Accidentally Exposing the Real Heiress’ True Colors!

"Nan Xi is the precious gem of our Nan family!" "The purpose of Nan Zhao's existence is to bring this kind-hearted angel to our family!" After being framed and in a coma for three months by the fake heiress, Nan Zhao finally realized the truth. As the youngest heiress of the Nan family, she was switched at birth by the family's nanny. She should have enjoyed the love of her parents and older brother and lived a luxurious life, but instead, she suffered for nineteen years before being brought back to the Nan family. At first, Nan Zhao tried her best to please every family member. But no matter what she did, she could never match up to Nan Xi. The Nan family used all means to suppress her. They made her enter the entertainment circle together with the fake heiress and provided the best resources to the fake heiress. Meanwhile, Nan Zhao was forever given the malicious supporting role to make the fake heiress look better. After waking up, Nan Zhao decided to be true to herself. She no longer tried to please anyone and would retaliate equally against anyone who treated her badly. During a wild outdoor live variety show, the guests and the production team lost contact. The industry-recognized, kind-hearted young star, Nan Xi, took the lead in isolating the infamous star, Nan Zhao. In the face of bullying, Nan Zhao was fearless and attacked everyone without discrimination. She unleashed herself in the forest, swinging on tree vines, climbing, grabbing bananas from monkeys, and even fiercely fighting various large animals. Little did she know that the forest was filled with hidden cameras, and everything she did was being live-streamed. After the variety show, Nan Zhao became famous, but in a way that shattered her reputation worldwide.

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Money Tree Nan Zhao

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[I'm going to take a shower. Bye bye. I'm looking forward to Nan Zhao's performance tomorrow.]

[Let's go, let's go. I'll sleep too when Nan Zhao sleeps.]

After a while, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room dropped from 60 million to only 10,000. Among these 10,000, more than half of them were fans of Jiang Yue who insisted on watching.

This data was immediately reported to the executive director, Liu Feng.

"How did we lose so many viewers?" Liu Feng was anxious.

"Uh, it seems that because Nan Zhao went to sleep, the audience couldn't see her so they left." The staff member who had been paying attention to the live broadcast said.

"Switch to Nan Zhao's perspective!"

In the picture, a lonely tent was standing, covering Nan Zhao tightly. Not to mention Nan Zhao, not even a strand of Nan Zhao's hair could be seen.

"That won't do! Don't tell me that once Nan Zhao sleeps, the live broadcast room doesn't need to make money?! We have to think of a way to solve this!" Liu Feng was anxious. Once the audience left, they would lose tens of millions of dollars in one night!

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it. Artists have to sleep." The staff member smiled bitterly.

However, was an artist's sleep more important than earning money from a live broadcast?

Liu Feng understood. This show became popular because of Nan Zhao's crazy actions. Nan Zhao was the password to wealth, she was the money tree!

"I have to think of a way to let Nan Zhao continue to show her face…" Liu Feng pondered.

"I got it!" Liu Feng suddenly thought of a plan. "Tomorrow morning, when Nan Zhao is gone, steal her tent!"

"But our program team has evacuated from the island…" the staff member said weakly.

"Are you stupid?! Didn't we leave 20 people on the island? Let them do it quietly and edit the video backstage. Don't let the audience see it!" Liu Feng patted his head.

Before leaving the island, the program team left 20 maintenance staff in a hidden place on the island to be responsible for the maintenance of the cameras on the island so that the live broadcast could run normally.

Of course, when necessary, they would also shoulder the task of protecting the lives of the guests, such as if someone was in danger or seriously injured.

And at this time, the backup manpower left on the island came in handy. They could be sent to steal Nan Zhao's tent.

The next day, a large group of people came to the live broadcast room early to watch Nan Zhao.

The production team also sent three people to steal Nan Zhao's tent. They were hiding in the bushes not far from Nan Zhao.

However, the three people who were to steal the tent waited from four until seven in the morning before Nan Zhao yawned and walked out of the tent. Afterward, Nan Zhao began to stretch her body in front of the tent.

"Soon, soon! She is warming up. She should be going out to look for food!" Number one of the three tent thieves said excitedly.

"We'll move as soon as she leaves!"

However, after Nan Zhao finished warming up, she didn't set off. Instead, she did a standard squat, working with her qi. With a serious expression, she shouted in a low voice. "Hah!"

Then, she waved her arms slowly and firmly, and her steps moved from time to time.

The three tent thieves were all shocked. Number three of the team said, "What, what is this? Is she doing a ritual?"

Number one said, "Is she possessed?"

"Don't scare me."

Someone in the live broadcast room recognized her actions.

[Nan Zhao is doing tai chi! Her movements are quite standard.]

[I'm impressed. Which artist wakes up early in the morning to practice tai chi? Nan Zhao is really unique.]

[Amazing, my Crazy Sister. I'll always follow Crazy Sister! I want to start practicing tai chi too!]

Nan Zhao's set of tai chi took a full two hours. The audience in the live broadcast room and the three tent thieves also watched for two hours.

"Ooh." Nan Zhao finished practicing tai chi and felt her entire body relax.

This set of tai chi was taught to her by an old man she knew when she was wandering outside as a youngster. It was said that if she persisted in practicing it, it could strengthen her body and prolong her life.

In the beginning, she would sweat profusely after practicing for a few minutes. Later, she gradually adapted to the rhythm of tai chi and practiced better and better.

The old man was right. This set of tai chi was indeed quite effective. Ever since she started practicing, her physical fitness has become better and better. She had never been sick and was always energetic. She slept well and had a good appetite.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have persisted for so long under the Nan family's destruction and torture.

Moreover, as she practiced more and more in the past few years, she realized that her strength had also increased. Climbing walls, climbing trees, jumping high, and climbing rocks were all easy for her.