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Adventure time [Dropped]


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This story is about the young man James who has cancer, the teenager dies at the age of 16 ending up meeting God after death took James' soul he was ready to deliver it to the afterlife. as he was moving up he heard God say " Bring this sorrowful soul to me" hearing this death directly delivered James' soul to God with no questions asked. James is a kid who spent his time watching shows and reading all types of books about fantasy dreaming that one day he can be like the main character. due to his weak body, he could not play football or even run with his friends as an agonizing pain will chip at his heart Quickly making him exhausted. James loved adventure time the most from the age of 12 till his death so when presented with a chance of reincarnation he directly chose The Land Of Oo. given the blessings of God, James will enjoy his new and exciting life to the fullest. Random chapters update rate. will follow canon. the mc will have many skills and will be stronger than everyone. and yes he Will have a System with no emotions whatsoever at the start.


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