Chapter 14 We've Won! [Happy New Year!]

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Two dragon heads collided unceremoniously, resulting in an instant eruption of fighting aura. Long Yi took three steps back to steady himself and upon looking forward again, saw Luo Qi being inevitably blasted away, lying on the ground, desperately trying to stand but unable to control his foggy mind and numb body.

"Your first attempt failed against me, and you still want to try a second time? Even though I'm not a holy warrior, I do know that using the same technique twice against me won't be effective."

Long Yi spoke in a way that no one understood, but the ridicule in his words was clearly evident.

The residual vibes of dragon fighting aura were still flowing through Long Yi's hands, causing a slight uncontrollable trembling. This was his first successful display of a fighting aura technique, and his hands were still unaccustomed to it. However, this novel experience excited him beyond measure.

A fighting aura technique, is truly powerful!

Four days after he was born, Long Yi had decided to start practicing martial arts, and by the tenth day, he could feel the dragon fighting aura within him. As a giant, he was born with a natural understanding of cultivation. Giants can unseal their cultivation knowledge as they age, allowing them to look for the knowledge they need within their ancestral legacy as if browsing a library at will.

Unfortunately, due to his age, he was still considered underage within the Giant race and was unable to learn the Giant's fighting techniques. Otherwise, there would've been no suspense in this fight.

The fighting aura technique he used was reverse engineered using the knowledge of his current Giant race combined with wisdom from his previous life to create his own signature move.

Just like boiling water at exactly 100 degrees Celsius under standard atmospheric pressure, all effects of a fighting aura technique are achieved through a specific combination of fighting auras. One only needs to observe the style of the fighting aura technique and make precise deductions to determine how to utilize it.

Of course, the reason Long Yi could succeed was largely because the Dragon Roar Fist is the most basic among fighting aura techniques. It is simply too straightforward.

Even so, it was enough to scare, or rather, infuriate a group of people.


The mental insult stung the five surrounding students, making them want to retaliate.

"Enough! Everyone stop!"

The second-year instructor finally could not bear to watch any longer and intervened to end the duel.

"First year Long Yi wins, adding six points to your score. For the seven of you, each of you will have six points deducted! Duel over!"

A flash of light passed, and Long Yi cheerfully observed his increased score.

"What! Instructor, this is not fair! We haven't even fought yet, how could we be considered defeated!"

"Exactly! Sir! This newbie just lucked out!"

"Silence! You bunch of morons, you've been challenging people since morning and now that someone's confronted you, can't even win a single match. And you still have the audacity to call for fairness?"

Hearing their remarks, the second-year instructor's face flushed with embarrassment.

"Actually, I think it's quite fair." Long Yi intervened, "As you saw, these individuals are so weak that they can't even beat me if they team up. Maybe you should let them fight me together, or even call a few more. I'll take on ten!"

Long Yi flexed his arms, feeling that his strength wasn't yet depleted, and that his dragon fighting aura hadn't been used up much. He still felt up for another exhilarating match.

"Enough! My decision stands, you won. You all can leave now! According to the academy rules, one cannot challenge again within three days. Now, leave the second-year training ground immediately!"

The second-year instructor said each word clearly, looking at the first-year instructor's face. His heart was bleeding at this moment. Being a second-year instructor, he innately felt superior to the first-year instructor and often looked down on him. Now, that guy somehow found a ridiculously strong newbie who just enrolled and could fight like this!

As the victor, Long Yi seemed very open-minded. However, Arin's gaze on Long Yi had some changes because she noticed that, at first, Long Yi really didn't understand the Dragon Roar Fist!

Arin, a Dragon Knight of the Mithril Dragon, was born without the aura of the Dragon, and for some unknown reason, she could not use magic either. But she has a mysterious talent. She can easily distinguish one's level of fighting aura or magical ability, she can even sense if someone is using a fighting technique for the first time.

In Arin's eyes, Long Yi was indeed using a fighting technique for the first time!

Fighting techniques begin as a major study in the second year, a subject that might accompany a Dragon Knight for life! The fact that Long Yi could simply learn the enemy's fighting techniques in battle was like a completely unbelievable tale!

What does this tell you? It shows that Long Yi's understanding of the fighting aura far surpasses everyone else here! He can reverse engineer a fighting technique that has already been used! My God, it's not only his muscles that are strong, but also his brain! He doesn't look as naive as he appears! Calculating opponents' fighting techniques while in battle, how extraordinary and clever one must be!

The first-year instructor had never felt such elation. Looking at Long Yi, he nodded inwardly. Yes, this is the kind of warrior he admires! A warrior should be like this!

"Long Yi earns six extra points for the class victory! The rest of the team members gain three points each for their team spirit!"

The instructor was in a great mood, who added points to everyone directly.

Wesley stared wide-eyed in excitement, disbelief on his face. He didn't expect that he had earned points simply by watching Long Yi fight! Brother Long was simply a point-generating machine! He was absolutely determined to stick with Long Yi. Apart from everything else, everyone knows how valuable these academic credits were at the Dragon Knight Academy. And within a very short time, Long Yi had already earned eighteen points!

Within the Dragon Knight Academy, students were divided into grades, but it didn't necessarily mean one had to wait a year to progress. In fact, once you reach sixty points, you graduate from the first year and move directly up to the second year!

Obtaining these points can be achieved through school tests, out-of-school task experience, gaining of class honor based on one's character, and through battles. Winning a battle against a same-year student only earns three points, while losing will lose three points. An inter-year challenge adds three points for every additional grade, of course, losing will also lose three additional points.

You should know, if you have enough points, you can even exchange for some items in the mysterious Dragon God Arena!

Medicine, gear, even fighting techniques! All these can be exchanged with points!

From what we can see, Long Yi probably has no match in the first year, while the big shot of the second year has made no moves yet. It's uncertain whether Long Yi can keep winning!

Contrary to Wesley's excitement, the fat and thin man were annoyed. They considered themselves extremely outstanding and wanted to establish prestige within the class first. Unexpectedly, Long Yi suddenly intervened. The most annoying thing is that they even scored points from it!

Looking at the three points on the bracelet, the fat man felt extremely sore. But he didn't have the courage to say no, knowing the importance of the points! In the Academy, points are even more important than gold coins! You should know that the resources in the Academy can only be exchanged with points.

The first-year instructor, in high spirits due to the victory, directly gave everyone a day off, leaving them free to spend the rest of the afternoon. Long Yi simply took advantage of this time to take Wesley and Arin around the Academy City.

The Academy City, as the name suggests, is a massive city built around the Dragon Knight Academy. Located right next to the Imperial Capital, it can be considered the most prosperous city in the White Dragon Empire outside the capital. Not only humans live here, but also elves, dwarves, beastmen, and you can even see giants occasionally.

However, compared to other races, giants seldom interact with humans. Every time a giant appears, some big event must have happened. After all, giants are the race that serves the Divine Dragon race, theoretically, their status is even higher than the Giant Dragons. They don't seek anything from humans, so naturally, there is little interaction.

At this moment, Long Yi, who was also from the giant race, had no awareness of his race, and was just marveling at the city's prosperity.

The informative Wesley played the role of guide for Long Yi and Arin. Long ago, he had thoroughly researched everything about the Academy City. So now, as they strolled through the streets, he was completely familiar.

"Speaking of food, if you want to try some local flavors, there are some good restaurants in these small lanes."

"And talking about equipment, the few big equipment stores in the city are good, although the prices are really high. On the east side, there are a few dwarf blacksmith shops. The craftsmanship of the dwarves is undeniable, some well-known equipment shops also have their supplies. However, the shop owner isn't easy to deal with. If you can hold your liquor though, you might have a chance."

"Ah, right, in the magic shop you can not only buy magical items, but also have the in-house enchanter attach magic to your equipment, but it's not cheap."

"See that exotic-style cabin? That's an elf shop, specializing in objects made by elves. They have elf swords, accessories, and such. However, communicating with elves is even harder than with dwarfs, and the prices are not cheap."

Wesley explained all along the way, so rich in information, that he even knew about a random dog that ran past them on the street. He had details about which family owned it, how long they'd had it, and when it got sick.