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Abuse of Magic


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**COMPLETED** (JOSEPH IS ALMOST SEVEN! IT’S TIME TO INITIATE ‘HIDDEN SUBROUTINE’.) William woke confused. Why would the system say something like that? He already intended to give his son the system… In a world filled with corruption and death, a small boy is about to acquire a gift for this important birthday, that will change the entire world. He will have to persevere through many trials that will change the fate of the entire realm. Protected from the evils of the world, by the success of his father, Joseph has no idea what he is getting into, but the only way to overcome the trials he will face, is through the abuse of magic! With the aid of a young girl, that he meets shortly after receiving the system, Joseph learns how horrible the world outside of his protected bubble actually is, and forms a lifelong bond with her, that nothing will ever break. Through the abuse of magic, they will have to overcome demons and gods, in their quest for Joseph to become the Mage King! Note: This original story will have daily updates, of a chapter a day. This is not a standard system story where only the mc has the system. There is no harem. My discord: Sdrawkcab#4615 My email: sdrawkcabauthorwriter@gmail.com My patre*n: Sdrawkcab


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