18 The two dragons

Before starting I was thinking of some names and decided that I would follow the anime theme. Before you ask I can't use Akatsuki because I have something planned for it. Basically, Shuji will be running two factions. His "good guys" faction will follow him throughout the series and his "villain organization" will appear sporadically.

For the "good guys faction, I was thinking of naming it "The Hunter's Association" based on the Hunter x Hunter organization. I just felt like this kind of worked because of how Hunter's works. I also felt that it could fit in with any world that he may go to in the future while making sense. Hunter's do all sorts of things and are all different people. They aren't all inherently good either which I kind of want. I don't want the people in the world to think it's some righteous faction but one who gets the job done when it does stuff.

Anyway please comment on this and give me ideas if you don't want that one. Or at least tell me that it's good or bad. Alright, enjoy the chapter!


Shuji was walking down the street of New Moon City just a little bit away from the banquet he had just left. As he was walking he saw a beautiful young woman running around the street seemingly looking frantically for something. Suddenly her eyes landed on him before breaking into a big smile. She started to run over and wave. After a moment she arrived in front of Shuji and asked him a question.

"Can I ask you something?" she said with a blush. This woman was Cang Yue who after realizing Itachi had left became frantic, as she needed him to help her. She had run around a couple of minutes before luckily spotting him. After getting up close she was able to see his face much more clearly and thought he was truly handsome. Something surprising, however, was that for all his power that was not a trace of arrogance on his face.

"What can I do for you?" he asked. Shuji had his doubts as he had no idea who she was. He didn't really care about any girl who threw themselves at him so he was about to walk away but he felt he should at least hear her out. After a second she soon spoke and cleared his concerns.

"My name is Lan Xueruo. I came to ask you if you want to join Blue Wind Palace?" she asked hopefully. Hearing her name Shuji immediately connected the dots. "So it's Cang Yue…" he thought to himself. After a second he lightly told her "I already had the intention to join Blue Wind Palace." Cang Yue's face immediately brightened hearing this and she smiled brightly.

"Amazing! I'm going to the capital now do you want to join me?" she asked with her cheeks flushed. She didn't know why but she could feel the heat rising to her face.

"I apologize but I, unfortunately, have a few things I have to do before heading to the capital. I'll have to refuse your request." Shuji said with the grace befitting of someone that looked like Itachi. Cang Yue was disappointed but did not show it.

"That's okay. I'll see you at the palace," she said.

"Yes, I'll see you soon," he said with a gentle smile. After this, he then walked away not paying mind to Cang Yue staring at his back.


Shuji was currently in the Wasteland of Death to pass the trials for the inheritance of the Dragon God's blood. After about a month's walk, he had finally arrived in front of the 2 Flood Dragons who stayed around the trial because of the nourishing effect the remnant soul of the Dragon God had for them. He knew both of these Flood Dragons were at the top of the Sky Realm so he stopped here and decided to make some preparations.

"How much CP do I have right now system?" he asked.

[Ding! The host currently has 21,498 CP!]

Shuji looked at the number in shock. He knew he had gained a lot recently due to the selling of the Phoenix blood and the Banquet but this was ridiculous! He could buy so much with this. After a while, he thought of something that he's wanted to try for a long time.

"System buy, the Boosted Gear," he said.

[Ding! Spending 4000 CP on Boosted Gear!]

[Ding! Purchase authorized! You now have 17,498 CP!]

[Ding! Proceeding Sacred Gear integration!]






[Ding! The Longinus class Boosted Gear has been fully integrated!]

"Great now the Trial Ground and the two Flood Dragon should be easy," he said to himself. At this moment, however, he did not realize how much of a mistake he just made. Due to Albion never once speaking to him he had assumed that it was a simple copy per se and not the original. However, he was wrong as Albion had been watching over Shuji the entire time. He was quite embarrassed with his new host who liked to act cool but could feel that something inside of him was pushing him to it.

Albion had at first been shocked to find himself in a new user besides Vali but he assumed that he must have somehow died. This was later debunked when he realized that he was in a completely new world with all new types of powers and energy. He would have spoken to his host earlier but he was curious to find if he could find a way out with this new energy. This was a loss however as he could feel that something with even more power than Ophis or Great Red wanted him to stay with his current host. He didn't know what it was but it opened his eyes to a new level of power. This did not bring him down however but only made his draconian blood boil.

The thought of reaching even greater heights with this new host was exhilarating. Albion had always been better with hosts than Ddraig and he knew that this kid was not a bad person. His host had amazing potential and also amazing abilities, but he was a bit Chunni. This was okay however as he had dealt with Vali before. What was not okay was when he suddenly felt something trying to invade his realm inside the sacred gear. He looked up only to see his rival Ddraig!

"DDRAIG!!!" He shouted!

"Hehehe… I don't know where this place is but if you're here Albion it's fine… LET US CONTINUE OUR FIGHT FROM LAST TIME! FINALLY, WE CAN FIGHT WITH OUR BODIES!" he shouted.

Outside of the sacred gear, Shuji could tell what had just happened. He didn't know how he knew but he could feel that Albion and Ddraig had just met and were about to start fighting. "F*CK! Why didn't Albion show himself! I would have never bought Boosted gear if I knew this!" He thought to himself.

[Ding! The Boosted Gear is having an altercation wit—]

"I know…" he cut it off. Shuji grit his teeth not knowing what to do. If they started a fight here they could erase the planet. He didn't want his body to be their temple for battle. Shuji had to think of something before disaster struck himself and the planet.

"Jasmine!" he shouted at her hurriedly. He immediately entered the Sky Poison Pearl and woke her up. Jasmine looked at Itachi thoughtfully as it was not his style to shout. "What?" she asked. He immediately grabbed Jasmine's shoulder who reddened because of it. "W-What are you doing to me pervert?!" she said.

"I have no time! Hurry! I need you to make the strongest barrier you can around the Wasteland of Death! This is urgent! If you don't do this we will attract dangerous attention! Don't worry about the poison and do it now. I wouldn't play around about something like this, so trust me!" he shouted hurriedly. Jasmine was confused but she had never seen him this serious and worried. This was new for her but decided to promise him.

"I will do it but promise to give me an explanation after this," she said.

"I swear I will explain after but hurry we need to go!" he said before hurriedly leaving the Sky Poison Pearl," he said.

[Ding! Restrictions removed!]

Jasmine left the Sky Poison Pearl and wasted no time. She immediately used the most formidable barrier to block the ancient presence and damage that she felt was about to erupt. After which she quickly went back into the Sky Poison Pearl.

"It's done," she said. Shuji sighed at a loss of what to do. He could tell what was about to happen to him and he couldn't hold it anymore. He could only pray he would recover after this was over. That's if he even made it out of this alive. "*Sigh* at least I won't attract any unwanted attention onto myself." he thought.

Jasmine who was watching Itachi didn't understand why he was so worried when suddenly it happened. *BOOOOMMMMMMMMMM* A big burst of energy was released from within Itachi! Itachi's body was suddenly shrouded in red armor with a green in the center! Jasmine looked stunned at what was happening. Currently, Itachi's strength was increasing every second and it didn't seem to be stopping. As this was happening some green balls seemed to fly out from the green center gem!

"I, who shall awaken."

Itachi's voice currently sounded so old and ancient that even Jasmine was shocked all the way through her spine. This shock was only strengthened when she saw Itachi's head start to become an actual organic dragon! Jasmine who was looking at this was in shock. "This green ball is a soul!" she thought to herself.

"It's started." a green orb said.

"The time has come again." another green orb stated.

Jasmine who was looking at this was in shock. "What's started? What are they talking about?" she thought to herself. Her musings were cut short when Itachi began to speak again.

"...I, am the Heavenly Dragon who stole the principle of domination from God." his voice resonated.

"It has always been this way." one green soul that sounded like a child said.

"Right you are. It's always been so." another spoke.

As they spoke more pieces of the armor broke to become more like a dragon. The hands broke off becoming longer and with long protruding claws. Jasmine who was watching this wanted to take a step back but couldn't due to being confined in the Sky Poison Pearl. "Any creature that could say something like that was in no way a joke… he even called himself a Heavenly Dragon!" she thought to herself.

"...I laugh at the infinite and fret over the dream" The ancient-sounding voice spoke again.

"What the world desires…" an old male-sounding green soul said.

"What the world rejects…" one soul spoke in a woman's voice.

Jasmine looked on in shock at what was happening. Wings had started to sprout from Itachi's back making him look more like a demonic being. Itachi… No… The Red Dragon in front of her...The power that was released just now… If he hadn't asked her to put that barrier up the God Realm would feel this!

"Laughing at the infinite and fretting over the dream…" she absentmindedly said. She looked toward what used to be Itachi and prayed that he would be okay.

"I shall become the Red Dragon of Domination." he spoke.

"...has always been power." one soul said.

"...has always been love." another spoke.

"Red… Dragon of Domination?" Jasmine mumbled. Just saying the name was enough to give her goosebumps.

"No matter how many times you always choose the path to ruin!" a green soul said fiercely. Suddenly the wings fully unfurled themselves.

"I shall drown you in the depths of Crimson Purgatory…" Itachi spoke slowly without any emotion present in his voice.

"Juggernaut Drive!"


A mighty roar was heard with a huge burst of energy following it! The burst of energy shot towards the horizon and destroyed! The dragon's roar was heard throughout the entire Wasteland of Death. Jasmine watched the situation with her eyes unable to close.


Inside of the trial of the Dragon God slept the soul of the Dragon God. Suddenly a huge flux of power was felt. After a few moments, a large roar was heard with a large explosion following quickly after it. Suddenly two yellow eyes opened revealing eyes full of wisdom and slitted pupils. "What a tremendous power… and it seems like it wants to fight with me as well… Even if I am only a soul, I can't retreat from this fight," it said before leaving the trial of the Dragon God.

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