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Yep, you guessed it — now's the hour for an author's shameless self-plugging! Good tidings, fellow novices! I'm G.D. Cruz, scribe of works like Level UP Hero, The Foolhardies, Game Master of Souls, and now, Adventure Academy! In a nutshell; Adventure Academy is a tale about an orphaned boy with power over life and death who enrolls in an otherworldly academy of adventuring to learn skills, master magic, make allies, and find clues that’ll help him understand the reason he's been cursed with Extra Life— and maybe grow into the kind of adventurer who goes on those grand adventures that legends are made of! It's a progression fantasy tale written with as much love and care as I could give for a genre near and dear to my heart... I hope you guys give it a shot too because I guarantee you'll enjoy it! Anyways, onwards and forwards — to adventure and beyond!

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After going through 20 novels with similar genres not one can compare with this one. You just jump right into it. As for the story and plot, though it’s a mix of past used ideas the author does place their own spin into it. Honestly I can’t place my finger on how creative this story is. Not very often I place a review. So I really hope that whoever reads this review doesn’t take is as a grain of salt.


This is a really nice novel, with writing quality that far surpasses that of the average entry on this platform. There are barely any grammatical errors, and the flow of the story is natural. Characters seem like real entities, rather than one-dimensional cardboard cutouts. The pop-culture references evoke quite a few chuckles as well, making the setup more relatable. There are a few complaints that I have as a reader, however. The protagonist's teacher, Divah, is mentioned countless times in the story and many of her quotes are used to depict Willam's thought process. A disconnect is created as we are never given a direct introduction to Divah, only picking up tidbits of information here and there from other characters. It feels like William treats her words as gospel, but to a reader there is no indication as to why her ideology holds so much weight, apart from her supposedly unmatched strength. Some elements of Willam's mentality are also worth studying, like his reaction when his oversight causes Liara to die. He may be slightly more affected by the death of another compared to his own, yet it is but a passing thought in his journey. A short- lived remorse, if I may, since there seem to be no consequences to his actions. When he is back in the past, so is she, so it is glossed over pretty quickly. Does the fact that he was responsible for the death of his companion not affect him more? If he didn't have the power to go back to the day of his death, would he have taken it so lightly? These are questions worth pondering. There are some other minor issues I personally have with this story, but overall, this is an intriguing tale that I would encourage people to read. Hoping that the locked portion of the book does not show a marked decrease in quality. I give the author my best wishes.


Harem or nah? B————————————————————————>


A unique story is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about this piece. While the world-building was good, initially I found it a bit confusing in the first chapter, but I could see the potential. Well done, author. I hope you continue to share your work.


I'm surprised, It was unexpectedly good. The world-building is what I liked the most along with the descriptions of the strange fantasy creatures like dwarves and half-giants. Although the narration could be a bit improved. Also, the abrupt beginning may feel a bit overwhelming but I think it's intentional. Also the world just seems so mysteries, it really draws you in. And how can I forget the rate FPP? It's done well too. Only complaint is that the MC's name is cringe. Who tf has wisdom as a surname? I


First person Pov not bad like it Main character talking about rhe events happening in the situation going on. I think there is a high chance of this book reaching the top. you just got to update daily, so get to it, buddy.


Starting from the title. It's good I don't know how original, but it does his purpose. I don't want to spoil the contents so all I say is that this book is worth your time.


A unique name and an intresting story, with the information in sypnosis and the few chaps I read, There is a huge potential in this novel if the pace and quality is matched. weldone author.


Good story but am not reading anymore why? Well the story couldn’t really get me hooked like get my attention if you fill this way to just drop it our give it a chance your choice if the first chapter can’t get me hooked I find it hard to read the rest I think the author should take a lesson from this cause I ain’t gonna lie first few chapters were boring i ain ’t the type to read a story if the first chapter can’t get me hooked so I would say give it a read


If you are a fan of action, magic, somewhat smarmy MC's, Norse mythology, and alternate reality pop culture references that sound very familiar, this is the novel for you. Add in the excellent writing of the characters and the world(s) their on, and you have a story that's hard to put down. I look forward to seeing the adventures to come. [img=recommend]


TBH I read this novels a few months ago. Just came back now to give my feedback. The writing quality is peak. The author has a way with words that's for sure. The world building is also done well. This novel has an interesting world background which is shown even in the first few chapters. Now here comes the problems. The MC just started looking for cheats a few chapters after the novel started. The characters weren't even explored properly before the MC already started getting cheats to become overpowered. This may not be a problem when it only lasts a few chapters but the entire reason(or at least a major part of it) the MC even came to the academy is to get cheats from all over the academy. So most of the early chapters were him going around getting cheats with a waifu(whom he literally just met) tagging along. As exciting the first few chapters were, the following where subpar at best. This made me drop the novel without even being able to read a mere 50 chapters. There is nothing wrong with the MC getting cheats and becoming overpowered(he is the MC FFS) but it is too much when a major part of the earlier chapters are filled with treasure hunting. This made me feel like the novel didn't have much depth to it. However, just because this novel was not up to my standards does not make this a bad novel by any means. There is nothing wrong with giving this novel a try and arriving at your own judgements. In the end, what's good and what's bad is subjective. In this review, I talked a lot about the negatives of this novel without exploring the positives much. So even if the negatives seems like a but too much to you, I would suggest giving this novel a try.


Always love all of GD's books. He is a good and creative author. His books are action-packed, which I really love. Please read this book, and you won't regret it!


It was a decent enough read. I kind of liked the pop culture references. The issue came to the paid chapters. I am not paying double to unlock chapters. I don't agree with the change to charge 2-3x more per unlock especially when they have added ads to the novels now.This makes the novel an immediate drop.