1 I am Pregnant?

Inside a studio apartment with a minimalize style, around midnight time, there is a woman that going through a hectic mind right now.

"How can it be? I am pregnant?"

That is what she thinking about right now when she check the pregnancy test.

Her name is Camelia Campbell, she is 27 years old right now and work as a child book writer in an H city.

She already lives in the City for more than 10 years since high school by herself cause she wants to pursue her academics in higher education.

She likes to draw and read and want to pursue a career that has that direction since a child and when her parents agree for her to study in a bigger city, she is really happy.

Most of her life, she only studies, reads, and writes the story. She only has a couple of close friends and no experience with a guy at all. She still has a happy life since she prefers to be that way.

But, right now she is in dilemma. It is because she is pregnant and most probably already a month.

She remembers it is because of what happened one and a half months ago.

At that time, she talking with her best friend Ella Cameron in her apartment around dinner time.

Ella "Camelia, you already 27 years old now, you need to think about your future."

Camelia "I am thinking about it you know. That is why I looking for the plot for my next work."

Ella "I am not talking about that, I am talking about you need to look for boyfriend or partner of your life."

Camelia "But I do not need it. I am happy with my life right now. Anyway from what I see from looking at other people, it is quite burdensome."

Ella "What do you mean?"

Camelia "Isn't it is true? People that I observe mostly get heartbroken because her boyfriend is cheating on her or vice versa. Some of them cannot handle a long-distance relationship because of the work and broke up as well."

Ella "Not all people will become like that okay. Some even together for more than 10 years until married. Isn't your parents a prove of it? Your parents still lovey-dovey even though they already together for more than thirty-five years."

Camelia "Ït is different, it is because we did not in the same era right now. Nowadays so many people get together, get married, and broke up at the end. I see quite many of our friends is like that as well you know. They just married for a couple of years, then they partner cheating on them and in the end they broke it up in bad terms. If I will be like them as well, might as well not have a partner or fall in love."

Ella "Hhh... It is only because they are in bad luck when choosing a partner and you also in bad luck to see all of them like that at the end. Anyway, I still think that you need to have a partner, that is why I will give you this!"

Camelia "Hm, what is it? Is it an Ace Bar Club Members in Star Hotel? Why are you giving me this?"

Ella "I give it to you so that you can use it and find a partner of your life. The bar there has a good ambiance and the security also quite good as well and the people that go there are usually quite elite as well, either has a good job or has a good background. I think it is a good place for searching for your husband to be, anyway I met my fiancé accidentally over there as well. Hehe."

Camelia "It is you, okay. You are sociable, pretty, and have a good background as well, that is why many people like you since we are in high school. For me, I prefer to have a quiet life, unsociable, and average in appearance, not many people want to talk to me. Heck, they even wonder how can I be a friend with you when we are really different from each other."

Ella "Do not speak ill of yourself like that. They only jealous of you since you are close to me and Freya Jameson. Forget about it, now we are talking about you. You need to go to the Bar this weekend and it is a must. If you did not go I will drag you by myself."

Camelia "What kind of friend are you? Why are you force me like this? T 0 T"

Ella "It is for your own good alright. We now already at the age of thinking about married already and you do not even have a partner yet. If at least you have someone you like or boyfriend I will not do it like this okay. You did not want your parents to be worried about you as well right when you still did not found anyone you like even at this age already."

Camelia "Hiks… I understand. I will go alright. "

Ella makes an eye glint "Good. Now show me your wardrobe!"

Camelia "Why? What is wrong with you? Why you look scary?"

Ella "I know from your preference and attitude, you will only use formal clothes or even work clothes. That is unacceptable!!"

Camelia "Why? Isn't it better to come neat, so that they have a good impression from the first look?"

Ella "Are you stupid? You going there not for working, but for looking for a date with someone. You need to wear something that semi-formal or even a dress that looks good on you so that they will feel attracted at first sight. Anyway just show me your wardrobe and I will look at it. If there are no clothes that good for it, I will drag you tomorrow to buy the new dress for this occasion."

Then Ella Cameron Just goes to my room by herself.

"Ahh… What is wrong today?? Why I need to be in this circumstance…" is what Camelia Campbell is thinking right now while following Ella.

In the room.

Ella "At least you have some decent dress that you can use for this weekend. Hehe. Good good."

Camelia "Really? Which one?"

Ella "These two clothes. Please wear it so that I can check which one is better for you."

Camelia that already accepted her fate can only say "alright" and change her clothes in the bathroom while grumbling a bit.

Camelia "How is it? I think this one is quite nice."

Ella sees that she is wearing a dress below the knee with peony chiffon color with a three-layer and has some flower accent at the end of the dress. It is also with a belt ribbon in her waist that accent how petite she is. This is quite nice and she looks lovely in it, but she needs to check the other dress to make sure of it.

Ella "I already see it. Try the other dress now."

Camelia "Okay", then she takes the other dress and gets to change again. "How is it now?" Camelia said to Ella.

From what Ella sees, she is wearing a Midi dresses sleeveless knee-length dress in black color and quite fit her body that she can see the curve of Camelia. The black color also makes her more petite and make her more elegant. "This is it" is what Ella thinks about after seeing her like this.

Ella "I think you are better in this dress. Use this for the weekend. Okay. Now lets's try the makeup as well. I will teach you."

Camelia "Really? That is good then. Huh, I need to learn to make up as well?? I already know it okay. No need!"

Ella "No. You need to, as you only know the basic. I will teach you how to make a makeup that will make you more pretty and gorgeous. You need to learn it and I will not accept no from you. Come here, I will teach you in front of the mirror."

Camelia "Can we do that after we have some dinner first? As you know it is already quite late now and I feel a bit hungry."

Ella "Okay, let's feel our stomach first then do the rest after that."

Camelia "Good good. Let's go make some food and eat."

Hehe, it is working. I will ask her to leave after she finishes dinner as it will be quite late already after that, is what Camelia thinking in her mind.

Ella "Do not think to drive me away after dinner okay, as I will not let it go and you will receive punishment instead. If you think it is late already, I can ask my fiancée to come and pick me up. No worries at all."

Camelia "Okay." T 0 T

In the end, she cannot prevent her fate to get the lecture about makeup and fashion until really late at night.

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