Chapter 27 Treasure Island

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It was the biggest difference to ascend into a [True God].

That was to be able to get the recognition of other gods, and even the incarnation of some gods might come forth to congratulate!

Like the Demigod Vampire, there were no gods that acknowledged him, and he even made a round of blood-red moon in the sky. Although he seemed to have the demeanor of a [True God], it was actually equivalent to forcefully punching his face till it was swollen to act as a fat man. This could be seen from the fact that as the master of 'Night', 'Evil' and 'Child of Night', the 'Mistress of the Night' with formidable divine power had also totally ignored him. If the Mistress of the Night said a word, I'm afraid no one would even dare to touch the Demigod Vampire easily.

If Soran were to ascend into a God, there would probably be an incarnation of a God appearing.

That would be the Sea Goddess.