Accidentally Exposing the Real Heiress’ True Colors!

"Nan Xi is the precious gem of our Nan family!" "The purpose of Nan Zhao's existence is to bring this kind-hearted angel to our family!" After being framed and in a coma for three months by the fake heiress, Nan Zhao finally realized the truth. As the youngest heiress of the Nan family, she was switched at birth by the family's nanny. She should have enjoyed the love of her parents and older brother and lived a luxurious life, but instead, she suffered for nineteen years before being brought back to the Nan family. At first, Nan Zhao tried her best to please every family member. But no matter what she did, she could never match up to Nan Xi. The Nan family used all means to suppress her. They made her enter the entertainment circle together with the fake heiress and provided the best resources to the fake heiress. Meanwhile, Nan Zhao was forever given the malicious supporting role to make the fake heiress look better. After waking up, Nan Zhao decided to be true to herself. She no longer tried to please anyone and would retaliate equally against anyone who treated her badly. During a wild outdoor live variety show, the guests and the production team lost contact. The industry-recognized, kind-hearted young star, Nan Xi, took the lead in isolating the infamous star, Nan Zhao. In the face of bullying, Nan Zhao was fearless and attacked everyone without discrimination. She unleashed herself in the forest, swinging on tree vines, climbing, grabbing bananas from monkeys, and even fiercely fighting various large animals. Little did she know that the forest was filled with hidden cameras, and everything she did was being live-streamed. After the variety show, Nan Zhao became famous, but in a way that shattered her reputation worldwide.

Mountain Springs · Urban
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40 Chs

[Cats are just pets. If they die, then so be it. Are you people who stand up for cats crazy? I've never seen you guys so kind as to help an old lady cross the road.]

[I remember now. There was a rumor in the past that Nan Zhao deliberately used a knife to cut Nan Xi. So that's what happened. Nan Xi's twisting the truth is so disgusting.]]

[Nan Xi is a two-faced person. Fortunately, Nan Zhao told the truth!]

"Are you saying that I made everyone isolate you? You were the one who deliberately acted like a big shot and used the Nan family's power to bully the staff. Everyone disliked you and no one paid attention to you." Nan Zhao added.

Nan Xi panicked. "I was in a bad mood! Besides, I'm an artist. Those staff members couldn't tolerate my temper and even isolated me. What right do they have?!"

Nan Ye frowned. "Nan Zhao, don't go crazy on Little Xi! Those crew members were so lowly, yet they refused to give way to Little Xi. As a member of the Nan family, you didn't help Little Xi either. Of course, you were in the wrong!"

[I can't listen to this anymore. Nan Ye and Nan Xi don't treat ordinary people as humans, right? What do you mean by lowly?]

[I'm a staff member of the production team. I'll testify that Nan Xi is indeed very arrogant in private. She often throws a tantrum and says that she doesn't want to shoot anymore.]

[Is there something wrong with Nan Ye? It was obvious that Nan Xi was deliberately slandering Nan Zhao, and he was still speaking up for Nan Xi.]

[Nan Ye is too brainless. He only recognizes Nan Xi and doesn't know right from wrong. How disgusting.]

[Nan Xi's persona has completely collapsed. Let's see who still dares to say that she's kind and innocent. Is this something that a good person would do?]

Nan Zhao rolled her eyes and shouted at Nan Ye. "Shut up, you idiot. You think Nan Xi's fart smells good too?"

Nan Ye's face instantly turned green.

Nan Zhao looked at the panic-stricken Nan Xi and grabbed her collar to force Nan Xi to look at her. "Also, you deliberately dirtied my gown and then pretended to lend me your gown. That gown revealed your chest and butt, and there were holes everywhere. In the end, you pretended to be miserable and said that I stole your gown to wear?"

"I don't know," Nan Xi said. "Don't talk nonsense!"

Nan Ye said. "Little Xi definitely didn't do this. You've misunderstood Little Xi. You must have offended too many people in the entertainment industry. Someone else harmed you."

[I remember this! At that time, Nan Zhao was criticized by the entire Internet, saying that she deliberately took the erotic route to show off her coquettishness. Everyone scolded her for being indecent, but she was actually the victim.]

[Nan Zhao is so miserable. She was framed by Nan Xi and even slandered by Nan Xi.]

[It's too scary. How can there be such a scheming person like Nan Xi? I really think it's scary.]

"As for the Nan family's shares, Nan Xi isn't the Nan family's biological daughter. It's fine if you raise and spoil her, but why should she get a share of the Nan family's shares? As the rightful heir, the shares in Grandpa's will were given to me. I sold them voluntarily. What does it have to do with you?" Nan Zhao's eyes were burning.

"Even if we misunderstood you, you hit and scolded Little Xi at the beginning of this show. You threw bloody internal organs at her to scare her. We all saw these things with our own eyes." Nan Ye choked and said.

"Tsk, your brother, Nan Shen, specifically asked me to sign a contract to bully her on the show. This is all to give her the image of being pure and pitiful. She asked for it." Nan Zhao waved her hand innocently. She had strictly followed the contract.

Nan Ye was rendered speechless. In the end, he said stubbornly, "That has nothing to do with Little Xi! You still have to apologize to her. After all, Little Xi is the one who has been hurt the most!"

"Yes, yes, yes. Your Little Xi is the most innocent and pitiful. She has done all kinds of bad things, but she is still treated like a treasure by you. Fortunately, I left the Nan family. Otherwise, I would have been infected by your family and had nowhere to cry." Nan Zhao waved her hand impatiently and let go of Nan Xi, whose body had turned weak like a puddle of mud. She began to pack up her equipment one by one.

[Shocking! Nan Xi is not the biological daughter of the Nan family! Nan Zhao has the real Nan family bloodline! Is the Nan family crazy? They've always doted on someone else's daughter!]

[Wow, no wonder Nan Zhao has been scolded for bullying Nan Xi. It turns out that after signing the contract, Nan Xi relied on Nan Zhao to promote her kind and vulnerable character, right?]

[So Nan Zhao's crazy behavior before was because she had to fulfill the contract? Why do I feel like she's acting like herself? She's really crazy.]

[I feel that Nan Zhao didn't sign the contract voluntarily. Look at how much she hates the Nan family. Why would she be willing to be tied to Nan Xi and do events with her often?]