Accidentally Exposing the Real Heiress’ True Colors!

"Nan Xi is the precious gem of our Nan family!" "The purpose of Nan Zhao's existence is to bring this kind-hearted angel to our family!" After being framed and in a coma for three months by the fake heiress, Nan Zhao finally realized the truth. As the youngest heiress of the Nan family, she was switched at birth by the family's nanny. She should have enjoyed the love of her parents and older brother and lived a luxurious life, but instead, she suffered for nineteen years before being brought back to the Nan family. At first, Nan Zhao tried her best to please every family member. But no matter what she did, she could never match up to Nan Xi. The Nan family used all means to suppress her. They made her enter the entertainment circle together with the fake heiress and provided the best resources to the fake heiress. Meanwhile, Nan Zhao was forever given the malicious supporting role to make the fake heiress look better. After waking up, Nan Zhao decided to be true to herself. She no longer tried to please anyone and would retaliate equally against anyone who treated her badly. During a wild outdoor live variety show, the guests and the production team lost contact. The industry-recognized, kind-hearted young star, Nan Xi, took the lead in isolating the infamous star, Nan Zhao. In the face of bullying, Nan Zhao was fearless and attacked everyone without discrimination. She unleashed herself in the forest, swinging on tree vines, climbing, grabbing bananas from monkeys, and even fiercely fighting various large animals. Little did she know that the forest was filled with hidden cameras, and everything she did was being live-streamed. After the variety show, Nan Zhao became famous, but in a way that shattered her reputation worldwide.

Mountain Springs · Urban
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40 Chs

A False Crime

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[It can't be. They've actually turned against each other. There's no need for that!]

[Strange, both Nan Zhao and Nan Xi entered the entertainment industry together and signed under the Nan family's Hope Entertainment. Since Nan Zhao is also a member of the Nan family, why is she so miserable in the entertainment industry?]

[Yes, and the Nan family only claims that Nan Xi is the daughter of the Nan family. Could Nan Zhao be an illegitimate daughter?]

[Let me make a prediction. I think that the evil Nan Zhao might have been wronged, and she wants to use this to clear her name.]

Seeing that Nan Zhao was indeed walking towards him, looking like she was going to hit him, Nan Ye was angry and anxious. He simply shouted without caring. "Go ahead! No matter how much you bully the Nan family or deny it, the blood of the Nan family still flows in your veins! You've let down your parents. You'll suffer retribution!"

Hearing Nan Ye's words, Nan Zhao stopped in her tracks and fell silent for a while.

Just when everyone thought that Nan Zhao had been angered and Nan Ye was about to be beaten up again, she did not make a move. Instead, she stopped in front of him and smiled mysteriously. "It makes you feel good to get hit, right? Then I won't hit you."

Nan Zhao said lightly, "I also feel very disgusted. Why am I the biological daughter of the Nan family? I would rather be an orphan for the rest of my life than have anything to do with the Nan family. As for the parents you mentioned, have they ever given me even a little love?"

After Nan Zhao finished speaking, she stared at Nan Ye seriously. She was really curious. Her third brother kept saying that she had bullied the Nan family and let them down. How did these groundless accusations come up?

Once, when she returned to the Nan family happily, she thought that she was the happiest person in the world. She had her parents and brothers, so she could get love. Therefore, she was obedient to the Nan family and tried to please them.

She would do her best to fulfill whatever the Nan family asked of her. However, in the end, the Nan family said that she was not as sensible and cute as Nan Xi.

It was not until she became a vegetable that she realized that the Nan family had been using her as a stepping stone behind Nan Xi's back. They used her and squeezed out all her value.

Moreover, the Nan family was so heartless that they didn't even give her a little fake love. The whole family revolved around Nan Xi.

Nan Ye gulped. Seeing that Nan Zhao seemed to have calmed down and had no intention of making a move, he was instantly relieved. "No? Dad and Mom let you stay in the Nan family and even sent you into the entertainment industry to help you realize your dreams. They even..."

After racking his brains to give a few examples, Nan Ye stuttered. He thought about it carefully. His parents really didn't seem to pay much attention to Nan Zhao. Sometimes, they even treated her as an invisible person in the family.

Nan Zhao smiled. "I'm the Nan family's biological daughter. Shouldn't I stay in the Nan family? The Nan family didn't send me into the entertainment industry for my dream at all. They wanted me to pave the way for Nan Xi and play the clown to accentuate her beauty. Then, I was insulted and misunderstood by the entire Internet, but you didn't care. My dream is to be an artist. I told you before, but you didn't take it to heart, did you?"

Nan Ye was rendered speechless by these words and could only open his mouth weakly.

"See, you can't tell me what's good about the Nan family. It's the Nan family who owes me, not me who owes them." Nan Zhao shook her head and sighed.

Hearing this, the audience was filled with emotions.

[I…I almost cried when I heard that, especially when I heard that Nan Zhao's dream was to be an artist and not enter the entertainment industry. I suddenly understood her very well. She wasn't doing what she liked at all.]

[I'm so ashamed. I scolded Nan Zhao before. I didn't know she was so miserable. I'm sorry, Sister Nan Zhao!]

[According to Nan Zhao, her previous actions were all deliberately to set off Nan Xi. No wonder she was so exaggerated!]

[Why does Nan Ye keep blaming Nan Zhao? The Nan family had clearly not helped her with anything, yet he was still asking her to repay the Nan family?! How funny!]

[I'm sorry! Nan Zhao! Nan Zhao is really miserable. I don't want to scold her anymore.]

[Can't you guys see Nan Zhao's obvious act of selling a pitiful persona? Nan Xi was the only biological daughter of the Nan family! Who is Nan Zhao? Get lost.]

[Nan Xi's fans are too crazy, right? Nan Ye didn't even refute Nan Zhao's words, so why are you still so stubborn?]

[What's going on? Was Nan Zhao the biological daughter of the Nan family? Why is there no news at all?]