97 Phecda [3]

".....Is this them?" 

Entering a certain room, Delilah glanced around before settling her gaze over the bodies sprawled on the floor. They weren't dead, but judging from the bruises on their bodies, they were obviously passed out. 

"Did you detect anything?" 


Standing up, a man with blonde hair and green eyes, Dr. Gabel Wright, lazily rubbed his hair. 

"There's no trace of any spell being used on them." 

Pinching his fingers together, which were currently covered by a blue glove, he rubbed them together.

"I believe Xyron powder was used. It's a rather weak hallucinogen that can be used to turn people into mindless zombies for several hours." 

The Doctor looked up to meet Delilah's gaze. 

"....Of course, when I mean weak, I mean that it doesn't affect those that have reached a certain strength. I'd say above Tier 3." 

Dr. Gabel went on the give Delilah a more detailed description of what the drug did. 


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