75 The Apocalypse and the ranks

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The next day, Acnologia and Irene were coming down through the clouds, landing into Tempest, specifically in their home's garden.

"Welcome back! Master!!" Noir appeared like a flash, kneeling in front of Acnologia.

"Greetings!! Master!!" Zegion followed right after.

"Tch!" Noir clicked his tongue in annoyance as the two glared at each other.

Irene had a sweat drop down her face looking at the ridiculous powerful beings kneeling down "Wow! Fanatics at their best!" She nudged Acnologia.

Acnologia grunted "Move you two, you are blocking the way." He said in boredom.

"As you wish!" Their flashed behind Acnologia, clearing the way.

"By the way master, I have brought you your wedding gift, it is late but I believe it's the best gift so far. And I would also like to introduce some people to you if it is possible. I would be very happy if you can take a moment and visit the lake of Tempest" Zegion said as they walked into the mansion.

"Hm? We had a lake?" Acnologia spoke in confusion.

"Not as far as I remember." Irene added.

"Tch! You flaunt catching that beast like it's something, master is very busy, Master has a legion of demons from the underworld to name, and me too!!" Noir said, trying to undermine Zegion's gift while simultaneously reminding Acnologia.

"Aah~ there was that." And Acnologia remember "Call those demons and come to the throne room, and Zegion, I will go see your gift later, remind me then."

Noir quickly faded into the shadows, he was thrilled to finally be named, what name will he be given? He wondered 'Aah! Who cares, if it's from my masted, I am sure it will be an incredible name.'

Zegion was also happy that Acnologia was willing to accept his gift, he was worried because Noir kept undermining his gift in all forms that he actually grow scared that he went overboard.

As soon as Acnologia entered the mansion, he was met with many servants, greeting him and congratulating him for his wedding together with Irene. Shuna and Benimaru were also here with Rimuru, keeping the kings and lords entertained in the great hall.

When Rimuru saw his brother, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. 'Finally I can rest.' Rimuru said.

Seeing the many kings and lords looking at him in the great hall, he knew that some politics will have to take place. Acnologia put his hand on Irene's shoulder.

"Hm? What is it?" Irene asked.

"Take care of them." He then sank in the shadows like a water drop in a lake, shocking Irene.

"You!! Acno!!" Irene looked around her to find only her, together with Shuna who had a weary smile. "Ah fuck!!" She mumbled, sensing the gaze of everyone on her "Here we go with politics again."


Acnologia came out of the shadows in the throne room, he throw his body on the throne and made himself comfortable.

His eyes shifted to see the hoard of demons kneeling below the throne stairs, Noir on front of them, Benimaru and Rimuru were present at the side of the hall.

While waiting for a moment, other Tempest higher ups and the most powerful ones joined the gathering.

Gaberu, Souei, Hakuro, Shion, Gobuto, Regurdo. Zegion.

The Dragon kings, Agni, Kai, and Belsar.

And Ranga who sat beside Acnologia's throne like a pet dog, only a bit meaner and scarier by an infinity.

Well, you might ask how come everyone has gathered here even though Acnologia didn't ask, well, the answer is [Noir]!

The demons has been singing about his name day approaching, and when Acnologia called for him and the rest of the demons, he made a detour to call the rest of the higher ups to come and witness the glorious day of his naming.

However, there was some people missing in the hall, but that doesn't matter.

"So?" Finally Acnologia spoke. Everyone attention was on him "You lot wish to serve under my wings." He said.

In a unison, the demons spoke "Yes, your majesty!"

"It is good that you are all here." As of lately, our numbers have been increasing significantly, we let anyone who is good at something to do it, but I say it is time for some organization, so..."

His eyes shifted between everyone present, no one dared to meet his gaze, except Rimuru "After I name the demons, in a span of 2 weeks, each of you will be given a proper rank and a job tailored for you, seeing that all of you here are the strongest and the most trusted of Tempest, I except the best of you."

Everyone agreed silently.

"Now, to name the demons..." He said, Noir looked up in anticipation for his name.

Acnologia shifted his eyes at Rimuru, kind of looking for recommendations, however, this time... Rimuru shook his head.

'They are your servants, name them at your free will.' Rimuru spoke through their link.

Acnologia thought for a moment 'Demons...if I am gonna name demons then I should give them demon names...Yes.' with that Acnologia pointed at Noir.

"You... Your name is [Morax] stand strong and serve me and my people until the end of time." He said. Words full of power, sending shivers through Morax's body as he trembled, in joy and happiness as he was finally named.

"Aah~ Morax!! My name!" If he could orgasm he would. But it didn't take long before Morax felt his heart beat like a drum, black energy engulfed him in a sphere.

"Oh! Another evolution!" Rimuru said. Morax was already strong to start with, and now he is being evolved, what kind of monster will be born.

Seeing this the other demons were shocked, especially the three Primordials.

Kneeling in front of Acnologia's gaze, the three Primordials felt so much fear, admiration, love, and joy, to be in the presence of such powerful being, no wonder Noir was seduced! They thought.

Acnologia's eyes fell on the Primordial White "You!" He pointed for White to step forward "Tell me something you are good at." He said.

White smiled spoke softly "Long ago, I used to pass my time as a guardian for a kingdom, one of my most renown abilities are the [Crimson eyes of truth], I deliver justice indiscriminately to all who wronged, be they strong or weak."

Acnologia smiled "Good. Your name will be Belial! Stand strong and serve me and my people to the end of time!" He said.

It only took a second before Belial felt the same as Morax, sensing the warm feeling in her body, Belial smiled and let herself fall in the sphere of white energy "Yes your majesty!" She said.

Next was Purple.

"Tell me something about yourself."

Purple smiled cutely "I am the ancestor of all purple demons, The cutest of the Primordials, I like the color purple and I hate those who try to breach my contract!" She said the last part with a menacing expression.

Acnologia nodded "From now on you will bear the name of Azazel and stand strong, to serve me and my people!"

"Yes~" Azazel spoke cutely as she fell to the same state with a purple Sphere.

Next was Yellow.

"Same thing, tell me who you are."

Yellow grinned "Primordial Yellow, I loved punishing those who annoy me and I hate the arrogance the weak!!" She said.

"I see. Then from now on you will be named Amon! Bear that name and serve me and my people to the end of the world."

"Hell yeah!!" Yellow energy surrounded her as she fell into sleep to awaken a new.

Next was the hoard of demons, they were far weaker than the primordials, but Acnologia has to come up with proper names.

It took him all his brain power to squeeze every demon name he knows, at the end of the day, the throne room was filled with a field of spheres where the demons are sleeping and evolving.

Later they all awakened, one by one.

The first to emerge was Morax, the moment his feet touched the ground, all of Tempest trembled, an opressive aura fell down on them.

An aura of misery and death, the aura of the end.

It was an event that made the kings and lords speaking with Irene at the other hall, be more certain about solidifying their friendly relationships.

Belial, Azazel, and Amon awakened too, and their aura was no less overbearing.

After them every other demon awakened.

After a brief conversation, all demons revealed their evolution.

Morax evolved into a Demon Archon, together with Amon, Belial, and Azazel.

And every demon below them turned into an Arch demon.

Currently, at this very moment of time, Tempest Throne room was the most powerful room.

Acnologia smiled in satisfaction.


Time went by, Rimuru, Acnologia, and Irene spent a lot of time together discussing future projects and how to organize the ranks.

As Tempest is growing, things are starting to get too big to handle alone, so divisions mist be created.

They focused especially on security, creating a new division of forced from the demons as [Tempest Justice and Police Department], Ironic, Demons overseeing the justice system. It was initially suggested by Rimuru and Irene, but the job was not meant for the demons, but only after Morax's fancying the job, he was set for it. In addition, the Police force answer only to the Royal family, Rimuru, Acnologia, Irene, and Veldora.

And a Hospital was set to be built too with Shuna taking over the field with her healing and blessing magic.

There were many posts available, but one thing for sure, Tempest wasn't short of people to fill them.

Acnologia and Irene once again summoned all of the higher ups.

Ranks were given and jobs were distributed.

And they were as the following:

Morax - Butler of the King and Overlord of the demon forces and Chief overseer of the police and justice department.

Belial - Vice Commander of the demon forces - Commander of the White Demon forces - and High Judge of Tempest's justice supreme court.

Azazel - Vice Commander of the demon forces - Commander of the purple demons - Chief prosecutor of Tempest Justice Hall.

Amon- Vice Commander of the demons forces - Commander of the Yellow demons - Chief Prison guard.

Benimaru - General commander of the army.

Gaberu - Commander of Air Skirmish.

Belsar - Commander of Dragon Bombardment.

Ranga - Territory overseer

Shuna - Tempest Supreme Hospital director - Tempest Cultural clothing designer

Souei - Central intelligence gathering overseer

Hakuro - General Military combat instructor

Gild - Commander Chief of the wall guards - Tempest Military defense overseer

Shion - Vanguard commander of troops - Also Rimuru's secretary.

Regurdo - Chief of Tempest's Public order

Gobuta - Commander of of wolf raiders

Rimuru - 2nd Prince of Tempest - Tempest supreme infrastructure overseer - chief of Tempest culture exchange

Irene - Queen of Tempest - Tempest diplomatic relations speaker - Chief of Tempest research development

Veldora - Tempest's 1st prince - Nothing more.

Acnologia - TACTICAL NUKE!!!!

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