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Adonis's Beautiful Addiction


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[Mature, 18+ Content] "Where are you coming from?" A low growl was heard as Rose walked into the room. The room suddenly felt cold and she shivered, how was it possible that he could emit such a powerful and domineering aura by doing practically nothing. Her common sense told her to turn back and run because moving forward, was likely moving to her death, there was just no way big brother would spare her today but she still kept drawing near him knowing the former was likely to increase her punishment. The room was dark and it was only by the pristine moon light coming through the window that granted her access to see him. The man sitting so casually on the sofa,legs crossed and a cold frown etched on his perfectly handsome face slightly glared at her,she instantly felt weak in the knees. "Big brother, I apologize for my lateness but it couldn't be helped, I promise. I assure you it won't happen again and I bought you some cupcakes, your favourite ones." She said softly,trying her best not to stutter but still managing to shiver. His features softened and his beautiful forest green eyes lighted up,how could he ever stay mad at you but he would still have to teach you a lesson for defying his rule and staying away from him for so long. Didn't you know you were his every breath,his hope of waking up every morning. You were like a drug in his system, so addicted to you that seeing, talking and being able to spend time with you was a daily dose he couldn't live without. He knew it was all wrong, you were his sister after all,step sister to be precise but he knew he would never find someone as perfect as you,someone who could make his heart flutter just by the slightest gesture. No matter how twisted or deranged the world saw him as,he wouldn't care as long as you still smiled and cared for him and one day,his dream of being with you would be fulfilled, he would make sure of it,even if he had to kill a whole city,he would. In fact, that was just a small price as far as he was concerned, nothing was too big when it came to possessing you. He got up and walked over to her,her breath hitched in her throat. What was this? She asked herself,he was just her brother after all but why did he intrigue her so much. He reached her and stretched his hand towards her face, she flinched and his heart clenched. She was so scared of him and it hurt,she was supposed to love him. He carressed her neck softly and somewhat sensually, she gasped. "Big brother what are you doing?" She managed to ask,a small tingle in her lower region. He realized his actions just then and got a grip on himself. "I thought I saw something on your neck." He said and took the small package from her. "Thank you for being so thoughtful." He said with a genuine smile and she couldn't help but smile back. "You're grounded, you're not allowed to go anywhere for two weeks." He said his expression instantly changing. Why in God's name was he so bipolar? "Um... But big brother, what about uni?" She asked. "You won't go for two weeks,you'll stay at home and that's final." He said with a low growl and she nodded before preparing to leave. She wondered why he was so possessive and overbearing towards her, she knew he cared about her but wasn't all this a little too much? When she was almost out the door,he called her name and she turned back."Never mind."He said and she left closing the door behind her. "I love you,I love you so much." He said with utmost affection, wishing he could say it to her directly.


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