Adventure In The New World Book

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Adventure In The New World


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Reincarnated into a new world, where he has an identity as a student, Adi who was originally a young man aged 27 years, now has to live with a new identity and new experiences. How will his new life this time, when he realizes that he is no longer on earth and now he lives on the planet Gaya in another dimension space Just when he thought that he would live a relaxed and ordinary life, it seems that fate had other plans, the genie living in the Emerald necklace he was wearing woke up from his sleep. Offering a gift in the form of a request, for having been able to free him, what is Adi's request? When he was happy with the request that was granted, the wheel of destiny turned slowly without him realizing it, it seemed from an ordinary family that in fact he was a descendant of the royal family. Which is tightly hidden by his two masters, on the other hand, he begins to realize this world is different and without knowing it that great adventures and miracles are waiting for him. Living life with Om Bejo the powerful genie who is ready to grant his wish, is Adi's life color in this new life much more exciting, watch his adventures.


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