Advent of Chaos

A psycho gets reincarnated but there's more to his existence than one would think on a typical glance. - A technically troll fic that I got shoved onto me over halfway through. Practically a dumpster fire the first 6 chapters and somewhat readable the first 30 chapters. Those chapters also have highly unrealistic romance You have been warned.

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Meet The Cataclysm Order!

Asahi threw out his hands, "Meet the...Cataclysm Order!" sending waves of surprise throughout the three armies that had been gathered, all of them were somewhat confused, they had just declared war on the other two what the hell was this? Azazel smirked at the screen looks like things were going to get more fucked up then they already were. Lucifer slammed his fist down and shouted, "What is the meaning of this?!" Michael calmly inspected the screen. What was undeniable was that the three of them immediately recognized the four people other than Asahi.

Asahi sat back down, "Well I thought I'd announce us too after those speeches of yours~!" Shiva chuckled at him, "Kid you should be more serious right now." Amaterasu nodded seriously not noticing that Shiva was joking. Asahi sighed, "Buzzkills~ Anyway we want in on the fun!!" Michael asked him confused, "By fun you mean the war?" Zeus banged on the table, "Yes that's it, we're joining!" he smirked at their reactions. Odin stroked his beard, "Ohohoho..... as they say we would join as well."

Amaterasu nodded and said, "The Cataclysm Order declares war on Christianity." Lord Lucifuge stood up and turned towards them, "What do you mean Cataclysm Order?" Asahi clapped his hands, "The Greeks! Indians! Asgardians! and Shinto!" he was quite excited at this prospect after all such a war was something he'd love a lot. Odin, Zeus and Shiva smirked seeing the leaders of the three factions pale a bit. Azazel waved his hand and laughed, "Hahahaha... I considered this but for it to actually happen!" Asahi pointed at him, "Well it wouldn't normally, so you were right."

Lucifer gritted his teeth in anger they were trying to disrupt his war for supremacy, all the members of the three armies had begun whispering among themselves except for the angels who had blind faith in their Father. Asahi leaned on the table and grinned, "Now would you put aside your differences? or would you rather fight by yourselves! I'd prefer the former personally." Lucifer shouted at him in anger while simultaneously addressing his forces, "We are unbeatable! Thinking to rival our strength is a thought for the foolish! We shall trample over all those who oppose us for that is what we are capable of!" He grinned, "I'll tear you all apart with my own two hands after I'm done with my bastard father!" His words effectively again lifting the morale of his people who had begun to doubt their chances of victory against four combined pantheons.

Amaterasu smirked, "Hmph! Big words bat, Let us see you strike down the Sun!" she put a hand on her katana and raised her head before smiling at him, these actions confused the other two armies who had no idea what she was on about? Azazel figured it out and opened his eyes wide, "You're simultaneously broadcasting to all three of us! Hahahaha! You've certainly got guts!" He turned to the Fallen Angel, "Well this got a whole lot more complicated, honestly I'd like to go open negotiations with the Devils and Heaven right now." He already realized that none of them had the manpower or strength to beat back the combined might of four pantheons individually, his words brought down the spirits of the Fallen Angels, "But! Those blind idiots in Heaven and Lucifer probably won't see it! Because they're fucking idiots with blind faith and the other has enough pride to fucking kill you with it!" his words earned chuckles from his commanders and the soldiers.

"Well I say fuck it all! We're gonna bring them all fucking down then! if not, we definitely arent going down without a fight!" He raised his fist up, "Are you with me?!" The fallen angels all cheered loudly their morale successfully restored, Azazel sighed he knew he was bullshitting but dropped morale could literally be the worst thing in this situation, he'd open negotiations secretly, surely even the others will see reason after several casualties.

Zeus chuckled, "Hahahaha, you certainly have your spirits high." Odin chuckled as well and stroked his long beard, "We'll teach these youngsters some manners, won't we Zeus?" Zeus loudly laughed and nodded his head, "Sure!" with that the forecasts to the Fallen Angels were closed. Finally came the angels, Asahi grinned maniacally, "A question. Does it hurt if you pluck out those wings?" causing some angels to flinch before their doubts immediately disappeared. Michael coughed to bring attention to himself, "This was certainly unexpected but alas it changes nothing! You who oppose us do not gloat! And even though we may fall! We shall rise once more! You amy spread darkness but our Father shall be our Light! All shall fall before Him if they don't we shall make them! So my siblings! Put on your faith as armor, it shall surely protect you and together with His Guidance we shall stand victorious over all!" as if on cue the whole sky lit up with pure white light. All the angels loudly cheered, "All shall hail the Almighty God!!!"

Shiva burst out laughing and slammed his fists on the table, "Heaven is a label for us! I shall put your false God in his place with my own two hands!" Asahi snapped his fingers completely ending the broadcast. He stood up with his hands behind his back and walked to the window, "That went well~!" Loki raised his hand and said, "Asahi I've been meaning to ask but what is that outfit?" Asahi looked down and checked it out, "Iya..Isn't it cool?!" Loki nodded like a sage, "That it is." Asahi was currently wearing the complete out fit of Reinhard Heydrich from Dies Irae, a bit Chuuni but it looked cool and suited the occasion too.

Shiva asked, "So do we attack immediately?" Asahi shook his head, "Wait let them start then we invade as soon as they do, a surprise if you will~." Shiva nodded and backed down, while the rest were racking their brains coming up with strategies, "Wait hear me out a bit first." Asahi pulled out a map of the Underworld and laid it down signaling them all over. He pointed at Devil and Fallen Angel Territory. He spoke clearly, "Grigori Lands meet Devil Lands at the respective territories of the Clans Decarabia, Dantalion, Zagan, Alocer and three other houses, so we can expect battle to start there." All of them looked at him surprised, Tsukuyomi curiously asked him, "H-How do y-you know t-that?" He deadpanned at them, "What do you think I was doing the past week?" all of them nodded it checked out. Asahi continued, "The battles with Heaven should take place in Britain or Japan for some reason, what I mean is they should take place in the human realm, Angels won't enter the Underworld as the Devils have a territorial advantage there."

He then continued to explain what he thought of the situation, according to him they should send Apollo, Amaterasu, Hades, Mahabali and several others along with their forces which mostly associated with light and holy attribute attacks through Erebus to assault the Devils and Grigori, they would also send Dragon King Yu-Long and Jormungandr to combat former Dragon King Tannin, since it would be from completely different directions they should be able to cause huge amounts of damage before the respective forces can even respond. With Heaven they could simply assault Europe their main seat of power with most of the main forces of the Indian and Greek Pantheons to even out the playing field, Asgard would help out over at Europe and the Underworld since they were much more versatile where most of the battles should take place between the Christian Pantheons.

The Shinto Pantheon would concentrate their forces in the underworld alongside Hades's reapers, since most of the battles there would be against Devils, the plan was to after causing a certain amount of damage pull back from the Underworld and bring the fight to Europe, Asahi already suspected that after God and the Satans death in the initial clash the others would co operate after all they would want to quickly be rid of one another due to the presence of the Cataclysm Order as they would want to direct their attention to them as well. Asahi also provided them with further intricate strategies for each situation. According to his plans, the final battle would then take place in Europe but he also reminded them that not everything goes according to plan because their opponents are also beings capable of thought.

Ares patted his back, "You put a lot of thought in to this didn't you?!" Athena and Hel were nodding in approval after seeing his plans, Hel looked at him in interest he showed quite a lot of promise, all she had to check now was his combat prowess, Asahi chuckled, "Well of course I did, I want this to be as fun as possible after all~!" Ultima giggled at him she could let free once battle started while Ophis was absent mindedly staring at him while eating cookies. Indra grinned, "You're pretty uncanny boy!" Asahi looked at him ,"Thank you?" he was wondering whether the guy was complimenting or mocking him.

Shiva cracked his knuckles, "Well this is great! Let me bash in some skulls!" Zeus was sitting looking at the table, his sight wandered between it and Asahi he was contemplating something, Odin looked at Zeus and chuckled looks like someone was up to something, well unless it was against the alliance it didn't matter much. Asahi grinned and flicked his wrist firing a beam and completely obliterating several mountains causing many of them to look at him in surprise he shrugged, "Well you guys wanted to know my combat prowess right?"

Most of them couldn't help but nod as that is exactly what they were wondering about while the Indian Gods were chuckling they had already seen it and the reactions were pretty funny too. Zeus laughed, "Well now we don't need to worry about you dragging us down!" he was also wondering whether he could do the same or not and the fact that he probably couldn't sent a shiver down his back. Odin looked at him with a knowing smile.

Asahi had brought to himself the attention of almost all the forces standing there, he snapped his fingers and opened his hands like a messiah, several screen popped open all over the army clearly showing the Gods or main heads now of the Cataclysm Order, "Now then Gentlemen, I suppose it's time for a speech from yours truly~!"