Chapter 17 Lifeline!

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"Just a pile of scrap metal!"

The huge Gnoll leader frowned and took a look at Eugene. He said in a deep voice, "I feel that the artifact our Lord needs is nearby! It must not be taken away! "


"Order an attack now."

Eugene's twitched slightly. The Dexterity of the Gnolls from Abyss was basically above 20. Such cannons could not hit them unless these Gnolls were extremely unlucky. From the ammunition filling to firing, the cannons of this technological level were hardly threatening to the Gnolls from Abyss. However, these cannons were not the same for the orcs. They would suffer a lot if they were hit by the volley of cannon fire.

However, they had to charge!

If they couldn't get the parts for the artifact, the Gnolls would turn on the orcs. If the covenant was broken, the Gnolls would regard the orc as the enemy, and then a vengeful attack on the orcs would occur.