107 Labyrinth [2]

The raid was set to last for approximately ten hours. It wasn't a long time, but it also wasn't a short time for these types of events. There were some events that would even run for more than a few weeks. 

This was a moderately small event. 

Even so, it was one that was packed with non-stop action. 


"Go! Kill them!"


The crowd maintained the same energy as at the start. In fact, the fervor only seemed to have increased as the rankings were displayed for all to see.

— [Team Score] —

[Dream Catcher] - 915 Points 

[Swords of Fiest] - 885 Points 

[Crow's Dance] - 876 Points 




— [Team Score] —

Since the start, the rankings remained the same. However, slowly but surely, the other teams were slowly starting to catch up with [Dream Catcher] who took a brief pose to rest. 


"Johnathan—! You're only a few points away! You can do it!" 


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