20 The Pinnacle

"System can you explain…" he asked.

[Ding! Due to your cultivation base being too low for the use of Juggernaut Drive it damaged your Profound Veins and made them unusable for at least 1 year! Had it not been for the Dragon God's bone marrow it would have been 10 years! Adding to this, due to the battle Albion and Ddraig within the sacred gears they have gone to sleep for at least a week! During this time the Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing will be locked!]

"Sh*t…. 1 year without using Profound Qi… and you're telling me that I got lucky as well. If not for the Dragon God's inheritance it would be 10 years…" he thought to himself. He was pissed at the system but also at Ddraig and Albion. He even wanted to sell them back to the system at this moment but he knew he couldn't. Then the system gave him some good news.

[Ding! Host does not need to worry as he actually can still use most of his techniques! What you must do is use your soul strength instead of Profound Qi to be able to use the Cursed Chains, Mangekyo Sharingan, Sharingan, and Senbonzakura! As you also probably know your soul clone is currently fine due to his body's profound veins being undamaged!]

"Well, at least that's good… wait a second!" he thought.

"System aren't Ddraig and Albion just going to fight again when they wake up?!" he shouted.

[Ding! Just play it cool and talk to them host!]

Shuji actually coughed blood reading this. The system was the one who put them together and now he has to play therapist for the two of them? What type of logic was this. Shuji wanted to cry but he knew that the next time something like this happened he wouldn't get away with only 1 year of no Profound Qi. After a while, he realized hadn't talked much besides answering his question in the beginning. After a second he immediately realized the problem. "This girl… even if she knew the poison would rebound and hurt her she didn't hesitate…" he thought. He ran over to her and told cut his hand with a kunai from his pouch. He put his hand up to her before speaking with a worried look.

"Drink," he said while Jasmine stared at him stunned. Jasmine stared straight at Itachi before she nodded and drank his blood from his hand. As she was drinking she felt warm knowing that he cut himself without hesitation for her. Neither of them said anything only feeling warm knowing they went to such lengths for each other.

After a while, he put Jasmine in her bed in the Sky Poison Pearl. He had started to really care for her but she still didn't know anything about him. At least not the real him. This led him to pursue his current goal with even more fervor. He decided to head out of the Sky Poison Pearl to see what his stats looked like.

"Hey, system can you show me my stats?"

[Realm: Sky Profound Realm Stage 1

Expertise: Itachi's Tactical Knowledge, Assassination, Espionage, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Katon, Suiton, Doton, Chidori, Rasengan, Flying Thunder God, Haki, HoHo, Zanjutsu, Hado 1-99, Bakudo 1-99, Cursed Chain, Dragon Dive, Shadow Clone

Artifact: Dream Tapir Summoning, Senbonzakura

Locked Artifacts: Divine Dividing, Boosted Gear

Lineage: Uchiha, Zoldyck, Azure Dragon God

Unlocked: 3 Tomoe Sharingan

Unlocked: Mangekyo Sharingan

Locked: Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan (This is for Susanoo for those wondering. Not blindness.)

Cool Points: 17,498]

Shuji looked and blinked a few times without reaction. All of sudden he snapped back to reality and realized that he rose a whole realm! He couldn't believe it! "At least this tragedy had a good ending," he told himself.

Shuji pulled out Senbonzakura and started to practice with it while thinking, "Now Is a perfect time to start using Senbonzakura. The use of my soul strength will improve and I'll also be able to defend myself for the next year."


(4 hours later)

While Shuji was working on his mastery with Senbonzakura, Jasmine was looking at him with a complicated gaze. She didn't think that he would go so far as to cut himself without hesitation for her. In her mind, she had an impression of Itachi. She knew that under his calm mysterious act their actually laid an extremely calculating individual. In fact, she still had no evidence to prove this but her instinct had never been wrong. She felt this way when she had talked with the Goddess of the Brahma Realm who was with her brother.

The only difference was she could tell that although he had some secrets he was hiding, he actually cared very much for her. This actually made her very happy. Underneath his facade he had set up for himself, was a funny and shameless individual that seemed obsessed with acting cool. She found that very charming on the few times it seeped through the cracks. Normally his performance was perfect but she had spent enough time to notice some things about him. Suddenly she saw Itachi appear in front of her.

"Nice to see you again," he said with a smile. Jasmine nodded with a little smile and small blush. After a second she became completely serious and turned toward Itachi.

"What happened earlier?" she asked with a no-nonsense face. Itachi looked at her deeply because he knew it would be dangerous to know about his current abilities and strength. Moreover, this world was very wide and the novel didn't cover it all. He imagined that there would be a technique for finding someone's memories just as the Dragon God had done to him. He couldn't take the chance to tell her everything but he could give her enough to satisfy her curiosity. Shuji looked at Jasmine before speaking.

"Once there were two dragons known as the Heavenly Dragons…" he said. Jasmine was enraptured in the tale and did not interrupt.

"Albion was one of the Heavenly Dragons known as the White Dragon or the Vanishing Dragon of White Supremacy. This is the dragon sealed within Divine Dividing."

Ddraig was another Heavenly Dragon also known as the Red Dragon or the Welsh Dragon of Domination. Ddraig is sealed within the Boosted Gear." he spoke lightly. Jasmine heard this and was stunned. These names seemed to hold such power…

"These two dragons were rivals and most fought many times. Whenever they fought they would destroy entire worlds… Heaven was very angry with these two, but even Heaven could not completely defeat the two Dragons. So one day when they were fighting Heaven decided to seal them into two artifacts." Jasmine didn't believe what she had just heard… Heaven alone couldn't defeat them?! The path to Heaven was something even more frightening than a Divine God and True God!

"What you saw today was the Forbidden Art of the Boosted Gear named Juggernaut Drive. By partially releasing a seal that allows me to draw most of Ddraig's original strength I can have strength comparable to gods. The dire consequence is that it will consume your life energy and your sanity." he spoke. Jasmine was not surprised at this because any power that could give you strength comparable to gods had to have limits.

"This time I was very fortunate to have received the complete inheritance of the Dragon God, but even so I won't be able to use my Profound Qi for at least a year…" said Itachi. Jasmine who heard this looked at Itachi with some worry. As somebody from the Divine Realm she could easily see the level of his body and soul but even losing his Profound Power like this was something serious for him.

"Don't worry it isn't a big deal," he reassured her. "I have to go rest now," he said lightly before walking off. At this moment he didn't see the look of resolution on Jasmine's face at that moment. It seemed as if she had resolved herself and made a decision.


It had been a week since the usage of Juggernaut Drive and his body was healed, with the exception of his Divine Veins. Jasmine was currently asleep due to the rebound from the God Killing Poison. He didn't know how long she would be asleep but he had to make the most of his time. He had been training hard to be able to use Senbonzakura efficiently but still wasn't perfect yet. He had still not at Bankai but he had mastered the use of the Shikia. He was training like every day when he got a system notification.

[Ding! Congratulations host! You can now speak with Ddraig and Albion!]

*Sigh* It wasn't going to get easier waiting so he decided to just summon them and talk. He first summoned the Boosted Gear which took the form of a red gauntlet with a green gem. It had 2 long golden nails that looked so sharp that it could cut you by looking at it. Shuji thought the design looked pretty good but was still dreading this meeting.

"Looks like we finally meet partner." Ddraig's voice resonated from the green gem. Shuji however looked at the gauntlet with some of his anger leaking out from last week.

"Listen, I know what you are going to say but let me start by apologizing for what happened. You have to understand my point of view. I had just come here and I felt Albion and another powerful dragon nearby. I immediately entered into a battle frenzy due to my draconian blood. The fight was unavoidable and there was nothing I could do." he said.

Shuji who heard this really wanted to be mad but knew it wasn't entirely his fault. He understood bloodlines a bit better now that he had two of them. Ever since he got the Zoldyck bloodline he has been itching to kill all of his opponents which he often does. He also no longer feels anything about killing which wasn't true when he first arrived. He had become more calculating and while he could say that it was an excuse he knew it wasn't.

"I guess it's fine because I'm still alive…" he said.

"Good! Now that you're calm can you tell me where we are?" Ddraig asked.

"I guess I'll explain but let me drag your friend here first," Shuji spoke. Ddraig snorted knowing that Albion was coming but knew he had to suck it up. Suddenly a pair of light blue wings appeared on Itachi's back.

"Ddraig, you never change. I see you're still as reckless as before." Albion's voice resonated through the wings. Ddraig snorted.

"Albion why are you here? My partner doesn't need you. You can leave now because I'm here." he said dissatisfied with Albion's insults.

"Huh? I was here first so you should leave." Albion answered.

Shuji hearing this had deadpan eyes. These two were bickering like children. "Stop! I still need to explain to the two of you why you are here and your situation. I'm sure that Albion has been trying to figure it out but let me explain it to you. The world you are in is not Earth. This world is far larger than earth…" Shuji began to explain. He explained the concepts of cultivation, the difference in nature of this place and earth, and explained how powerful some of the beings in this world were.

"Interesting…" Albion said clearly excited about the vast and mainly power-oriented world.

"Hahaha! This is an amazing world partner! We will let the world know that there is a new Red Dragon Emperor!" Ddraig laughed happily.

"Shuji don't listen to this fool! We will let them experience a world of White Paradise when you show your Supremacy as the new White Dragon Emperor!" Albion said trying to reason with Shuji. That's right Shuji told them his real name and explained to them some certain facts about him. The two dragons understood that he was under some sort of restriction so they no longer asked too many questions.

"Stop you two! I understand your rivalry with each other but you must understand some things that you obviously didn't understand the first time! There are beings far beyond your current comprehension and we will continue to face more in the future! I understand that you have been at the top for a long time but currently, we are too weak to handle the people at the top! I'm sure you guys must have realized but your original strength is not close to what it used to be due to the Dragon God. Even with your power in its entirety, however, there would still be enemies that would be hard to face in the future!" he spoke. Albion and Ddraig who heard this sat silent for a second contemplating what they had just heard.

"You two are the only people and can truly confide in currently and I don't want to choose over either of you. I'm sure you guessed it but I'm under restrictions on my identity and power. I have to get stronger and once we reach the top we will find that it's only the start of a new saga in our adventure. No longer will you be so bored that you have to fight about petty things. Imagine our power if we work together! Imagine a faction all for us! Imagine in the future the possibilities of regaining your bodies with all three of us fighting side by side in battles so whimsical that you could only dream it in your old world." Shuji spoke in a passionate voice.

Ddraig and Albion's draconian blood was boiling. Do you think that they as beings as old as millennia actually were so petty? No! They were just bored! They were so bored! They had reached the pinnacle of their race and reached a degree of strength that no other dragons born naturally matched. When they reached the top they found no one there to try and meet them. After years they grew so bored that they began fighting each other. Now hearing Shuji it was like their passion had reignited. They had a chance to get their bodies back and have unlimited fights?! What more could the Heavenly Dragons ask for?!

"I promise you that we will make it to the top, but it will not be the end. This would only be the beginning of the end! That would be the start of our plunder of a new universe! This is the start of when Albion, Ddraig, and Shuji started their climb of strength! Not their climb to the top of strength in the universe! No this is the start of our ascent to the pinnacle of existence! This is our ascent to become unmatched beings that nobody would dare look down upon! Our fights will be legendary, our schemes unparalleled, and our bond unbreakable! We shall show them the definition of Supremecy, Domination, and Badassery!"

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