1 Chapter-1 Here I Come.

In a dark space with no light, I am drifting like wood in an ocean. I can't even control my body.

I don't remember how I got here, but I certainly don't feel at home.

My name is .... Hmm I don't seem to remember it.

Last thing I remember was me falling from the bridge into the river.

SIGH... So I drowned to death, huh..

Damn it, those construction companies make such a lousy bridge!!!

And now the question is, Where the hell I am?

It just feels weird here. Other than all my senses are useless and I can't move, everything else is fine.

The loneliness might bother some, but it's not that bad for me.

I am quite used to living by myself and having minimal contact with others for extended periods of time.

I currently work as a programmer. I found it annoying at first, but it was very lucrative and it became extremely fun after a while.

As for family, I lost my parents when I was a little kid in an accident.

I really miss them. SIGHHHHH...

Suddenly a bright light appear before me and took the form of a person.

The light was so bright that I can't even tell if it was a man or woman.

"Hello child " said the figure. Its voice was androgynous, just like his figure.

"Hmm hello?" I said awkwardly, as I didn't know what to say.

"Are you a god? And will happen to me now?" I said in a somewhat nervous tone. Although I am not that big theists, I still believe in god (somewhat??).

"No need to feel nervous, child," said the figure in a calm and soothing voice.

"And yes I am a god, As you already know you are no longer alive" god paused as if asking for my confirmation. I nodded silently and god continue.

" Usually when a person dies he goes to hell or heaven based on the good or bad deeds s/he had done in life. But you, my child, differ somewhat from them. As their consciousness gets erased when they come here, but you still have consciousness."

" So what will happen to me?" I asked hurriedly, fearing that I might get erased due to me being an anomaly.

" As I said earlier, child no need to feel nervous through you are somewhat different, but it is not unique as it happens every few centuries." Said the god.

Hearing him, I feel somewhat relieved.

"As for what will happen to you well before coming here, I check your records and you have done many good deeds although they are not that big, but nowadays only some people do something without any alternative motive. So you have 2 options. First, either go to heaven. Second, to get reincarnated into a new world of your choice. Now, which one will you choose?" asked the god.

" Can I get reincarnated into a fiction world?" I asked with somewhat hopeful tone.

Smiling, the god replied, "In ominverse there are so many worlds that humans can't even imagine, so of course you can get reincarnated into a world of fiction. Now have you decided?"

What's there to think about, I am a healthy male whose love for ACG is boundless.

"Reincarnation and do I get wishes, system, superpower or something?" I asked excitedly .

"Well, that depends on how much karma points you have. Currently, you have 1264 KP." replies the god.

"Do I get to keep my memories?". I asked.

"No, your don't. But you can buy them for 699 KP." said the god.

"WHAT THE F##K" These words came out of my mouth unconsciously.

" How can it be so expensive and what with 99 scam? What do you think I would do with 1 kp, buy a candy?" These are my true feelings coming out.

God smiled slightly and then asked " According to you, what makes you who you are?"

"My soul? " I replied.

" No, it's your memories and without it you not you, but someone else. As for your answer, soul though it is important, but it's like a laptop without any data, therefore memories are expensive," god explains calmly.

" Ok, I will take that" although I am feeling scammed, but what he says is also right. SIGH no point in arguing with god.

" Ok 1 memories pack of 699. Your remaining balance is 565. What else do you need?" asked the god.

I think for a minute and decided to ask which world I will reincarnate so that I can make a useful wish.

God takes out a list from god knows where and handed it to me and said, "These are the worlds you can go"

There were 5 name on the list .






As I was reading through the list of worlds, I couldn't help but feel torn between them. Naruto had always been a personal favorite of mine, but My Hero Academia and Danmachi seemed just as exciting. And then there was Harry Potter, a world full of magic and wonder that I had always dreamed of being a part of.

After much deliberation, I finally made my decision. "I choose to reincarnate into the world of Pokemon.

Other than Pokemon, all other worlds are super dangerous and but I still like them all equally but I have to think about my safety first.

"So which world have you decided, young one?" asked the god

I thought for a second and asked full of expectations" Can I get a super OP system with the remaining point"

I mean, if you can get a super op system, you can live anywhere fine.

But the god burst bubble of my fantasies with his words.

"That kind of system is pretty expensive and even the cheapest one which gives quest only are priced at 200000 KP." replied god .

'Damn, that's expensive. Had I known this i would have done many good deeds, I thought in my mind depressingly.

"Well, there would be no reward even if you know that because KP is only gained through selfless good deeds, otherwise many people do charity just for the sake of publicity." Said the god.

It startled me.

" YOU CAN READ MY MIND?" i asked

GOD Smiled and said calmly." Well, technically you have no mind but I can read mind"

Oh yeah, I was just a soul for the moment.

After thinking it through, I still decided on Pokemon. Although I know it's not going to be the same as anime/game but it still is one of the least dangerous world among these five. And I love Pokemon although I have not watched all episodes and I am by no means an expert but it's still pretty good.

"So you have decided? ", Asked the god. And I nodded.

Although it is pretty annoying that someone could read my mind but I can do nothing about it.

"So its Pokemon world huh pretty good choice, but let me warn you as you thought it's not the same Pokemon world as you seen in ACG. You will understand after you go there. Although I cannot give an op system, I can give you a system which can help you scan the potential, level, Skillset and nature of a Pokemon. Of course you have to pay with KP." He said.

Well, it's better than nothing I guess."ok but will it be in my budget?" I asked.

"No need to fear it's only 300 KP as it can't do anything else." said the god

" Now I have 265 KP left, anything you recommend." I asked .

After thinking for a few seconds, God replied, "Well, you can have talent for an aura master or for a psychic. It cost around 230 KP for one. As for the rest, you can have a wonderful family."

"You can even ask for a wonderful family with KP and can I directly be reborn as a teenager as I don't want to wait too much?" I asked in a curious tone.

"You can get anything with KP. As for being able to reborn directly as teenager I don't recommend that as world will not allow that but I will make your memories of past life and this life to merge at some later time when you brain is mature enough to handle your memories so that you won't show too much abnormality," he said.

After thinking for a while, I said "ok thanks and I will take talent for psychic power."

I finally went with the psychic. As moving objects with minds is way cooler.

Suddenly I remember and asked, " there are so many pokemon that can read mind, won't will my memories can cause me to be strapped for an experiment."

God smiled slightly and replied, " no need to be nervous. Your past life memories will be blocked for all those who try to read your mind. They will appear as normal. Now are you ready for you adventure, child?"

Hearing that, I finally feel relieved and then said "Yes"

Suddenly, a bright light like that of a supernova appears before me.

My mind began to lose consciousness, and everything around me began spinning rapidly.

Before completely losing my consciousness, I heard the voice of god

" You will gain your memories and system after you turn 6 any earlier than that, it will harm your young body. Now go young one, became what you want to be. Enjoy your life."

After hearing these words, I lost my consciousness.

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