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Loved how this story started great start Author, and the characters were amazing good job author !! Finally, my review is here after 15 days lol. But I really like your book.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK, PLEASE READ IT!!!

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I was a little confused when I first read the synopsis and the first chapter, but when I started to understand, this story turned out to be so interesting and unique. Highly recommended! Keep writing author![img=recommend]


I loved how the book started. The book felt quite familiar with biblical stories in the beginning but as I read I discovered it was something different. I love how the story is a play on humanity. From the first king to the religious references. I like books with deeper meanings and this is a book filled with those The plot is very unique. This book is worth the read.


To be honest first chapter was a little bit confusing but I'm excited to see how novel will develop since this is the first time I'm reading this kind of genre. The synopsis was pretty interesting to.


There’s certainly some good world building, it was a bit confusing at first but starts rounding out as the chapters progress. Certainly is something that is worth the read.


When I first started reading the synopsis, I saw a biblical text. It made me.think that this was going to be a Christian book. I was surprised because I've never come across a Christian book before. But then I continued reading and it was not one. Not disappointed though. You did a good job there.💯 Welcome to the world of authors💖😊


This story is so well written. The way the author has put it together so perfectly is grounds for applause. And that is without looking into the twisted names and the story itself. A new beautiful painting over an old one. New and old and still the same. Great work! Highly recommend!


This is such a nice concept which should be read by a lot of people. The first chapter got me hooked and I ain't look back since😀 The writer displayed a very unique plot that you don't see everyday and it's such a breath of fresh air. I love it. overall excellence 🔥


The novel is amazing! It's a bit confusing but overall a nice read which have definitely hooked me. Love it! I hope the author keeps on writing! Recommended!


Well! To be honest, it was the new genre for me and I didn't understand the world background perfectly... Totally new eposure but I would say that that was unique in its on way.. You did a great work but the writing style was not my cup of tea.. Keep writing, Author!


I've read a few chapters into the book and it doesn't disappoint. The plot's straight forward and the grammatical construct of the story is just okay. A solid read. keep it up author!


This is definitely something different i must say, although i really did enjoy reading the start of the story, this one is unique, and interesting...


The story line is really interesting, but I couldn't flow well at a point due to not understanding the next action. I get to understand the the creator existence. You have a good story to be candid. Keep it up.


It's certainly a different experience having never read something like this before. It was confusing at first majorly because I got confused while reading the conversations, but once you get used to it, it's a heck of a good read. Can't wait to see what else the author brings.


This is a totally different novel from the usual webnovel cultivation and system genres. However, it has nice storytelling. Props to the author for delving into a different niche and writing it on this platform!


The concept is certainly new enough for me to say that I've not read anything like this before. The only thing that was difficult to follow was the flow of sentences since it's not a style I'm familiar with. But once you get used to it, you can easily enjoy this story. Interesting that father questioned the moral ambiguity of his son without even hearing anything about it first but it does make sense in the context.


First, I read, I'm a little confused. But I read it again and again to understand the story. You're great. I think your writing style is unique. This plot and setting are also great. Highly recommended. Keep writing.


I've never read a genre like this before, and my first read through, I was a little lost. However, a quick reread put me back on track and I actually like this. I can tell there's a lot of thought put behind this story, and I love when authors actually take time to think it out, so it's a five-star from me!