31 Reveal

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Itachi was staring at Sasuke with no expressions and his Sharingan active. He wore his Akatsuki robe which was open until the middle of his chest where he rested his right arm. He was currently sitting in his chair and looked extremely calm, as if nothing was happening.

"That Sharingan of your's….. How much can you actually see with it?" Itachi asked calmly. Sasuke took two steps forward with hatred in his eyes…

"What I'm seeing right now Itachi… is you dead at my feet." he said, revealing his Sharingan.

Jasmine, who was in the Sky Poison Pearl, saw his eyes and was shocked! They were the same mysterious eyes of Itachi! Several others were also thinking this when they saw this. Xia Qingyue looked at Sasuke with a bad feeling. She didn't understand why Itachi's brother would want to kill him. Chu Yuechan was looking at the incident while clenching her fist and extremely cold gaze.

Itachi still looked calm and didn't seem to be bothered by his declaration. He closed his eyes and looked up.

"You see me dead, do you?" he said in a heavy voice. The tension was extremely high and everyone was silent. "Well then…" Itachi said as he stood up from his seat. Suddenly he appeared behind Sasuke and spoke.

"Go on then, make it happen." He said in an extremely soft voice. Sasuke and Itachi turned against each other and attacked at the same time!

Sasuke grinned while Itachi took out a kunai to attack him! Sasuke however blocked it by pulling out his tanto and deflecting it. Itachi took Sasuke's arm and kicked at him but Sasuke blocked again! Itachi backed away before jumping into the air towards him. He grabbed his shoulder performing a martial arts hold and threw Sasuke away while his tanto was thrown high in the air. Sasuke managed to recover and made a couple hand seals.


Suddenly the cries of thousands of birds were heard as lightning engulfed Sasuke's hand. The fight had just begun but the crowd was captivated. Xia Qingyue who saw this had her eyes widened due to recognizing that technique! "That's the technique that Itachi used last time against the beasts!" she thought.

Itachi still stared at Sasuke with a calm expression. Sasuke ran towards Itachi before slowing down just a bit away.

"Chidori Nagashi!" Sasuke said.

Suddenly the current of lightning came out and tried to shock Itachi. Itachi jumped up to avoid the attack but Sasuke had planned it!


Sasuke appeared in the air and stabbed Itachi in his stomach!

"Itachi!" Chu Yuechan and Xia Qingyue couldn't stop their shouts for the one they loved. The other Frozen Cloud Asgard students were shocked at this. Chu Yueli stared at Chu Yuchan and couldn't understand why her sister seemed to know this man.

"This is not the time." Chu Yuechan said coldly without looking at Chu Yueli. She was still staring at Itachi who was bleeding. "You can't die! You can't! You can't die on me Itachi!" she thought worriedly. Xia Qingyue was trembling and looked at her bracelet. "No… No…" she thought as blood started coming out of Itachi's mouth…

"You… became strong." Itachi said slowly as he looked at Sasuke. Sasuke saw this and twisted his sword.

"Itachi… Listen closely. There is one final thing I want to ask…" Sasuke said to him. The crowd was surprised at the fight in front of them. They couldn't believe it was over already. Itachi suddenly raised his fingers. Sasuke looked at him confused and so was the crowd. Suddenly he turned his fingers to point in a direction.

When they all turned their heads they were dumbfounded. Itachi sat calmly in his chair still unscathed. His bright crimson orbs still stared at Sasuke without emotion. Sasuke looked back to the Itachi he had his sword in only to see crows start to come out of his body.

"How is this possible…" everyone thought in surprise. "Amazing…" thought Chu Yuechan with eyes wide in surprise. "How did he manage to do it!?!" Yun Che thought with a thoughtful expression. "To trap the whole arena in his illusion… Itachi… you really are a genius…" Jasmine thought impressed. Sasuke however went back and stared at Itachi.

"So what do you want to know? It won't be long but i'll hear what you have to say." Itachi said calmly. Sasuke heard him and was now looking at him with hate filled eyes. "Let me try this again." he said before suddenly—


Another version of himself appeared behind his chair and stabbed him again! Itachi started to cough up blood again. Suddenly the version of Sasuke in front of Itachi started to morph and turned into several large white snakes. Jasmine who saw this panicked! Cang Yue stood up clenching her fists angrily and the temperature around Frozen Cloud Asgard's students was dropping fast. Chu Yuechan and Xia Qingyue were very angry. They did not interfere however because they knew Itachi wouldn't want that, but just the thought of him dying in this battle was difficult to accept for them.

"I have one last question so tell me!" Sasuke said. "The pain in your chest won't recede until you answer," he added.

"So you deliberately avoided a vital place…" Itachi said.

"YOU DARE!" Chu Yuechan couldn't help but shout. Jasmine was currently gritting her teeth from within the Sky Poison Pearl. Itachi briefly stared at Chu Yuechan before closing his eyes. This caused Chu Yuechan to grit her teeth and clench her fist until there was blood in her palms. She understood what he meant to say with that. "Do not interfere." is what he was telling her. It was a simple request but very hard for Chu Yuechan at this moment.

"You told me…" Sasuke said to which Itachi seemed to understand what he was saying.

"Who is the third. Who was the third man with the Mangekyo Sharingan… Who is he?" he asked, but the crowd was also very curious about the answer. They also wanted to know what the story behind the two brothers were but they couldn't understand what they were talking about. Jasmine however seemed to understand a bit. "Sharingan… Is that the name of their lineage? So there is a third person who has it?" she though.

"Why are you curious about something like that..?" Itachi asked with his eyes closed.

"I'll kill him after you that's why." Sasuke responded.

"Kill him?" asked Itachi?

"When you killed the entire clan you mentioned there was the presence of others! The Uchiha member you didn't kill was a conspirator! You could not have taken down the Uchiha police force alone!" he said.

This was like a bomb going off in everyone's head. Especially those who were familiar with Itachi. Xia Qingyue's eyes looked dead while staring at him. "It's impossible.." she continued to mumble in disbelief. Chu Yuechan retreated two steps after hearing this. She also could not believe those words. "Lies… It's all a lie… right?" she murmured.

Jasmine in the Sky Poison Pearl was also shocked. "He killed… his whole clan?" she thought shocked. The whole crowd was amazed by the twist. It was revenge for his family! The girls in the crowd were all waiting for Itachi's rejection, but unfortunately only a nightmare lay in wait for them.

"So you figured it out…" he said with a light smile destroying the hopes of the girls.

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