt betrayed. She felt anger and envied how much father preferred Aegis above her.

Until he told her something that made her question a lot of things and ultimately feel shame.

Winter knew that she struggled with her studies about high society, something that was harder for her than a combat class. The shame came to her when their father told her that the reason why she even had time to dream about meaningless and stupid things like becoming huntresses was that Aegis, her little brother, long ago took a deal with her father.

That he would become the heir their father desired, that he would take any task their father wanted, all that under the condition that father leaves them be.

At that time, after that conversation with their father and her crying in her room, made Winter realized that in these last years, she had seen Aegis so little because he protected them. It was the time she realized what kind of man their father and brother were.

Father, Winter desired recognition, but now she realized that recognition from someone like their father wouldn't please her, not for things he would want her to do.

And her little brother, oh.

How much she wronged him? Even if the envy she felt was short-lived, it was still there, making Winter realize how shallow she was. Her little brother, her younger brother, needed to protect her, for if she struggled now with her father's tutors assignments, what would happen if Aegis didn't take the deal?

If she was to be trained to be an heiress, just how much would she need to sacrifice?

"Winter?" She shook herself from her memories as she looked at Aegis, a pang of shame, gratitude, and love shooting into her heart. Even at the age of eleven, her younger brother cut for a dashing figure, one that made all girls in her social circles and Atlas at whole gush about. Even older girls seemed to be taken by him, with how mature he looked, especially when the rumors about his mature behavior not being a farce or act spread around.

At hundred fifty centimeters in height, with a lean figure, in truth, Winter saw Aegis naked, mostly because he slept just in his shorts. She knew that under that clothing was an athletic figure even some of her professional combat tutors didn't have, his raven black hair reaching down his shoulders and blue eyes that had already taken too many girls by their hearts.

That all, with Aegis's emotionless face he lost just when he was alone with her, Weiss, or mother, made Aegis into one of the most popular and mysterious boy in the entire Atlas high society, of course being the sole free male Schnee helped.

"Im, im alright, brother." She internally cringed at how weak her voice sounded.

"No, no, you aren't, but until you are ready, I wouldn't ask." They're just another reason she felt shame. She knew. She knew her younger brother loved her. Why else sacrifice himself for them to be able to chase their dreams?

Aegis, Winter didn't know what Aegis's dream was, but she truly didn't think that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. Aegis wasn't like the father. No matter how emotionless he looked, Winter saw the emotionless face crack each time she, Weiss, or mother was present, and she saw how much he loved to spend time with them.

Always so understanding and always present when she needed help, Winter just couldn't take it. She was a coward. She couldn't tell him that even if, for a little while, she felt envy that he was the golden child, the genius of the family, she couldn't...

The vision of becoming huntresses wasn't so glorious anymore. The more she thought about it, the more hollow it felt.

Meanwhile, she would go to pre-huntsman school, her younger brother would stay and shoulder the weight of their father's ambitions, and she would leave Aegis and Weiss behind.


It made Winter scared.

Why, why it couldn't be like in the past when she played in the dirt with Aegis and Weiss, meanwhile their mother laughed from her chair at them?

The more she thought about it, the more the dream of becoming Atlas's best Specialist felt worse. If she were to go through that path, how much would Aegis need to sacrifice even more for her sake?

Even now, Winter started to realize that just because Aegis sacrificed himself for them, she and Weiss could have normal childhoods. No longer Winter wished to gain father's attention.

No, this was the moment Winter realized why their mother looked so down, when she or Weiss told her that Aegis was being tutored, and when she looked into a mirror, Winter realized that she had the same expression their mother had.

Now, she could connect the feeling to that expression.

The feeling of failure, the feeling that she failed as an older sister.


Place Unknown

Date Future Unknown

Unknown POV:

"You call this justice?" A man with luscious black hair that seemed to suck light, wearing clothing that looked between a mix of futuristic and medieval aristocratic attire, with a cane in his hands, that was some out of place as the individual didn't seem to have any problem with walking without it.

"This, this mockery of justice? Justice for who? Goverment? Law? Where is this justice for the people that constantly die because of your failures?"

The man turned and looked at what could be said to be a man in a black futuristic-looking bat-themed suit, his blue eyes shining with strange patterns in the form of snowflake glyphs.

"You, you could help this world in so many ways. You could stop hunger through your technology or allies in these aliens, and you could do so much more. You could get rid of reasons why so many people even turn to villainy and criminal activity."

The man's words were filled with derision and disgust.

"And what you are done with all this power? You clothe yourself in ridiculous armor that looks like a bat, you go into the night and beat criminal's sensels, without even trying to know why they are even turned to criminality, you go and catch this insane clown, and give him to some asylum, waiting for him to once again escape this 'prison' and kill doctor's, nurses and security, all who just do their jobs, without using these technologies you so much hoard to make these facilities un-escapable..."

The man hit his cane on the ground, making the bat-themed man ready for battle.

"You, you disgust me. You could help your world, but no, you rather spent it on some children's hideout in space, just proving a point that you have money to spare... This has to end, and if you lack the conviction to do what is needed and not what is 'right' by your morality, then so be it. I will do it in your place."

The moment the man ended up his speech, and a batarang in the form of a bat was blocked by his aura, an enormous blue glyph in the form of a snowflake emerged in the skies.

"This farce of play, this farce of justice, needs to end. The people call for revenge, and the time of retribution came."


Place Unknown

Date Future Unknown

Unknown POV:

"Quite a pickle you found yourself in." A man with luscious black hair that seemed to suck light, wearing clothing that looked between a mix of futuristic and medieval aristocratic attire, with a cane in his hands, that was some out of place as the individual didn't seem to have any problem with walking without it.

His gaze was pointed to the golden throne where a corpse sat completely still. All the while, golden warriors in bulky power armor knelt on the ground, not because they wished so, but because of the black glyphs that were under them.

"Still, as your fellow, it wouldn't do for me not to help. After all, it would come a time when I would need your help too." And with these words, a blue aura clashed with a golden one.

But where the golden warriors who tried to stand up and protect their ruler thought that it would clash in battle, the blue and golden aura seemed to merge, and to their shock, they watched as flesh started to fill the corpse on the throne, as the cybernetic and mechanical parts started to fall, in their place flesh and muscles started to grow.

No longer the golden warriors tried to fight the pressure that kept them on the ground, and now their gazes widened open in shocked silence at the sight before them.

"Now, that was a pleasant feeling. After ten thousand years, I can finally scratch my nose. Thank you, my friend." Now fully formed, a being of a six-meter tall giant with a mane of black hair and shining golden eyes thanked.

"Think nothing of it. After all, I would be in dire straits if you lost against this Chaos. No need for them to break from this universe to others without you to fight them, God-Emperor." The man with blue eyes chuckled, making the golden-eyed man's eye twitch in annoyance.

"Oh, don't worry, I will make sure the Chaos stays. Just my problem, God-King." Now it was the turn for the blue-eyed man's eye to twitch in annoyance.

"Still, thank you, now that I have a body, I need to make a few visits to some people and change quite a few things in my empire." The blue-eyed man didn't envy him. Even from the brief moment, he was there, he could feel a lot of problems in the human psyches in this universe, ones that were unnatural and problematic and ones that he would need to make sure his own subjects wouldn't gain.

"But, before that, I hope that, like I will take care of Chaos, you will make sure the Scourge stay's your problem, right? My fellow God-Ruler."

"Do not worry. As long as my kingdom stands, Scourge shall not find time to breach into other universes." The blue-eyed man told the golden-eyed one.


Place Unknown

Date Future Unknown

Unknown POV:

"You... You destroyed the entire meaning of the word Hero. Why why should I help you? Why shouldn't I let this world and its population be destroyed? At least in this way, the corruption you created couldn't be spread."

A man with luscious black hair that seemed to suck light, wearing clothing that looked between a mix of futuristic and medieval aristocratic attire, with a cane in his hands, that was some out of place as the individual didn't seem to have any problem with walking without it.

He looked at the three humans before him, their merry presence offending him, their mere namesakes offending the souls in him.

How dare they, how dare they tarnish the names and legends of heroes of old and then request help?

"You destroyed the very meaning of the word Hero. You made it into a government, paying job. A JOB!"

"You infected your entire civilization into thinking that anything even little outside of the norm must by this parahuman ability. You made them think that without power, normal humans aren't capable of anything. You singlehandedly crippled entire civilization."

His blue eyes turned to the three, and just the man in spandex, who dared to call himself Legend, seemed to feel shame.

"You, after all, you have done, dare to ask me for help?"

He was barely capable of holding the souls in him, and the mild-mannered ones were outraged at the tarnishing of the very meaning and sense of hero. Even the monsters in him felt disgusted at this corruption.


Place Unknown

Date Future Unknown

Unknown POV:

"This? This is supposed to be vacation?!" The voice of a female could be heard.

"Sister, your idea of a vacation is wrong." The voice continued.

"Oh, common, don't tell me you don't want to kill a few zombies!" Another female voice could be heard, as another zombie ceased to exist once it had gone too close to two females.

"Father wouldn't be happy about this, and you know how overprotective he is about us."

"Ehh... Fuck." Yea, dad wouldn't be happy, but she wanted to collect waifus! She wanted this big-breasted waifus! And it's not like dad could say no when she put doggy eyes on him.

At first, she thought it was her end, being reincarnated to a man, who could destroy the entire world with one attack if he truly tried, but then she realized he wasn't like some of these tropes of cold-hearted monsters!

Their dad was epic, like totally, and best of it, he had access to a multiverse! Making it capable for her to travel and collect and meet all these beauties!

"Haaa, why do I even try? You know what? Fuck it, where are these ' waifus' you so desperately try to add to our family, sister?" Finally, their forms could be seen as the last zombie evaporating after his body caught a white fire that devoured it completely, just leaving damaged clothes behind.

The two girls looked like twins, and they had the same bodies and almost the same hairstyles. Their long white hair flew in the wind as their blue eyes scanned the area, and their noble/military attire showed their militaristic disposition.

"Hm, they should still be in the school or on the bus. Why don't we fly and look around, maybe even save a few people? It's not like I care about some plotline."

"This, again, this plotline. Will you finally tell me from where you got all that information, sister?" One of the twins helplessly asked as they went into the air.

"Hmm, nope! And let's go! Waifus are waiting! I want the pink-haired genius and purple-haired psycho already in our family!" The more exuberant twin exclaimed in giddiness.

"Haaa, aunt/sister Weiss wouldn't be happy..." The last time they brought a new member into their family, she thought that their aunt/sister Weiss would rip them a new hole...

"Oooh, yea... That..."

The more calm twin shook her head at her sister's antics. She purposely didn't look behind herself, as her senses were better than her sisters told her that their family protectors shadowed them for their safety.

No need to destroy her twin's sense of adventure...

But she would be truly happier if they spent more time with their dad than on these 'quests' as her sister put it...


Place Unknown

Date Future Unknown

Unknown POV:

"Oh? You don't seem to be happy for me being there? Why? I thought the fate of humanity was to be judged there. So why I shouldn't have a look at this Ragnarok?" A purple-haired woman said, a red spear twirling in her hands.

"Um." A blonde-haired woman in medieval armor with blue fabric and lion hide around her neck nodded her head as her armored hand rested on the pommel of her golden-decorated sword.

"After all, my little pupil told me about this. What do you call it? A trial of humanity? Or something like that? Where humans are supposed to fight gods for their right to live..." The purple-haired woman in skin-tight spandex that showed her divine proportions commented with a scoff.

"But, let's not beat around the bush. I came for a challenge, and you all look arrogant enough to give me one."