Firstly, thank you very much for checking out my new novel. I would just like to say that the first few chaps might be confusing, and I understand. My fault entirely. However, if possible, please continue reading.

I have a lot planned, and the more you read, the more the confusion will disappear. Hopefully. If not, yeah, again, my fault.

If it sucks, it sucks. I've tried my best. Can't always write a good book. Failure is to be expected. I just hope you tell me why it sucks so that I can improve. That's what I strive to hear the most. Criticism. Regardless of how harsh it is, just say it. I can… take it. 

Again, thank you for checking my new novel out.

Here's the announcement: 

Many have been asking me about the chapter release date. 

My answer was; 'I'll increase it when the novel gets contracted.' 

That may actually take a bit. 

Therefore, I'll do this. 

For every 200 Power Stones I'll upload an extra chapter. 

200 PS = 1 Chapter.

400 PS = 1 Chapter. 

600 PS = 1 Chapter. 

800 PS = 1 Chapter. 

1000 PS = 1 Chapter. 

1200 PS = 1 Chapter. 

1400 PS = 1 Chapter.

The limit for now is 7 extra chapters. 

Please don't make me regret this.... 

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