1 Scaring the opposition

After ending the phone call with Oliver, Alex continued to walk Rachel home. Once he was finished escorting Rachel back to her place, Alex made another phone call. 

"How can I help you, Young Master." Alex contacted the head maid. 

"I want you to find the location of some people." 

"Oh, who are these people that Young Master wishes to find?" 

"The members of the basketball club of Hope High School." 

"As you command, I will locate them without fail." The head maid did not even question why Alex needed to find a group of kids, as she immediately went to work.

"How long will it take for you to locate them?" 

"Give me just a few seconds, young master." After a short pause, the head maid was able to locate the students from Hope High School Basketball Club. 

"Young Master their in an arcade near your location. I have sent their exact location on your phone." 


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