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I just wrote this cuz I was bored. No romance. its gonna be fast paced. CURRENT WORLD IS WARHAMMER 40k MC is a crow who is reincarnated into the monsterverse and is born in the hollow earth. She gets stronk real fast and eats things to get stronger like Rimuru. She has a human form eventually, but doesn't use it all too often. She a big girl too. 1st - Legendary Monsterverse (Big Arc) 2nd - Pacific Rim (Short Arc) 3rd - Power Rangers (for half a chapter) 4th- Warhammer 40k (for less than half a chapter) 5th- Tensura (Big Arc) 6th- Solo Leveling (Short Arc) 7th - Warhammer 40k (Big Arc) 8th - Overlord (Big Arc)

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Death of a God

[Narrator POV]

The citizens of the Abyssal Imperium feel their hearts palpitate at the same moment. They all collectively fall to their knees as tears well up in every man, woman, and child. The temple of the Abyssal Mother stops their service as the bishop in charge of said service suddenly collapses. His connection to Sera is much higher than the average citizen, after all. The soldiers currently fighting on the front lines against Tyranids suddenly stop their assault. No more bullets are fired as the stunned soldiers allow themselves to be ripped apart by the giant insects. A broodmother tries desperately to rip apart an angel, but is unable to even scratch their skin. Seeing that this feathered being is ignoring it, it simply throws it away and continues on, ripping apart regular soldiers instead.

Khorne, goddess of war was enjoying a spar with one of her followers and suddenly stops, being pierced by the followers sword. She ignores the wound and the shocked soldier, falling to her knees. She looks up into the sky as her eyes grow wet. A single word escapes her lips,


Tzeentch, god of knowledge was on his hundred twenty fifth reread of his entire library. He takes a book from the shelf and suddenly drops it, shocking the nearby followers. He falls to his hands and knees and stares into the flooring. The avian people around him come to his side, one rubbing his back. The birds help him stand back up, as he begins blinking wildly. A single word escapes his beak,


Slaanesh was enjoying a group orgy with all her followers in her temple. Currently, she was enjoying herself with Lucy, who came over to rest after a sparring session with Khorne. Suddenly, the both of them stop their movements. Lucy breaks down instantly,


Lucy suddenly disappears with a sonic boom, ripping straight through the marble roof of the temple of Slaanesh. Slaanesh herself merely breaks down in tears, curling into a ball. The followers around her come to her side, comforting her with hugs and kisses,

Sitting in a large leaf that functions similarly to a bean bag, Nurgle slowly eats grapes being fed to him by a drooling follower. As a grape enters his mouth, he suddenly stops chewing. He stares off into space as more grapes are placed in his mouth. Eventually the follower notices him not eating, and slowly sneaks off with the grapes.


"Ares! Catch!"

Ares doesn't budge as a giant baseball hits the side of her head. In her hands is a book titled: Archmage Villainess. Behind her is the giant log cabin Sera built for her and her daughters to live in. Remy teleports next to Ares,

"Booo, you're no fun. Whatcha readin?"

Ares closes the book, keeping her fingers between the pages. She shows the cover to Remy. Remy titles her head,

"Archmage Villainess? It sounds like something a bad author would write."

Ares nods her head,

"Indeed. It is, but it's fun. Apparently the Author is working on another book ca-"

Suddenly, Ares drops her book. Remy falls to her knees and begins shaking uncontrollably. Her eyes glaze over as she looks into the grass. Ares begins to cry, she moves over to Remy's side and puts her arms around her. Remy begins to cry as well as she feels her sisters touch. She leans back up as the two hold each other in a hug.

Suddenly, the door to the cabin slams open to reveal Gaia in her human form. Her hair is start white, and her eyes are a bright red. She looks at the two crying on the ground and says matter of factly,

"You two are stupid. Mom's a Phoenix. And we're still in her soul world. She's not dead for real."

In the meantime, Milky, who had left Sera's side while she fought the Emperor, was currently lying in a little cat bed by Sera's throne on Tartarus. Suddenly, the sleeping cat's blood runs cold. The hairs on the back of its neck stand up as it suddenly jolts awake. It stares off into space, it's eyes capturing visions of the galaxy. The pillars of creation, Alpha Centauri, planets full of alien life, and finally a seemingly empty area of space all in a split second. Milky suddenly disappears.

It reappears in that empty space and sniffs the vacuum of space, looking for something. As it smells it, a golden wisp of energy enters its body through its nose. Milky's eyes begin to light up a blinding white as a pulse comes from its body. This pulse lights up the sky even in the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

Armies all across the galaxy are shocked as the tyranids they face suddenly turn to ash as the galaxy's protection has finally returned.



[Sera POV]

Cold. That's what I would have to describe this as. After my head was disintegrated by that blast of lunar energy, I found myself in pitch blackness, surrounded by cold nothingness.

"This is getting boring. Can I be reborn already?"

As I say this, my cold surroundings are replaced by embers burning hotter than the core of a newly formed Neutron star. I feel my body being reconstructed. Each individual strand of muscle. Each nerve. Each organ. All slowly being put together like a macabre jigsaw puzzle. As my body is finally done forming, I suddenly sit up.

Ash is kicked up everywhere as I do.

Looking around, I find myself sitting in a pile of ash on a burning battlefield. I stand up, and find that I feel incredibly weak. And small… the hell?

Are trees on this planet just ridiculously big? Because I should be towering over THEM not the other way around…

I find a piece of a broken sword not too far away. This must be a planet of supergiants, because this sword is bigger than I am! I look at my face in the mirror finish and freeze.

Looking at me… is not the slightly sexy, but flat bird girl I've come to expect… but is instead…

"A very cute, flat… Bird loli…"

As I lament at the fact that I'm recovering and have been temporarily turned back into the form of a child, I hear a booming roar from over the hills to my right,


Wait a minute… I'd now that green British war cry from anywhere…


Oh god. Oh fuck.


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