368 Robbery in progress

Liz turned to make her way to the cash register, and she froze when she saw that the clerk at the cash register is facing a man, and he is petrified.

The man in front has a hoodie over his head, so Liz can't see his face, but the thing he is holding onto is definitely a pistol! Liz realized that there is a robbery in progress!

Liz was focused on the scene at the cash register, and she didn't notice that Dr. Snow was pulling her backward. His one arm was around her waist, while the other one was pressing on her shoulder, trying to get her to bend.

"Stay down, this will be over in a minute…", Dr. Snow spoke with urgency, only for Liz to hear.

"You want us to hide?", Liz whispered, and her disapproval was obvious.

"Don't be a hero.", Dr. Snow warned. "The man will get his money and leave, and everyone stays safe."

"What if he shots?", Liz asked. "And it's not right to let him steal."


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