79 For growth [2]

Despite having just ranked up, I wasn't satisfied with my current rate of progression. 

The moment I reached Tier 2, I noticed that the rate of growth had started to stagnate. If I were to put all of my focus like before on the manual, I'd only be able to gain 3-4% a day. A vast difference from the 8-9% I used to receive. 

It made sense in a way, but the progress was too slow for me. 

And it was for this reason that I thought about asking Delilah.

Out of all the people I knew, she was the one person I thought would have an answer to my problems. She was the strongest.

Surely, she knew of a way, right? 


It was for this reason that I invested a lot of my money in the chocolate bars. 

Come, you are tempted, aren't you? 

"....You want a way to get stronger, faster?" 

Her tone betrayed her confusion as her head tilted. 

I nodded. 

"My current rate of progress is too slow." 



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