96 Phecda [2]

I stood motionless without saying a single word. Looking at the man who stood before me, it felt as if all the hair on my body stood. 

He was... 

'Very strong.'

Too strong for me to imagine. 

Just standing before him felt suffocating. 

But it wasn't his power that got me. No, it was his eyes. 


Yellow pupils... 

The symbolic trait of the members of the Megrail family. I knew well because of Aoife. Her eyes were also of the same color. In fact, taking a closer look, he appeared to look similar to her as well.

But... for what reason was a member of the Megrail family, calling me Pechda? It couldn't be that the organization had seeped its fangs into the royal family of the Empire...? 

"Are you not going to let me in?" 


Staring at the warm smile of the man before me, I almost found myself losing sight of myself. Something was unsettling about him that I couldn't explain. 


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