1 Forced marriage

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The girl who spoke had a pretty face and slightly red eyes. She stared at his parents in disbelief.

Her parents had just forced her to marry a seventy-year-old man. The old man was said to be in bad health and might not even survive through the marriage preparation. 

Her parents were so heartless as to let her marry into the family.

"If you marry him, he will give us a house and a betrothal gift of 20 thousand dollars. Your brother will be able to get married. Why are you even considering when it is such a good offer?" her mother looked at her daughter with disgust and said coldly. 

Her father agreed, "That's right. You're worth 20 thousand and a house. What are you not satisfied with? Didn't we raise you so that you could help us solve our worries?"

Ning Sheng sneered. These were her parents.

For the sake of their precious son, they would sell her just for 20 thousand dollars.

"I don't want to. I don't want to marry an old man who is about to die!" Ning Sheng was determined.

Ning Sheng was only 21 years old and had a bright future ahead of her!

Her mother was furious when she heard what Ning Sheng had to say. 

"If you don't marry this man, I'll beat you to death." Ning Sheng's mother said.

"I won't do it even if you beat me to death!" Ning Sheng refused.


Ning Sheng's mother slapped her across the face without mercy.

Ning Sheng felt a hot pain in her face, and her father was watching with cold eyes.

"You want me to end up a widow just to find Ni Mu a wife?" Ning Sheng covered her face, stared viciously at her parents who did not treat her as a human being, and continued, "I'd rather die outside."

Ning Sheng ran out right after she finished speaking and her parent's curses could be heard.

"Why did we raise her just for her to be this useless?"

"It does not matter. The moment she comes back, she will be locked in the room, waiting to be married."


Ning Sheng hadn't graduated yet. She was working as an intern teacher at a foreign language school. Her salary wasn't high, and yet all of it had been taken away by her parents for the sake of her useless brother.

She ran out only carrying a bag. 

When she thought of what her parents had just said, she felt despair. But it will not change her mind. There was no way she would marry that old man, she did not want to live that kind of life. 

She would rather marry a random man she found on the side of the street rather than that old man with poor health.


With her head down, Ning Sheng did not look at the road and almost got hit by a car. The black luxury car stopped only centimeters away from her and she fell to the ground in shock. Dumbfounded, she was unable to react to the moment and just sat there staring. 

The car door opened, and a man got out of the driver's seat. He looked coldly at Ning Sheng, who was on the ground. Her face was pale with one side looking red and swollen.

"Did you do that on purpose?"

Ning Sheng raised her head. The man in front of her was handsome and elegant. His deep, dark eyes were looking at her with an evil, sadistic aggression. His facial features were perfect, and his temperament was unapproachable.

Ning Sheng's expression was stunned, and she shook her head slightly.

"Are you looking for death then?"

Ning Sheng still shook her head. Looking at the handsome man in front of her, she seemed to have made up her mind instantly. It was this man.

"Are you single?" she took the initiative to ask.

The man raised his eyebrows. This was the first time he had been asked such a question.

"If you're single, can you date me?" Ning Sheng's tone was clear and convincing. She looked at the handsome man looking down at her and continued, "I can pay you as long as you act with me. I'm short of a boyfriend."

"You're offering me money?" the man asked with a cold smile, "Do you know how expensive my hourly rate is?"

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