Chapter 44 [True God] - Soran!

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What was the most important thing in the investiture ceremony?

Advancing oneself into a Godly State? Learning how to turn the power of faith into divine power? Mastering how to bestow divine spells onto believers? Or establishing a kingdom that belonged to God?

No, no, no!

These were not the most important. The most important thing was to enter the legendary ------- [Pantheon]!

Raise the throne! Rise to the sky!

The soul that belonged to Soran was directly transformed into the godly incarnation of pure energy state, rising towards the sky like a bright star amongst the praying voices of tens of thousands of believers! Time and space were not distances. The soul had crossed the boundary of the material plane as if it had passed through a solid crystal wall and stood in the starry void.

But, this was not the point. A sacred gate opened in front of Soran.

The radiance of holiness came forth.