21 Surpass Qing Yun, Seek for a Cultivation Method

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Qing Yun was also filled with concern. Just now, in an attempt to appear stronger than he was, he had neglected to reinforce his shield properly. Unfortunately, this oversight has led to the current predicament. Nevertheless, they were already in this situation, and all he needed to do was withstand one more attack from Qin Shu to secure victory.

"Very well then, Senior Brother Qing Yun, prepare for my final move!" Qin Shu exclaimed suddenly. 

With a swift motion, his left fist hurtled toward Qing Yun, creating a whooshing sound as it sliced through the air.

This time, Qing Yun couldn't help but feel a growing sense of unease.


Qin Shu's fist collided with Qing Yun's shield, causing cracks to spiderweb out from the point of impact. As the cracks multiplied, the shield finally succumbed to the immense pressure, shattering with a resounding bang.

"You've lost, Senior Brother Qing Yun." 


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