93 A colorless world [1]

The scene took away the breath of the audience. 

From Aoife's realistic portrait of a young and helpless female in a panic to the man who stood a few feet away from her. 

[Haaa... Haaa... No, p-lease...]

Aoife's voice sounded crisp and smooth. The subtle trembles in her tone, added to the subtle shaking of her body created an extremely realistic portrayal. 

Her acting was so immersive that the audience found themselves sitting upright. 

But while her acting was phenomenal, the man who stood before her was the true centerpiece of the play. 

Standing a few meters away from her, he gave off an oppressive feeling. 

Within the gray world, he alone sucked the eyes of all present. 


By just standing there, it felt as though the entire room was gripped under his hands, slowly squeezing down at their throats. 



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