103 Midterms [1]

With the incoming midterms, cadets were allowed to rent training grounds for a few hours each day. Although there were a lot of cadets, there were just enough for everyone to train without any issues. 

In one such training ground. 

"What are you doing?" 

Aoife halted her practice to turn around.

Drip. Drip...! 

Her entire body was soaked in sweat as a large metallic block dropped on the area before her. 


Frowning, she looked at her team members.

Her eyes jumped a little when she noticed both Evelyn and Leon huddled next to the other team members, staring at the mana display in their hands. 

It was a rather expensive device that allowed citizens to watch streams and recordings. 

Aoife also had one.

She often used it to watch her performance back in the play. 

"We're supposed to be training. What are you doing checki—" 


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