1 Episode 1

1st February 2017, Wednesday

It's a sunny morning and the sun is shining bright but if you go outside it's freezing cold. Jungwoo was sleeping soft like a puppy and seemed like he wasn't disturbed. But his mood change right away when his alarm clock rang. He sat up and stretch a bit then he yawned and rubbed his eyes. He looked at his alarm clock and it showed that it was 6 am. He got up from his bead and gets outside. He takes a shower and makes some toast and eats his breakfast in his big house alone as usual. He's been living like this for a quiet long time. More specifically for 3 years. But he understands and doesn't mind the loneliness. He thinks that is just a normal life of a successful rich man who's famous since if he's with someone especially a girl, they would think that he's dating with that girl and making lots of rumors and of cores he doesn't want that. After eating his breakfast he walked back to his big closet that's just like a room and wore his clothes that he's going to wear for work. He looked at the clock. It's still 7 and he has to go to his office at 8. He's the lead singer in a group and also the lead dancer. He's also well known for his acting skills. But under all of his success, he just wants a person who's important in his life. His teammates are like family members but he wants a best friend, a girl friend. But it seems like he won't be able to get that because people/fans won't agree to his statement to date someone. He just wore his disguise and had a morning walk. He bought tea since he never liked the taste of coffee then he walked to a park that's close to his neighborhood and sat on a bench that's close to his local park. He was just sipping his tea while enjoying the weather and the beautiful scenery of kids playing together. He got a bit bored and checked his phone to see if his manager texted him to go to work early. Then suddenly he heard a loud noise at the park. "Ch-! What's wrong with you huh? Are you to dumb to play hide-n-seek?" a kid said. "You're just like your stupid mother" another kid said and all 5 of them just laughed while the kid who's on the ground just stayed quiet. "Excuse me. What's the problem here?" Jungwoo said who stand up from his seat to see what's happening. "Nothing. This stupid little boy is just to stupid to play hide-n-seek." a kid said to Jungwoo. "Well, he's maybe just confused where to hide. As you can already know, the park is huge. It's hard to find a good hiding place cause there's just to much hiding places." Jungwoo said trying to defend the boy who's being bullied. "What do you even know sir?" a kid said. " Well, i know better then you little kids. In fact, you're still young so stop on mocking and bullying this kid and be friends with him or cheer him up." Jungwoo said kindly. "Ch-! Why do we want to be friends with someone who doesn't have a father and who's stupid as hell?" a kid said and all the 5 kids who mocked the boy who's on the ground left just like that. "They aren't wrong you know" The boy said. "Why do you have to defend me? It's not your fault that i was born like this. It's my fault." The boy said. Jungwoo puts of his mask and puts off his cap. "What's your name?" Jungwoo asked while putting on a sweat smile on his face. "My name is Ji-yoo." the boy said. "Well, nice to meet you Ji-yoo. I'm Kim Jungwoo." Jungwoo said. "Look, your 'friends' might mock you like that but don't listen to them." Jungwoo said trying to make Ji-yoo feel better. "Just be yourself and don't listen to those people who says bad things about you. When you will get older you ill notice that not everyone will like you so you have to just go with the flow and love yourself then trying to please other people who doesn't like you." Jungwoo said. "Thank you sir. Why did you help me sir?" Ji-yoo asked. "Well because it looks like you really need it. And if you need anything just call me ok" Jungwoo said. The boy laughed and Jungwoo just smiled cause he's happy seeing the boy laughing. "How am i suppose to call you sir? I don't even have a phone yet" Ji-yoo said. Jungwoo get a piece of paper and a pen from his jacket and writes his phone number on the piece of paper. "Here you go Ji-yoo. Call me when you need anything. Now, we're friends agree?" Jungwoo said while handing him the piece of paper and smiling to Ji-yoo. "Yes, we are friends." Ji-yoo said putting the piece of paper that Jungwoo gave him in his pocket. "Where's your mother?" Jungwoo asked looking around the area. "Mom is at home, i asked her if i could go to the park and she let me go to the park." Ji-yoo said. "Well, you aren't suppose to be here alone. It's not safe for a cute young boy to be here alone." Jungwoo said while pinching Ji-yoo's checks a bit and Ji-yoo just cutely laughed a bit. "I'll take you home. You just tell me where it is and i'll follow your steps so you could go home safely" Jungwoo said. "Okay!" Ji-yoo said excitingly and Jungwoo just laughed a bit. Jungwoo puts on his mask and his cap and Ji-yoo held Jungwoo's hand and they start walking together to Ji-yoo's house. "Aren't you going to be late for work sir?" Ji-yoo asked. "It's still 7.45, i'm suppose to be at work at 8. It's okay, i can handle it." Jungwoo said. Ji-yoo just smiled and walked in front of Jungwoo while holding his hand. "Why do you have to hide your face sir?" Ji-yoo asked. "Well, that's because many people will recognize me and well, that'll be a disaster." Jungwoo said. "But you're so handsome sir, why don't you want to show other people your handsome face?" Ji-yoo asked. Jungwoo just smiled and pats Ji-yoo's back. "Well, once your a celebrity, you have to do all of this just so you can be safe." Jungwoo said. Ji-yoo nodded and understood what Jungoo said. They walked together to Ji-yoo's house while talking together like friends but by the look of it, it's just like a father's talking to his son.

"We're almost there. Aren't you going to be late for work?" Ji-yoo asked. "It's still 7.50 i could manage it." Jungwoo said. They passed by 2 girls who looks like they're in their teens and they were scrolling on their phones and drinking coffee. "Hey isn't that out idol Jungwoo?" a girl said. Jungwoo heard their conversation and starts walking faster. 'Huh? It is! He's running away! And he has a son?!" the other girl said. "Jungwoo-ahh!!! Stop!!" the girls said. Jungwoo gives Ji-yoo a pigy back and starts to run. "Why are you running away from the nice girls sir?" Ji-yoo said who's confused in the situation. "I'm not safe here, if they get me we will be in big trouble." Jungwoo said while running faster. Ji-yoo gave Jungwoo the directions and Jngwoo just followed as he as told where to go by Ji-yoo and there was about 10 teenage girls chasing after Jungwoo. They were almost cornered but Jungwoo arrived at Ji-yoo's house in time. "Ji-yoo, listen to me carefully. If those people are still trying to talk to you in your house asking your questions, don't answer their questions at all okay? don't even get near to them understand? It's for your on safety." Jungwoo said while looking at Ji-yoo seriously. "Okay, i'll see you soon okay?" Ji-yoo said while smiling.

"Promise" Jungwoo said while smiling then he left the area and everyone followed him.

Meanwhile, Ji-yoo got into his house and sees his mother getting ready from work. "Hi Ji-yoo." Ji-yoo's mother said while smiling. "Hi mommy." Ji-yoo said while hugging her mother. "Who bought you home?" Ji-yoo's mother said after kissing his forehead. "Kim Jungwoo." Ji-yoo said. Ji-yoo's mother was shocked and dropped her purse. "J-Jungwoo?" Ji-yoo's mother asked again. "Yea, you know him?" Ji-yoo said. "He used to be my best friend during high school and middle school" Ji-yoo's mother said. "Oh, did you also know that he's a celebrity?" Ji-yoo asked. "Yea, he's all over on TV now." Ji-yoo's mother said. "Let's go to school now okay." Ji-yoo's mother said. Ji-yoo nodded and smiled and Ji-yoo's mother smiled back.

"For the last time what happened right there?!" someone said angrily. "Look, he was a young boy, i can't just leave him out like that walking home on his own. He even got mocked and bullied." Jungwoo said. Jungwoo is now in the meeting room with his boss. "Hah... you're such a nice young man you know and i understand that you're doing that to protect the boy, well heck i have a daughter and a son too, but look what they made on the internet and it got viral in minuets." Jungwoo's boss said. "I know, they're assuming that i have a son." Jungwoo said while letting out a big sigh. "It's okay, don't think about it. We will handle it. You just get back to work okay." Jungwoo's boss said. Jungwoo nodded and got out of the metting room. When he was going to go to the practice room he found his members outside. "What's wrong?" Jungwoo asked. "There's a lady waiting for you outside telling us that she used to be your middle school and high school friend." the leader/Hyun-woo said. Jungwoo just walked pass them and walked straight to the entrance to the building. He walked to the body guard and told him to give her some time to explain herself. When he looked at her, he was shocked.

"How long has it been?" Jungwoo asked. "Well, it's been 6 years since we contacted each other." the woman said. Her name is Min Min-ji and she used to be Jungwoo's only best friend until everything changed when they graduated and Jungwoo got more distant towards her cause he's training to be a celebrity. "And why did you come here?" Jungwoo asked. "Well, i heard from the news that you had a son and i know myself that that's just nonsense." Min-ji said. "How come you know?" Jungwoo asked. "Well, that little boy who was in the picture. He's my son." Min-ji said while looking down. "Oh, congrats." Jungwoo said. "But the kids that were bullying Ji-yoo said that he has no father. Is that true?" Jungwoo asked. "Yea, he was a bad boyfriend and he got me pregnant and forced me to get an abortion but i didn't want to get an abortion so he forced me again and i just left." Min-ji said. "I'm sorry for what have happened to you." Jungwoo said. "It's okay, i'm still young like you and i make stupid mistakes including dating that bastard." Min-ji said. "So what are you doing for a living now? I've seen your house and it's almost as huge as mines." Jungwoo said. "Well, i'm a business woman. I'm the secretary and my boss is my older brother." Min-ji said. "You mean Min-young is your older brother right?" Jungwoo asked. "Yea, we were rough from the start but since we worked together now we had to talk it out and we were fine since then." Min-ji said. "Well, good for you then." Jungwoo said. "You know Ji-yoo is a nice person. I'm a bit sad that he got bullied." Jungwoo said. "Well, that's just how other people thinks about him. But you're right, he is a sweat boy." Min-ji said. "So how's celebrity life doing?" Min-ji asked. "It's stressful but because i'm used to it now, it's pretty normal for me. But i still feel a bit uncomfortable cause people keep on judging me." Jungwoo said. "Well, what you said to Ji-yoo was nice." Min-ji said. "He told you huh?" Jungwoo asked. "Yup, you're a nice person." Ji-yoo said. "Thanks, you to" Jungwoo said. "Well, in a while i have to be at work. You still have my number right?" Min-ji asked. "Yea why?" Jungwoo asked. "Well, i haven't changed my number at all so contact me so we can be friends like we used to okay" Min-ji said while getting her coat and purse. "Okay then. I'll see you later okay." Jungwoo said. "Yea." Min-ji said. They said goodbye and Min-ji left. "So she was your friend all along?" Hyun-woo asked. "Yea, we're going to get in touch when we have time." Jungwoo said. "Well, i hope everything works out." Hyun-woo said. All of them went to the practice room and practiced.

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