195 Ming Hong is not at home tonight

  Ryota looked at Miyuki suspiciously.

  Kei is always very reasonable.

  Kind, helpful, polite, studious, optimistic, positive, and very beautiful. She is a very smart and talented woman. It seems that when God created her, it was too partial and focused all the good things on her.

  It could be said that she was the most worry-free person. There was basically no need to worry about whether she would learn bad things.

  Even the finances of the Shirogane family were entrusted to her to manage with confidence.

  How could there be a problem with Kei's grades?

  Ryota is a little suspicious.

  "That's right, Nii-san." Miyuki explained: "Do you remember the last time Dad said he wanted to be a YouTuber? That's the problem!"

  "Remember, he was still playing tricks back then, playing a house-destroying effect for us."

  Relevant memories appear in Ryota's mind.

  When Shirogane's Papa starts a live broadcast, even though he thinks it's okay and supportive, the Shirogane siblings are utterly disgusted.

  From then on, Shirogane's Papa made a very challenging request from the start.

  "Miyuki, Kei, I hope you can listen to me quietly." Shirogane's Papa said at the time: "Dad wants to make money on Vtuber."

  Miyuki and Kei who were eating seemed to have question marks floating above their heads.

  After they reacted, they shouted in unison: "Why!?"

  "The kind of video publisher who uses 3D avatars to talk?" Miyuki shouted: "You uncle in your forties, why are you suddenly talking like that!"

  "Miyuki, you're a little out of date." Shirogane's Papa reminded: "According to market research, there is an urgent need for an American sound with a heavy bass like mine."

  "Nonsense!" Miyuki replied: "How can there be a demand in the market for Vtubers with an uncle's picture! People love pictures of cute girls, right?"

  "No, I think that's very interesting," Ryota said imaginingly: "Anyway, Dad's voice… is actually quite interesting."

  "Charm? Where does that charm come from?"

  "You do not understand. Back then, I would design some lines for my dad, like 'Kono DIO da', or 'Smash! Varudo' and the like, maybe it will become popular accidentally."

  "Nii-san, where does your confidence come from? No matter how I think of something unknown, there's no way dad would be popular?" Miyuki could complain, and said seriously: "In short, I am firmly against it!"

  "Don't express your opinion too early, Miyuki, my plan is very detailed."

  Shirogane's Papa took out a portrait and said: "This is an impression painting I tried to draw for myself."

  "Uh... Isn't this too handsome? It's a total scam! And how can you draw so well?"

  "That is not important. I like to use CLIP STUDIO to draw the line drafts and color them, then use LIVE2D to model them... I can even use a VST DAW to change the sound, even the funny sound system."

  "No! Absolutely not!"

  Kei, who was eating, immediately stood up and shouted: "If my friends find out that my dad works as a VTUBER, I will be ashamed to go to school!"

  "Why is your reaction so strong..." Shirogane's Papa frowned, then said: "And if I become an ordinary YouTuber, is that okay?"

  "Ummm… that's fine, but that's barely acceptable."

  Miyuki thought for a moment, but this time he didn't argue strongly.

  "Then let's do that."

  In the end, Shirogane's Papa made his decision.

  After that, Miyuki and Kei then realized that this was not a psychological effect from destroying the house.

  Make a high request first, then make a low request after you reject it. Generally speaking, as long as this second request is not too much, people will subconsciously agree.

  Although the two are still a little uncomfortable, they can't go back on what they promised, and they can only let go of their father's behavior.

  Only Ryota felt that it didn't matter.

  After all, according to the Shirogane family's current lifestyle, the money he earned would never be spent in this lifetime.

  Don't worry about eating, just do what you like.

  After thinking about it, Ryota asked Miyuki: "What does Kei have to do with this matter?"

  "At first I thought dad definitely wouldn't be able to make money through this method, and he would give up after a long time, so I ignored him, but in the end..."

  Miyuki didn't answer the question, but instead asked: "Nii-san knows the number of subscribers to Dad's channel?"

  "How many?"

  "50,000! 50,000!" Miyuki roared: "And he makes a lot of money! It's only halfway through this month, and he's already earned a million yen!"

  "Uh..." Ryota wondered "One million yen… is that a lot?"

  Miyuki: "..."

  Miyuki discovered that he might have found the wrong person to discuss.

  The man standing in front of him had earned nearly 100 million yen in less than two months since he awakened his supernatural powers. Why was he complaining that 1 million yen was a lot in front of the other party?

  Just like a country bumpkin.

  Ryota watched Miyuki's expression, thought for a while, and held back the words "I just got 1 billion yen from the official not too long ago".

  It's not good to hit people too much.

  "In short, the problem is not in the money." Miyuki said.

  Then why are you still emphasizing a million... Ryota held back his words again.

  "The problem is that I don't know how to describe it. Forget it, Nii-san, come with me and have a look."

  Saying that, Miyuki pulled Ryota and came to the door of Shirogane's Papa's room.

  The door opened, and Shirogane's Papa was livestreaming.

  Ryota's vision was astounding, and he saw the name of Shirogane's Papa's channel on the screen right outside the door — 500 million yen in debt.

  He took out his cell phone and searched. Apart from the live broadcast, Shirogane's Papa also released several videos.

  The title of the video is very interesting, such as "The story about me being conned and ended up being robbed by the company", "I owe 100 million yen, but my son was accepted to Stanford University, and I have no money"... With a glance, Ryota immediately felt that dad Shirogane is a talent.

  It's worth it to be a self-made business.

  Ryota then looked into the room again, and waited patiently under Miyuki's orders.

  The two watched for a while, and found that Kei in the house had purposely walked past her father two or three times. In other words, walk towards the camera facing, and in no time, she's serving her father coffee twice and placing it on his desk.

  The area in front of the table happened to be entirely within shooting range.

  The entire face of the person standing there can be seen from the camera.

  Miyuki approached Ryota and said: "Because every time Kei walks in front of the camera, most of the subscribed fans will actively award 10,000 yen, so Kei is consciously moving towards the camera now."

  "Is a beautiful girl so great?" Ryota asked in surprise.

  "Now is not the time to care about this!" Miyuki reminded: "If this continues, if Kei gets used to this underhanded way of making quick money, she will be infected with the wrong grades."

  "Right, then… Should I talk about it?"

  Ryota also felt bad for continuing like this.

  "Please, Nii-san, your words are of great use to Kei." Miyuki nodded.

  So Ryota enters the room. Currently, Kei was picking up the empty cup where her father had finished drinking his coffee.

  Ryota came right behind her, patted her on the shoulder, and said: "Kei, come out with me."


  At this time, Shirogane's Papa suddenly let out a sigh.

  He looked at the exhibition hall, the number of people tipping 10,000 yen had suddenly increased.

  A large number of red messages appeared, asking who the young man behind Shirogane's Papa was.

  Ryota also saw this scene, and was a little surprised.

  He quickly thought of something, and pulled Kei away from the camera first.

  Then. In no time, he pretended to walk in front of the camera a few times by accident, even looking into the camera at times.

  As a result, Shirogane's Papa's showroom is flooded with red messages requiring a reward of 10,000 yen to appear.

  Judging by the contents of the messages, most of them were women, chasing him for his name and email address.

  "It seems very interesting."

  The special feeling of making money by showing his face makes Ryota's eyes light up.

  He was a little eager to try.

  Miyuki: "..."


  "Nii-san! Kei!"

  In the room, looking at his brother and sister in front of him, Miyuki said in a firm tone: "You two really do introspect well, don't you?"

  The two reprimanded nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

  "Especially you, Nii-san!" Miyuki continued: "I came to you to solve the problem, but you are the problem yourself, what is this!?"

  "Cough… I was just trying to come up with something new." Ryota explained: "You know, I don't lack money..."

  "It's not about money, it's about value!"

  "Okay, okay, I know, I know, I really was just playing around..."

  After some coaxing by Ryota, Miyuki's preaching mode calmed down.


  9:30 p.m.

  Ryota called Kei to his room.

  "Kei, you can't do something like this again in the future." He reminded his younger sister.

  Kei glanced at him. That confused look seemed to be asking – do you have the right to tell me that?

  Ryota: "..."

  It seems that things like morality are still very important, and can't just throw them away.

  No, he's only walked in front of the cameras a few times, and suddenly he doesn't even have the qualifications to counsel his sister.

  After a moment of silence, Kei said: "Nii-san, I know, I know doing this is wrong, but..."

  Kei's eyes were a little absent-minded and said: "Every time I walk in front of the camera, there will be lots of 10,000 yen prizes... Just by passing, I get the money I used to send hundreds of newspapers..."

  She took out her cell phone, called the comment interface of Shirogane's Papa's exhibition hall, leaned in front of Ryota, and said blankly: "Look, Nii-san, everyone says I'm super cute, should I also open the showroom..."

  "No! Kei, please wake up!"

  Ryota grabbed his little sister's shoulder and shook her body vigorously.

  Perhaps because the movement was too violent, Kei's vacant eyes finally subsided, and her expression became normal.


  "Don't do that kind of thing for so little money."

  Ryota's tone became severe.

  Kei thought he would criticize herself. As a result, in the next second, Ryota changed the subject:

  "How can your performance value be exchanged for that small gift."


  Kai was stunned.

  Meaning... Not rejecting her approach?

  Uh... Did Ryota really call her to preach?

  Ryota took out a card that looked different in color and style from an ordinary bank card from his pocket, and handed it to Kei: "There is one billion yen here."


  Kei froze in place for a moment: "What...!?"

  "I told you, there's a billion yen in it."

  Ryota held Kei's hand, helped her squeeze the card tightly, and said with a smile: "It's all yours now."

  "Where did you get a billion!?"

  "Kei, the deepest essence of our world is that strength determines everything."

  Ryota explained: "As far as me and my current strength is concerned, as long as I ask for money, many people will rush to send it to me. Money means nothing."

  "But, it's so easy to take a billion yen…"

  Kei suddenly felt that the scene where she pretended to be in front of the camera was unintentionally cheap.

  "Sorry, Nii-san, I could barely resist the temptation…"

  "No, I don't blame you for this matter. After all, our family was very poor before, so the influence of money is beyond what others can imagine."

  Ryota comforted his little sister: "In the future, the money on this card will be managed by you. You can control it freely. I only have one request…"

  After a pause, he said sincerely: "Don't underestimate your own worth, Kei, you are a priceless treasure, understand?"

  "A priceless treasure...?"

  "Yeah, people want to see you on screen for 10,000 yen, how can something be that good?"

  Ryota reached out and stroked his little sister's soft cheek.

  Kei's cheeks were quickly dyed red. Because she was too shy, she turned away slightly, avoiding Ryota's gaze on her cheek.

  She only replied with a very small "hmm" in her voice.

  "Okay, sleep again, you have to get up early to go to school tomorrow."

  Ryota reached out and pushed Kei's soft back.

  It turned out that there was no first push.

  "Kei?" Ryota asked.

  Kei suddenly turned around, raised her head, and looked at him with both eyes.

  Just when Ryota was curious about what his sister was going to say. Suddenly, Kei hugged hik, and buried her head in his arms.

  "Why is Nii-san being so nice to me?" Kei's voice sounded very small.

  "Isn't it good for you, who is it good for?" Ryota patted Kei's head "You are my relative."

  "... Cheaters!"

  Kei suddenly pushed Ryota away, and glared at him:

  "You must have noticed it a long time ago! You still use answers like this... I hate it! You idiot!"

  After speaking, she turned angrily and left the bedroom.

  Looking at the empty room, Ryota sighed.

  Indeed, it has been seen for a long time.

  But facing a girl who's only 14 years old, maybe her pubic hair hasn't even grown out yet, so what else can Ryota say?

  Forget it, let's sleep.



  Ryota's confused consciousness felt a light weight press down on his body, and slowly climbed into his bed.

  Subconsciously thinking it was Ming Hong, he hugged her naturally like hugging a pillow.

  After 5 seconds had passed, his confused consciousness suddenly awakened.

  No... wrong shape?

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