Addicted To A Passionate Military Marriage Book

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Addicted To A Passionate Military Marriage


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In order to avoid their families urging them to get married, Li Huan and Lei Han came to an agreement — fake marriage. Lei Han said, “Even though it’s a fake marriage, I don’t want to lose out.” Li Huan smiled. “Of course. We’ll take what we need, only sex and no love.” On the day they reached the agreement, Lei Han didn’t go all the way because Li Huan was in too much pain. Instead, he had her clench her legs tightly as his massive, thick member thrust between her fair legs until creamy, white semen spurted out. Caressing Li Huan’s red, swollen legs, Lei Han said hoarsely, “Just wait till we wed, you’ll get it then.” On their wedding night, Lei Han grabbed Li Huan’s slender legs and wrapped them around his waist. Having been turned on long ago, he continuously rubbed his erection against Li Huan’s entrance. His large hands roamed, kneading the woman’s tender skin, causing Li Huan to shiver as her vagina dripped with clear fluid. “Please, put it in, quickly…!” Li Huan begged softly. Lei Han suddenly leaned forward to bite her lips as he thrust forward without warning. Li Huan tensed up in pain, and Lei Han lost all rationality as he slid into her tight, wet cavern. Feeling the warmth wrap around his member, he couldn’t hold himself back or wait for Li Huan to adjust to the intrusion. Pressing down on her waist, he proceeded to pound into her without reservation. Later, Lei Han lay on the bed and asked, “Do you mind if I’m a little rough?” As an erotic film director, Li Huan was quite open minded. She knew that most men were gentlemen out of bed, and the complete opposite in bed. She liked more intense sex too, but she never imagined Li Huan would want to try to do it in so many different ways… In the bathroom, in front of uncovered windows, in an open living room where anyone could walk in at any time, and in the car in a forest. Plus, there was even SM play with whips and candles…!


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