Chapter 13 The Darkness Before Dawn!

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Temple of Auntumnfall city.

Milan, the divine priest, kneeled in the middle of the temple praying, she suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes were glowing with power, stood up swiftly, and said excitedly, "Prepare to move the believers! My Lord is near! "

"Prepare the temple guards. We'll move the most earnest believers to safety first. Our lord has arrived with a great army."

Everyone in the temple was shocked!

However, soon the priests began to mobilize, and the temple guards acted swiftly.

"Move the most devout believers!"

Milan stood up and said seriously, "these people are the easiest to move. They are willing to obey our orders. As for the others, we will wait until the first group is sent away. "

In a few days, t

As the only divine priest, she had learned many things during this period!

"Yes, your excellency!" the temple guards replied.