Chapter 9 [Arcanist] - Soran!

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Inside the room, Soran slowly opened the black metal spellbook in front of him. With a weak lock spell on it, Soran lifted his hand and wiped away the spell. The owner of this magic book was not powerful. It was estimated that he doesn't even have the power of a quasi legend. Soran instantly broke the locking spell with his divine powers. Although the arcanists were very powerful, not all of them could compete with the gods. This kind of lock spell, which could only affect ordinary people, was useless to Soran.


The cover of the black metal cover was opened, and the whole spell book suddenly vibrated. Then it trembled when Soran's fingertips touched it; after some time it stopped moving.

"It's alive?"

Soran was a little surprised. He closed his eyes, felt it, and murmured, "it's really alive! But there is no consciousness. There hasn't been any injection of new souls into the book. "

Arcanists had many strange abilities.