94 A colorless world [2]

If there was one thing that I learned after entering Alexander's mind, it was that everyone's perception of reality was different. 

It was a simple concept. 

Everyone perceived things differently. 

In society, individuals who shared similar perceptions were more likely to form connections and get along.


There were outliers.

People whose perception of reality was so different that they couldn't fit it anywhere. 

Alexander was one such person. His world... 

It was boring. 

Completely devoid of anything. Usually, I'd be able to perceive the emotions of the person I used the skill against, but the moment I entered his mind, all I perceived was emptiness. 

It was a strange feeling. 

But at the same time dangerous. Addicting, almost. Once I saw just how peaceful a world without emotions was, I started to lose my sense of reality. I just wanted to bask in such a world for as long as possible. 



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