Ace Of Diamond: Baseball System

Rei, a Wasian, lived with his family in the USA. He wanted to be a professional baseball player. His family fully supported him and loved him as he was an only child. Rei was a baseball prodigy that had finally gotten on a team in the minor league. Excited when he was walking home to celebrate, he got hit by a truck. With the blessing of Truck-Kun, he was resurrected in the anime Ace of Diamond as an extra. One day on his 15th birthday he was shocked looking at the blue screen before him. [Lord Of Baseball Binding.......] Resurrected in Ace Of Diamond. What would you do? Would you join Seido? or somewhere else? ...................... Comedy, Friendships, Relationships, and Intense Matches to look forward to. Update Once or twice a week. I still have college but didn't want to leave the story so.....please be understanding. The cover used for this novel isn't mine. if you are the owner of it and want to remove it please inform me. https://supporthoku.carrd.co/

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In Seido High's Board Director's Office.

"Yaa…Congratulations Kataoka", said the board director with a big smile on his face.

"Yes. The team's efforts have paid off this year", said Kataoka with a beaming smile.

"It's great to hear this news since Seido hasn't stepped foot in Koshien in a while", said the board director frowning.

"Leaving that aside, how are your preparations going on for Koshien? If you need anything don't be shy and request it since the team deserves it", said the board director generously.

"We would like some new equipment!", said Kataoka immediately.

The board director nodded chuckling.

"I will take my leave now", said Kataoka bowing.

The board director nodded acknowledging Kataoka.

Morning, In the Field.

There was a team bus parked near the field. Everyone couldn't wait to board this bus.

Some players had anxious expressions, and some were excited. Mostly the 3rd years were excited as they couldn't believe that they made it.

"EYAAAAA!", squealed Sawamura excited as he readied himself with his luggage.

Rei gave Sawamura a weird look. He could literally hear Sawamura's heart beating loudly.


"Nothing you're just excited for no reason. Just get your head in the game. We will be fighting teams in the nationals", said Rei calmly wearing his headphones.

Sawamura grunted in response.

Rei headed into the bus thinking, 'I don't want this team to be distracted'.

After a few minutes, every 1st string member was inside the bus ready to leave for Koshien.

"We will be leaving for the stadium right now. We have also been provided with a hotel. So, we will be staying in the hotel for a few days until we get everything sorted out", said Kataoka.

"HAII!", said all the players simultaneously.

"Woah…a hotel", exclaimed Sawamura.

"D-Don't tell me you haven't been to a hotel before, Eijun-Kun", said Haruicchi shocked.

Rei also held a shocked expression overhearing them.

"What? Do you think it's weird?", said Sawamura lost.

"As expected of a village boy", commented Kuramochi causing everyone to chuckle.

Sawamura's face turned beet red hearing everyone chuckle at Kuramochi senpai's comment.

"SHUT UP!", protested Sawamura.

In The evening, A Hotel near the Koshien Stadium.

The team was provided with only 5 rooms which were going to be a problem.

Rei, Sawamura, Furuya, Kawakami, Ryosuke, and Kuramochi were crammed into one room. Same for the other members as well. The players took 3 rooms, so each room had 6 members in them. The rooms were big enough so having more people in a room wasn't a problem.

1 room belonged to the coach and other male faculty members.

The other room belonged to the ladies.

Reaching his room, Rei went to the bathroom to freshen up.

Ryosuke and Kawakami decided to play games during the night.

Kawakami who was laying on his bed was in deep thought. 'Haven't I been getting a lot of hits lately?' He eyed Furuya and Rei enviously.

Seeing the look on Kawakami's face, Rei thought for a moment. He pushed Sawamura towards Kawakami while whispering something in his ear.

Sawamura looked determined and started conversing with Kawakami.

Rei whispered that Sawamura should cheer Nori-Senpai up.

Rei was being very meticulous about everyone's mental state since tomorrow the matches will be starting.

"Yaaa…Ryou, did you know who's going to be the starting pitcher for tomorrow's game?", questioned Kuramochi curiously while using his game controller skillfully.

"Sa…I don't know. Coach didn't announce it", said Ryosuke.

"I guess he will probably announcement before the match", said Kuramochi.

"Yeah, he's going back to his old habit", said Ryosuke sighing.

Almost all the players rested and slept on their beds.

The Next Day.

"WAKE UP!", said Kuramochi smashing Rei's face with his foot.

"MMMMMmmmm", grunted Rei while he was being disturbed during his peaceful sleep.

"There are 10 minutes left till the team's meeting and why aren't you getting up!", said Kuramochi.

"How about we just leave him?", suggested Ryosuke.

"Soka…not a bad idea", said Kuramochi with his devilish smile.

"Is it ok? for them to do this", whispered Furuya.

Kawakami shrugged, even though he didn't know much about the combo.

"Can I order some food?", said Sawamura with sparkling eyes while holding the hotel's landline to his ear.

"Baka!", muttered Kuramochi

In the Meeting Room.

The Koshien Matches had been matched. Yuki had gone to get them since he was the team's captain.

"Show me!", said Kataoka eagerly seeing the list shown on the piece of paper. Yuki nodded and handed him the piece of paper.

"Oh S***", cursed Kataoka internally. He knew the team was fucked when he knew the school, they would be competing against in the 1st round.

All the players were curious as to why their Coach's expression paled a bit after reading the piece of paper.

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