Advent of the Three Calamities

[From the Author of Author's POV...] Emotions are like a drug to us. The more we experience them, the more we become addicted. The hardest part is not letting them consume us. But it's already too late for me. I've already been swallowed whole. *** I had no knowledge of the game. I was meant to have died. And yet, I found myself in this situation. A game I had never played before. A character I was unfamiliar with, and... A world that seemed to want to swallow me whole with every move I made. What the hell is going on? ...and who am I? *** Discord : https://discord.gg/PEbN7fc2ww

Entrail_JI · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
278 Chs

A new member [2]

"....I will now introduce you all to a new member. His name is Timothy, and he comes from Kovalia." 

Professor Thornwhisper introduced the cadet to the entire group. With short blond hair and blue eyes, the cadet looked around with a smile and greeted 


The cadet wasn't exactly handsome. However, he was also not ugly. Rather, it was more like the others were a lot better looking, making him look average. 

Professor Thornwhisper continued, 

"....He was originally supposed to go with another group, but there's been a mixup in communication and he will be traveling with us." 

"Mix up?" 

"Has there really been a mixup? How did he end up here?" 

"I've never seen him before, have you?" 


The twenty or so cadets looked at the new cadet with hints of curiosity and confusion.