16 New Moon Banquet

Itachi sat in his chair and began to seriously observe the people around him. He scanned his surroundings and found the eyes of a beautiful young woman staring at him. Not knowing that it was Cang Yue he smiled at her a gently waved. The young woman in question immediately blushed and turned away. Looking to his right he saw a face that he recognized. He knew that he might be here but he was curious as to if he could really cure his profound veins.

"Hmm… Did he cure his Profound Veins himself? If my memory is correct he needed some very valuable ingredients to heal them himself." Shuji thought to himself. He activated his Sharingan to look at his profound veins… Only to see them completely repaired. He was curious but he was brought of his musings by two loud shouts.

"Hello everyone, thank you for coming to my banquet." a man said. He looked around sixty years old, and his face showed a calm, gentle expression with eyes that seemed to hold deep wisdom. He exudes an extraordinary aura Shuji thought to himself. "Today we have many talented youngsters who are eager to exchange in some matches but first, allow me to say the rules." the man said calmly. "First, killing is forbidden in the matches. We are here to exchange pointers and gain experience. Not to kill your opponent." No one spoke and continued to listen.

"Second is there is no crippling of the opponent. If you do this you will have to face the consequences by yourself," he spoke seriously. "All of the talented young people from the New Moon City sects are here so I expect good manners. Understood?" Qin Wuyou head of the New Moon Profound Palace said. He was met with yes from everyone to which he nodded.

Itachi still sat in his chair with his eyes closed. He saw no interest in challenging these people but decided he could gain some CP. 22 CP…14 CP… 32 CP… He heard in his mind. His handsome appearance and unique clothing combined with his temperament led many female cultivators to look at him with blushes. Cang Yue tried to control herself but her interest kept poking at her and urging her to look.

This did not escape the attention of Xiao Luocheng and Yun Che. Yun Che wanted to try and get Cang Yue's attention so he decided to challenge a genius from the branch of The Burning Heaven sect. The genius faced his opponent and showed a mocking smile. Due to the enemy being a lower realm than him he decided to mock him and try to get some attention.

"Heh… you want to fight me?! You're lucky that I can't kill you. Although it may prove difficult for me to hold back enough due to how weak you are." he said with mockery laced in his voice. "Because you're so much weaker I'll give you a chance. You can hit me once and I won't defend." He spoke once again. Yun Che smiled wickedly before saying "Well then thank you for your kindness senior."

He took a martial position before exhaling in and out. Nobody thought anything strange as they all thought it was just normal physical strength. Shuji used his Sharingan to look at Yun Che and saw something strange. There was aura flowing around and through Yun Che. Yun Che ran towards his opponent and shout "TIGERS FIRST FORM! TIGER'S CLAW!"

Yun Che gave a strong punch towards the opponent's stomach! To everyone but Shuji and a few others, it just looked like a strong punch but it was actually three punches in extreme succession that gave internal injuries. This was mainly due to parts of his knuckles sticking out like a tiger's claw. The impact on the opponent was extremely damaging and left several internal injuries. Across the stage lie his opponent who was unconscious.

Everyone was shocked at what just happened! Yun Che did not have high cultivation only being at the 9th stage of the Elementary Profound realm, but he was able to defeat a 5th Stage Nascent Soul cultivator! Everyone now looked at Yun Che a bit more respectfully now. Shuji who was staring at Yun Che was now smiling.

He found it surprising that he found another way to strengthen himself and cure himself but if he hoped to beat him someday then something like this won't be enough. Shuji looked forward to a day when Yun Che would perhaps fight him but it seemed like he still needed more motivation if he had time to go around chasing girls. While he was thinking Yun Che challenged all of the young geniuses of the New Moon City and won all of his battles easily. Even if the other geniuses tried to play it down, they still couldn't do anything when actually fighting him. However, after winning all of the fights, Yun Che turned his eyes towards Itachi.

He slowly walked toward him with every step he took but he remembered what the man had done to him last time. That moment was one of the most humiliating and torturous experiences he had ever felt. Suddenly his determination swelled and he walked right in front of Itachi. Itachi's calm appearance with his eyes closed was gaining him massive CP.

"I want to challenge you!" said Yun Che. Itachi opened one of his eyes to show his Sharingan. He looked lazily at Yun Che with it spinning rapidly. Cang Yue looked at Itachi and when she saw his original onyx eyes turn red with three black tomoe she was really surprised. "Could this be an eye technique?" she wondered.

Itachi used a genjutsu to disappear from his chair and appear in the hall in a flock of crows. Everyone was in shock seeing it! He just released crows from his body and the next second he was in the hall ready to fight! Everyone was amazed by such a technique while Xiao Luocheng was red with jealousy. Yun Che gritted his teeth and walked towards the stage.

"Show me what you learned." Itachi satiated simply. Yun Che went in front of Itachi and spoke righteously. "Last time I was without defense… but now I know! I know I can defeat you here and now!" he shouted. Cang Yue who saw this was curious if they met in the past. It seemed that Yun Che had a grudge as well.

Don't talk nonsense and come…" Itachi said simply as he opened his Sharingan. Everyone who saw his cold red eyes with 3 tomoe spinning rapidly felt cold to their bones. They could feel the power within those eyes. Without anybody realizing it, however, they also thought that it was very cool! Yun Che took a martial pose and ran toward Itachi.

"TIGER'S SECOND FORM! TIGER'S LUNGE" he shouted as pointed he quickly pointed his fist at Itachi like a tiger lunging toward his prey. Itachi who saw this dodged simply with his Sharingan still spinning menacingly. Yun Che continued his attack but they were all dodged with grace. The speed of his attacks weren't slow by any means but it was as if Itachi was predicting his every move. His martial arts might have worked against a Nascent Soul cultivator but against Itachi who had massive amounts of experience, a higher cultivation base, and Sharingan, Yun Che stood no chance. Yun Che stood up while breathing heavily but a glare was still in his eye when Itachi began to speak.

"I understand now…" he said lightly. "How you can have power comparable to a cultivator a realm above your own," Itachi spoke which attracted everyone's attention. It was true that everyone wanted to know the secret of Yun Che's strength. "It seems that with a bit of luck you managed to find a Martial Style and train it. Am I right?" he said. Yun Che's eyes widened not knowing how knew! The audience however was confused because a Martial Style shouldn't be this strong. They had assumed it was a Profound Art.

"Looking at your face, it seems I'm right. Now let me go further… This Marital Style must have had physical strength requirements so I suppose … 4? No, it must have been for 5 months that you trained your body hard to learn this Marital Style." he spoke lightly. Yun Che was trembling. He wanted to argue but everything he said was true!

"After you trained your body you finally reached a state where you could use it. What you are using now is not Profound Strength but… Inner Strength!" he said shocking everyone. Inner Strength?! Body Strength?! Yun Che looked at Itachi as if he had just seen a ghost. "By using Inner Strength you are somewhat comparable to weaker cultivators but after the True Profound Realm, it will be useless. So you have any more pathetic moves to show me or is that all you learned in the last 6 months?" he asked with no emotion. Everyone was surprised by the young man on the stage. It was one thing to be stronger than the opponent, but to be able to analyze and explain their skills was not something everyone could achieve.

Yun Che gritted his teeth with hate. He trained hard in these 6 months and thought it was enough but now he sees that he was naive. "I haven't fully studied this form but this is my last chance to defeat him!" he thought to himself. "Actually I still have one more form… If you want to die this badly I will show it to you!" Yun Che shouted.

"Show me," Itachi said simply. Yun Che grinned and thought "Your pride will kill you today!" Yun Che took a martial pose and then exhaled quickly before breathing in again.

"TIGER'S THIRD FORM! TIGER'S SPECTRAL FANGS!" he shouted. The picture of a white tiger seemed to come to life and ran towards Itachi. Everyone was shocked by the power of the attack. Itachi smiled at the perfect chance to test something. The tiger ran at extortionary speed and everyone was curious as to what the young man will do against this attack. From the start, he hadn't shown an ounce of difficulty and even revealed Yun Che's secret after a few exchanges! They were not disappointed, in fact, they were very surprised!

Suddenly a pair of light blue wings grew behind Itachi! The wings were so beautiful that they were out of breath. Even Jasmine from within the Sky Poison Pearl was very surprised. When the tiger was right in front of Itachi… They all heard a deep and ancient voice shouting from the wings.


The tiger immediately halved in size. Everyone was completely silent.


The tiger immediately disappeared leaving a silent Yun Che. Yun Che at this moment looked as if he lost his soul. "My strongest attack… just like that?" he thought to himself.

"So this is what your inner strength can do?" Said Itachi as he looked at his hand. Yun Che's face paled! "HHH-How is that possible!" he said pointing at Itachi. Even Jasmine was confused and didn't understand how Itachi learned Inner Strength.

"The pair of wings on my back makes me able to divide anything and absorb its strength. This is Divine Dividing," he said softly. Everyone was silent trying to understand what he was saying. Jasmine who heard it was confused and trying to remember if she had heard it from anywhere. Unfortunately, Itachi didn't let them think for long. He used Shunpo to appear in front of Yun Che. "Fast!" everyone thought. He held Yun Che by his throat and spoke to him.

"You are still weak… Why are you so weak you ask? It's because you are lacking… hatred." he said making everyone's mind startled. Itachi then made an incredibly familiar position. Yun Che was now pale whiling looking at him in fear. Everyone recognized this position and stood up! "He won't…" they all thought with surprise. Suddenly he said the words that they were all expecting!

"TIGER'S ART! FIRST FORM!" he said making a punch toward Yun Che! Yun Che tried to dodge but couldn't! He somewhat defended but his arm was broken.

"TIGER'S ART! SECOND FORM!" Itachi said making a lunge towards Yun Che. Yun Che was hit by its full force flinging him across the room and cracking his ribs.

"TIGER'S ART! SPECTRAL TIGERS FANGS!" he said as the image of a white tiger ran towards Yun Che. *BOOOM*

On the floor was Yun Che in a pitiful state. Yun Che looked up towards Itachi and thought hatefully to himself "Nothing has changed…" Itachi walked towards him and spoke to him once again.

"I told you last time. These eyes of mine perceive all. There is nothing that they overlook. If these eyes cannot see a thing, then it does not exist." he said in a chilling tone while flaring his Sharingan. These words made everyone shive. Some with endless awe, some endless greed, some endless fear, some endless jealousy, and some people in excitement, but one thought was shared by all the people present.

"So cool."

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