Chapter 30 Glorious Nun

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It was said that the memory before death was the clearest.

It was a pity that Cridiana only remembered a vague shadow. As a new Glorious Nun, she did not care too much about her past. Now the Succubus's natural control made her want to gain more power. The most important thing for her was to please her mother, the Queen of Succubus - Mecanthut, because if she could not prove her value, she could become her mother's plaything. The Queen of Succubus had always been indiscriminate towards a man or a woman. She had a near morbid pursuit of beautiful things.

To prove herself meant that she could gain power, status, and freedom because Mecanthut also regarded the Succubusses as her own children. She loved the Succubuses more than any other demons and allowed them to be naughty and unruly occasionally.

There was a passage written in this way: